[MODPOST] Covert operations, Jul-Dec 1948


Hey y'all, sorry about how long it took to get these out, but it was both a lot of blops all at once, and I didn't end up having the amount of time I was hoping for to accomplish them.

Attacker Defender Type of operation Outcome Results
Turkey Mahabad Intelligence Gathering FAILURE—Operation Secret Sneaking through the border regions between Turkey and Mahabad, 25 hand-picked agents attempted to suss out the activities of local leaders and government officials, but in spite of improved training and practice, they were unable to identify any sources worth listening to or gather any information worth passing along.
Turkey Syria Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret Amid concerns about instability in Syria, Turkey sent a team of 40 agents to serve as their eyes and ears on the ground in the Syrian defense establishment. Of those 40 individuals, 5 took up civilian bureaucratic positions in the Syrian Ministry of Defense, 5 joined the Ministry of the Interior, 5 joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and 5 each managed to join the Syrian army, navy, and air force. The only area of the plan which proved to be unattainable was infiltrating the last 5 into the Syrian General Intelligence Directorate, and those agents instead took up positions to support their comrades who had managed successful infiltrations.
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia Operation SUCCESS—Operation Secret As part of Operation Iron House, the Czechoslovak Secret Service began executing measures to safeguard Czechoslovak sovereignty, including: (1) Setting up hidden underground bunkers across the country equipped with communications equipment to be used by auxiliary units in case of foreign aggression, (2) Expanding the strength of the auxiliary units by an additional 10 divisions, though only 6 were recruited, (3) Contacting the Polish Home Army to coordinate resistance efforts, (4) Recruiting additional civilian informants to keep abreast of developments across the country, and (5) Providing special training to the 1st and 2nd Special Service brigades in guerilla tactics and in how to train civilians.
IRA Garda (Irish Police Department) Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret Traveling to well-known meeting points for the Garda, members of the IRA have struck up cordial relations with a number of members of the Irish police force, developing a cameraderie and common republican spirit.
Polish Home Army Poland Intelligence Gathering SUCCESS—Operation Secret Over the past few years, Piotr Śmietański has been held as a captive of the Polish Home Army for the purposes of gathering information using insidious interrogation techniques. Though it took quite some time, after months of sustained harsh interrogation techniques, Śmietański began to break down ranting and raving at all hours of the day or night. In visits by a friendly interviewer and when transferred away from the harsh interrogation techniques, he eventually became a pliable interviewee, willing to share information with the Home Army with regard to the operations and structure of the Polish Secret Police, including corroborating reports gathered from other sources. Eventually driven to total madness, his ramblings became incoherent and it was no longer apparent to the Home Army interrogators whether he was aware what he was telling them was true or not. Immediately following the elections, the badly-beaten and emaciated body of Śmietański was found hung from a construction rig in Warsaw with a sign hung from his shoulders reading "First the Butcher of Mokotow, then the Butcher of all Poland!" with a printed picture of Stalin underneath with a red X through it.
Australia Indonesia Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret A team of Australian Secret Intelligence Service operatives traveled to Jakarta, where they began establishing contacts with locals there who—when offered the right incentives—were willing to assist Australia in learning important information related to its dealing with the Indonesian government.
Polish Home Army Ukrainian SSR Operation SUCCESS—Operation Secret Through as secure a channel as possible, the Polish Home Army revealed to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army the nature of what they had determined to be serious leaks in their organization.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered Following plans by the Communist leadership in Poland to open up the town of Jastrzębie-Zdrój to coal mining, the Home Army began organizing a campaign to encourage non-communists to protect the town's valuable yet fragile environment and ecosystem. In addition to this, Home Army members began organizing local unions for doctors in favor of continued tourism in the area, where some discussions eventually turned to subversive tactics such as sabotaging coal mining operations should they begin. Though the campaigns have been effective at driving a wedge between the Communist Party elites and the population writ large, word quickly reached a nearby team of NKVD investigators that the people of Jastrzębie-Zdrój were planning to undertake minor industrial sabotage, and security has been beefed up around the site while investigations into the conspirators continue.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret Members of the Home Army in and around Legionowo began seeking employment at the Aviotex company, using those positions as a means to acquire camping gear that was then later smuggled out into the local woods and stashed for the future.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret Building on their local networks and connections with non-communist politicians, the Home Army began organizing a popular movement among the population of Tychy to protest attempts by the central government to move them in closer to Katowice. For the people of Tychy, opposition to Communism has become an issue of local identity as stories of the failure to rebuild Warsaw in the aftermath of the war have spread.
