A story style recollection of the Thargoid threat.

Things have always been tense in the galaxy, not a day goes by your not worried for your ship, your life. Whether its the worry of Pirates interdicting you, the System Security after being scanned while smuggling, trying to avoid the star after a hyperspace jump, or just fighting off the space madness. Its always tense out here in space, but things have gotten worse.

It showed up out of nowhere, a convoy was carrying the item enroute to who knows where. We called it an Unknown Artefact, we did not know how old it was or where it was from, but we do know it looked alien to us. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tUKpSAHYLtw The Artefact seemed to scan our ship when we approached them, they also seem to scan the nearest celestial body and emit a morse code of the data. It almost felt like the thing was alive. We have no idea where the data burst transmissions are being sent too, but we do know the Artefact always points towards Merope in the Pleiades Nebula. Thats where our search started, where more questions rose up.

The UA's started showing up more often, yet nothing was found yet in the Pleiades Nebula. The UAs were highly corrosive to our ships, eating away at our cargo hold and our ships, triggering malfunctions to our ships modules. UAs that were sold enmasse to station also affected them, some stations got so heavily damaged that their services were inoperable for long time periods. These things were dangerous and had to be handled carefully.

We soon found a new item, similar in appearance to the UAs but slightly different. We called them Unknown Probes, they emitted a different sound, a different signal. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U8lpiN6lgTo But these probes held a secret, one that grabbed our attention quick. When we tried a scan from our planetary scanners, it emitted a strong pulse, it knocked out our ships power temporarily and emitting a new signal. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BKSRSjxa1y4 We quickly analyzed the signals, it held data on everything to know about the nearest planet, sending the data to a far off destination. But we also found distance data, triangulated to a system we can't reach, locked out, Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3. For our own protection, or to keep a secret, who knows.

Even though the UPs were also corrosive to our ships, testing went on and we made progress. We noticed it always pointed to Merope, when brought to the system it then pointed to Merope 5C. Maybe it was broadcasting to something on the third moon of the fifth planet. We had to get answers, we had to check it out. After days of searching we suddenly found something, it didn't look normal, and we have never seen anything like it on other moons. We called them Barnacles https://goo.gl/images/nT5jZJ These seemed inert, no way to really interact with them, but the spires around them were rich with minerals, the larger ones with a metal we never saw before. We called it Meta-Alloy, and it seemed to counter the corrosive properties of the UAs and UPs. The Federation and Empire quickly took interest, sending Capital Ships to guard the sites from others so they can be harvested and studied.

For a time everything was quiet, until they came. Without warning they interdicted us in a way we though impossible, while traveling through Hyperspace. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=slbWLXIpCv8 They shut down our ships temporarily then emitted a light at us, a scan maybe. Then before our ship could regain power, left as suddenly as they appeared, ripping a hole into witchspace. We've never seen anything like it. What they wanted, what they were looking for, no answers came to mind. They could have easily destroyed our ships, but instead they didn't, they let us go. It was unsettling.

Things didn't stop their, soon distress calls would be found, ships scattered, dead. Their hulls torn at precise points, oozing a green gas, lifeless husks of their former selves. When investigating the aftermath an Unknown Ship can sometimes be spotted fleeing the wreckage, leaving as they usually do through an unknown wake. Were they the ones responsible for the destruction of these fleets, if so, why do they let some of us go when we are alone an vulnerable? So many questions. The fear in our minds and hearts is starting to settle in.

When investigating new Barnacle sites where two are near each other on a moon, they showed up again. Scanning or harvesting something from the Barnacles, maybe the Meta-Alloys, maybe something else they wanted from them. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3d2ib29J7Aw Any pilots who had their SRV too close ended up getting pulled up to the ship, no harm came to them, but the Unknown Ship is definitely collecting something. What were they after and why leave without attacking again. We were sitting ducks again, power shut off, truly at their mercy. Are these the very same ships that took down the fleet of ships?

We got a tip off for a mission this week, from the Federation no less. Some of their ships went missing in the Pleiades Nebula, some of us knew what to expect when we heard of the last known coordinates. Seems the fleet was with a Capital Ship carrying data on Unknown Ships and their wake signature that they confiscated from an Engineer Palin. Some of us who helped Palin get that data had no choice but to go, others bribed, some just followed. HIP 17044 is where we got tipped off to go, to fly towards Asterope, but not jump to it. The distance was great, but after reaching 11k Ls from the main star, a distress signal was found. What we found there was another graveyard, but with two Fed Capital Ships. https://goo.gl/images/m7sDZ3 There was two beacons, one had some of the Unknown Ship data left on it, the other a transmitter. It played back in morse code the short events before the ships fell. There was a second signal that broadcasted every hour after the half hour in NATO phonetic. "THARGOIDS RETURN." We nearly lost a war with them hundreds of years ago, a battle lost to time, and now they are back. Were these the Unknown ships we've been encountering, or is it something worse we haven't seen yet. All we do know is their back, and they can easily take down a fleet of small fighters and two Capital Ships.

The galaxy has become more dangerous then we could ever imagine. I feel that there will truly be no place to run soon, Colonia maybe our refuge, or the first of many to fall. So do we CMDRs answer the call to stand our ground and control our fear, or seek refuge in the vast stars of our Galaxy. Its up to us to decide,..before its too late. https://goo.gl/images/23hmvW


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