Discussion on automation, robotics and their impact on the future of the security industry

I'm thinking a client could cut their costs by implementing a high tech system where every employee has to badge themselves in and out of a front gate and lobby doors getting rid of those guards and then contracting out camera monitoring duties to a command center type of operation to record and report any infractions remotely.

They'd still get an insurance discount by having security systems implemented, maybe a little less with no on site security, but the savings on security contract hours may make up the difference since they'd have leverage to negotiate a cheaper rate with a remote contractor which would put a lot of guards out of work since one guy at a command center can monitor several cameras and sites at once. Any customer service type of duties can be handed off to the in house staff as an added duty for them so that aspect that a normal guard would cover is taken care of at no extra cost.

There's even a robot security guard operating on some places for $7/hr. Why do you think the higher end clients haven't adopted these automations yet? For career guards, do you think there's cause for worry or is this a concern for the industry long after you've retired? Will the contract security companies have to require ever higher standards (EMT or POST Certification etc) for their guards in an attempt to compete or will they go the way of blockbuster?


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