Republic of China Tibet Operation SUCCESS—Operation Secret Inviting a Tibetan delegation to Beijing for negotiations, the leadership of China managed to convince them to sign the 17 Point Agreement with China through cutting off their contact with Lhasa, keeping them confined to the buildings where the negotiations were taking place, and making sure the Tibetans knew that failure to agree to Chinese terms would have adverse consequences.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret With encouragement from the Polish Home Army, non-communist politicians have begun protesting the referendum in Silesia on the grounds that the most outspoken Germans in the region have ties to the Jungdeutsche Partei and the blood of innocent Poles on their hands as a result through clever propaganda on the part of the Home Army. The crux of this campaign has become a call for the public trial of Max Wambeck for his crimes in order to ensure that the referendum can be conducted without Nazi interference or—even worse—a Nazi Silesia!
Republic of China USSR Intelligence Gathering SUCCESS—Operation Secret Sending scouts out along the Soviet and Turkestan borders, the Republic of China has begun collecting information on their respective military positions and disposition, as well as gaining an improved capability to detect any sort of mobilization or hostile action.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered In Tarnobrzeg, the Home Army continued its efforts started elsewhere in Poland to provide relief to the people from the ravagaes of the war and its aftermath. Setting up charitable organizations, Home Army members from the area began distributing food, shelter, and clothing to all citizens as they had it available. These charities have proven to be a valuable source of goodwill, and additional recruits have been found who were helped by Home Army members and wanted to join in giving back. The Home Army also set out on a campaign to locate and determine the present whereabouts of the local head of the Secret Police, Abram Tauber, but in so doing became caught up in the Secret Police's investigation into the area. Ultimately deciding to see how deep the conspiracy against him ran, Tauber allowed a copy of his itinerary to make it to the Home Army, and then doubled the number of plainclothes officers around him to determine just who was affiliated with the Home Army and what they wanted.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment FAILURE—Operation Uncovered From their already-established base of operations in Stalowa Wola, the Home Army began attempting to secure jobs at the local steel mill but—due to Soviet countermeasures—were quickly detected and arrested.
Polish Home Army Poland Operation SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered In Mielec, plainclothes members of the Home Army began making attempts to protect the Jewish citizens of the city—who had been harshly targeted by the local residents—and those members of the police force either working for the Home Army or sympathetic to them were also tapped to help provide additional protection to the Jews by bringing along their fellow officers to respond to disturbances and protect the peace. After ensuring the safety of the Jews in Mielec, the Home Army assisted them in getting jobs at the local airplane factory and over a series of months smuggle out parts from the factory. Joining up with the local Aero Club, other members of the Home Army eventually worked their way up to being allowed to fly one of the new LWD Szpak airplanes. One day while flying around, the pilot of a new LWD Szpak airplane called in a mayday and flew unexpectedly off-course into an apparent crash on the lake. In reality, the pilot flew at low altitude away from observation before making a covert landing at a forest site prepared to RAF specifications. Home Army members then scattered the pilfered plane parts across and around the lake to make it look as if the plane had crashed. In their investigation of the incident, the police noticed that none of the parts being recovered seemed to have been involved in a crash and—upon further inspection—appeared to be brand new. Eventually, in an extensive audit of the local airplane factory, a discrepancy was discovered where more raw materials were going into the plant than could be accounted for by the number of finished parts leaving the plant.
Polish Home Army Poland Intelligence Gathering SUCCESS—Operation Secret Following his successful occupation of a Polish Secret Police station, Marian Bernaciak was recalled to provide a detailed report on everything he learned. Recounting from memory the details he had gathered, he also handed off pages and pages of hastily-scribbled notes he had taken with information as to current investigations being pursued by the Polish Secret Police. Upon his return to the town, he set in again to observe the communists and attempt to identify any new patterns, as well as where their new regional headquarters might be located now that they knew the original had been discovered. Additionally, local students affiliated with the Home Army in the area have begun seeking employment and training at the National Veterinary Research Institute where they have improved access to medicines and surgical equipment.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret As the citizens of Ostroleka continue the process of rebuilding their homes and businesses, the Home Army stepped in to aid them. While large amounts of resources were not available, Home Army volunteers joined with civilians in clearing rubble, chopping wood, and making bricks to aid in the reconstruction process. As the reconstruction efforts proceeded and the local power plant was returned to full functionality, several more Home Army volunteers managed to get positions working there during the night shift.
Palestine Israel Operation SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered [In response to the British withdrawal from Palestine, the Arabs determined that it was time to act in securing their future by snatching up anything left behidn as the British left. (1) As the British withdrew from Jersusalem, the Palestinian Arabs were ready to quickly seize Fort Latrun and fortify the strategic area of Bab Al Oued. Using the large number of Arab villages surrounding Jerusalem and along the roads, they were able to secure all of the routes in and out of the city in the course of a single night. (2) Similar to their operations in Jerusalem, Arabs moved quickly to take over the Ramot David Airbase in Haifa as the British withdrew, securing it without much resistance. (3) Still in Haifa, propaganda efforts were increased once it became clear that war was imminent, with radio broadcasts going out in Hebrew and Arabic telling Jews to evacuate and take refuge in Europe or elsewhere around the Mediterranean. Though the goal was to cause a mass-exodus that could then be exploited, those hearing the broadcasts were either shocked and didn't do anything, or immediately began preparing for the war to come. (4) In Gaza, the Arabs seized the Haftor Airbase upon the British withdrawal following the same tactics as in their other two airbase seizures. (5) At the Neharayim/Degania Dam in Tiberias, an attempt was made by the Arabs to seize it and secure the Jordan River, but due to a mole within their organization, the Jews were able to learn of the plan before it was conducted and—as soon as possible before the British withdrew, the Jews sent a team of operatives to seize the dam and plant explosives along it, so that when the Arabs inevitably arrived they were unable to take it without the Jews destroying it completely, leading to a standoff. (6) In the areas of the north and east of Palestine, Arab troops began making preparations to block off the roads leading to Jewish settlements, but Israeli detachments in the area were able to keep them open. (7) In attempting to locate weapons caches and either capture or destroy them, the chaos caused in the period before and immediately after the British withdrawal from Palestine proved too much to enable any useful intelligence to be gathered.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret Continuing their rebuilding efforts in Suwałki, the Home Army has continued contributing to soup kitchens and has stepped up their efforts to provide housing by building makeshift shelters for the population while more permanent houses are rebuilt. As the area has largely been neglected by official reconstruction efforts, this has significantly aided their efforts to build up goodwill in the area.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment FAILURE—Operation Secret Attempting to embad themselves in the area around Jaworzno by organizing protests for a liveable wage and safer working conditions for coal miners, the Home Army found the population were not interested in rocking the apple cart, as the reconstruction of the area was going extremely slowly.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret In the city of Radomsko, popular opinion of the Home Army has been at its highest anywhere in the country since it organized the city's defense. Taking advantage of the relatively small Soviet presence in the city, the Home Army established a number of backup facilities and organizational structures, stockpiling arms, training recruits, and serving as a communications hub. With their strong support base, the Home Army has built up relationships with all significant local figures including businesspeople, politicians, church leaders, and labor unions.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered Much like in Radomsko, the city of Zamosc has long been a hotbed of Home Army support and—even though it changed hands frequently during the war between the Home Army, the Nazis, and the Soviets—was much more lightly touched by the war than other cities throughout Poland. Taking advantage of this, the Home Army began building up their organizational infrastructure in the city, stretching out across it to take advantage of the remains of a fort surrounding the city. The populace of the city have gladly joined in assisting the Home Army in fortifying their positions and building up the infrastructure available to support Home Army operations elsewhere. In spite of the lack of a large Soviet presence in the city however, officers of the Polish Secret Police who were following a number of known Home Army operatives noticed the congregation of a large number of them in the city, and have used this as an opportunity to expand the list of "known" operatives while gathering intelligence on what exactly it is they are doing to pass up the chain of command.
USA Israel Operation SUCCESS—Operation Secret Using teams of well-known operatives who have worked with the United States in the past, the CIA smuggled 15,000 M1918 BARs, 10,000 Thompson SMGs, and 5,000 M2 60mm mortars to the IDF through the port of Tel Aviv.
USA Czechoslovakia/Poland Operation SUCCESS—Operation Secret After the Polish Home Army's attempts to set up a secure smuggling route between their operations and the United States, it became possible for communications and supplies to pass across the borders. Along that route, a team of U.S. Army Intelligence officers handed off to the Home Army a convoy of unmarked trucks loaded with 3,500 Remington Model 81 hunting rifles and ammunition, 750 Mk 2 hand grenades, and 1,000 Browning BARs with ammunition. Operating under cover of darkness and with as much support in evading suspicion as possible, the Home Army managed to get the trucks to their final destination of Zaolzie from which the supplies could be further distributed.
USA Czechoslovakia Operation SUCCESS—Operation Secret The private charity initiative set up by Polish-American Leo Kostyra to aid the people of Poland in the aftermath of the war has continued its operations to provide aid, and the time has come for another large shipment of supplies to be distributed by community organizations. Expanding the purview of these charitable efforts beyond what they reachd previously, Kostyra has also targeted the city of Zalzoie in the Czech Republic to aid its Polish minority who suffered greatly under Nazi occupation during the war. In this shipment, 15,000 bottles of water, 8,000 blankets, and 12,500 MREs will be delivered to each city. As before, the Home Army will be ready to receive these supplies.
Communist Party of China KMT Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret As political issues in China continue to simmer even after an uneasy truce was signed between the communists and the nationalists, the right-wing of the Communist Party of China has determined that in order to acgually govern and accomplish any of their goals that some sort of compromise must be reached with the left-wing members of the Kuomintang. As a result, a concerted effort has been made by the right-wing of the Communist Party to improve working relations with the left-wing of the Kuomintang, and both sides have begun finding common ground upon which they can agree—hopefully in preparation for governing the country together.
Communist Party of China Tibet Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret Sending a number of envoys across to Tibet, the Communists have attempted to build up closer relations with their ideological brethren across the border by proclaiming common cause against the Kuomintang.
Communist Party of China U.S.-occupied Korea Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered Sending members of the CPC across the border into occupied-Korea, the Chinese Communists hoped to build up a closer working relationship in anticipation of future cooperation. While crossing the border, however, several of the Party members were spotted and identified by Kuomintang loyalist border guards, who reported the sighting to their superiors, along with their suspicion that the Chinese Communists were going to meet up with the Korean Communists.
Communist Party of China KMT Operation SUCCESS—Operation Secret At a snail's pace, the Chinese Communists have begun promoting their own within the Beijing garrison of the Chinese Armed Forces. To an outside observer, it appeared as merely turnover in assignments, or the discovery of malfeasance on the part of the officers transferred out of the garrison, but to those orchestrating the strategy it resulted in most of the low-level officers in the garrison being replaced by their own who had been serving across China in different positions, further enabling them to reduce the likelihood of suspicion since there was no sudden influx of new transfers from a single province.
Communist Party of China KMT Cell Establishment FAILURE—Operation Secret In attempting to strengthen their influence in Taiwan and Hainan, the CPC ran into difficulties as weather prevented their agents from traveling.
IRA Irish Army Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered Following their previous attempts to build up support in disparate sectors of Irish society, the IRA has turned now to the army and began reaching out to pro-republican elements there. Working off of their knowledge of officers who were anti-treaty, the IRA began making contact with them and establishing cordial relations. Additionally, young new recruits to the army were targeted for recruitment to the IRA by leveraging the strong presence it has in pubs and bars and creating a forced social circle into which those new recruits were thrown. While this operation was extremely successful in building up support for the IRA within the armed forces, the buckshot approach taken has resulted in the Irish government learning that the IRA was going after army recruits as talk in the barracks was noticed by officers not affiliated with the IRA.
IRA Irish Naval Service Cell Establishment FAILURE—Operation Uncovered Similar to their operation in the army, the IRA attempted to build up a base of support in the Irish navy. Unfortunately, due to the lower number of anti-treaty veterans in that service, it was not possible to achieve the same sort of success as with the army, while reports were also sent up the chain of command informing the government of IRA recruiting efforts.
France Czechoslovakia Operation SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered In cooperation with the United States, the French government organized an effort to provide 60,000 gallons of French milk to aid Leo Kostroya's humanitarian efforts in Poland. Once the operation had been set up and the train to transport the milk had been selected, SDECE operatives cut open two of the ten required train cars into which two Panther tanks were hidden. Welding the cars shut and repainting them to disguise the tampering, they were all then filled with the 60,000 gallons of milk for shipment to Poland and sent it along with other cars containing other foodstuffs. Inside grain cars, the SDECE also stashed away crates of surplus German weapons including MP40s, Gewehr 98Ks, and suppressed weapons like the Welro and the M3 alongside all of the ammunition, spare parts, and fuel necessary to operate the entire shipment upon receipt. Traveling through Czech Silesia, the two cars containing the tanks were opened up, enabling the tanks to be removed and dried out, and the rest of the weapons and equipment were offloaded. Arriving in Krakow, the milk and grain from the train were distributed to the population, but in the process of unloading the train, a case of 98Ks was discovered that had remained hidden among the grain, immediately being seized by the Polish Secret Police for investigation, and the train was impounded for a more detailed search to be conducted.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered Sending additional members of the Home Army to assist those already in Silesia, attempts were made to organize and hold rallies against Silesian independence. Though the Polish Secret Police learned of these demonstrations due to their surveillance of the region, their opposition to the independence of Silesia led to them allowing the rallies to go forward.
Polish Home Army Poland Operation SUCCESS—Operation Secret Operating under the leadership of Antoni Heda, the Home Army has a strong base of operations in and around Starachowice, with the loyalty of the populace near guaranteed as a result of the good deeds performed by the Home Army to help them previously. With the tacit assistance of several of the supervisors of the local Starachowice Works, a small number of equipment, weapons, and ammunition are smuggled out every day to aid the Home Army's operations, with duplicate serial numbers being used to make sure that no one will notice anything amiss.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered Volunteering to help rebuild the city of Siedlce, members of the Home Army have pitched in at soup kitchens, providing temporary housing for residents, and helping to clear away rubble. As part of the Soviet attempts to discern what was going on in the country however, one of their investigative teams noticed the arrival of a number of suspected Home Army members, and increased surveillance has been put in place to try and determine what is afoot in Siedlce.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret During the war, Nowy Sącz was a major hub for smuggling routes between Poland and Czechoslovakia, and the Home Army has incorporated it into their own smuggling operations in order to facilitate the transfer of equipment in and out of Zaolzie after recontacting the guides and safehouses along the way.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment FAILURE—Operation Secret Hoping to gain access to the Będzin power station, members of the Home Army made their way to the city, but upon arriving learned that it had been damaged and was undergoing repairs, so they could not perform their operation.
Lao Issara Laos Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Uncovered Across Laos, members of Lao Issara began standing for positions of power and influence in small towns and villages, but word of this eventually reached the higher levels of government.
Polish Home Army Poland Cell Establishment SUCCESS—Operation Secret As the Polish state allowed gymnist, scouting, and riflemen organizations to reform across the country, the Home Army quickly seized on the opportunity to use them not only as a channel to garner new recruits, but also through which members of the Home Army could receive training and conditioning without raising suspicion from the authorities. In the Gymnast Association, the focus was primarily placed on promoting gymnastics as a component of a healthy lifestyle alongside diet and traditional morals. In the Polish Scouting Organization, the introduction of Home Army members of the Grey Ranks will follow the state's dictates of teaching about socialism in addition to the standard curriculum, which will continue to be "Scouting and Independence" crafted to show how the failure of one can be the failure of all and how cooperative action such as conflict resolution and overcoming obstacles that the population is all in it together. The primary goal here was to turn children against Stalinism while creating a sense of independence and civic duty. As for the Rifleman's Association, aside from using it as a means to recruit skilled marksmen, it was largely left to its own devices by the Home Army since its mere existence trains citizens in skills that would be useful in the event of revolution.

Unless otherwise noted, the only countries that are aware of a given covert action are the ones which participated in executing it. I will ping everyone who either conducts an operation or is aware of something that happened in an operation.


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