Lista en inglés de algunos sucesos del último mes en Venezuela

Hola a todos! Hace unos días vi que Venezuela llegó a la frontpage gracias a un artículo en r/WorldNews donde The Guardian explicaba que nuestras protestas ya van entrando en su tercer mes. Vi varios comentarios de personas que querían ver más fotos y videos de lo que está pasando. Como hay demasiadas cosas que no llegan a la prensa internacional, pensé en armar una lista (no pretende ser absoluta ni completa) de varios sucesos. Tratando de poder hacer accesible el material a quienes no hablan español, traduje los titulares de los periódicos que usé, incluso traduje algunas consignas que la gente grita en las manifestaciones, así como algunos comentarios para dar contexto en donde fuese necesario. Les dejo lo que pude recopilar, sé que hay demasiado que quedó por fuera, pero si les gusta el formato, les invito a que lo compartan y lo amplíen.

June 13 – El Paraíso, Caracas: State's security forces alongisde paramilitary groups break into Residential Complex "Los Verdes", terrorizing neighbours and breaking into apartments one by one, evidence2, evidence3, officers even shot a dog disturbing picture IMPORTANT NOTE: In previous weeks, similar actions have been taken against communities of San Antonio de Los Altos, El Carrizal (both in Miranda state), and even more towns of Carabobo, Táchira and Mérida States, featuring break-ins, kidnappings and coordinated lootings (I say coordinated because no security officer tried to stop said lootings, and some people reported watching the officers participating in the lootings). This occasion in El Paraiso, the security officers comprised by members of the GNB, SEBIN, CONAS (as reported by people on twitter) accompanied by armed paramilitary groups, shot tear gas directly at the buildings, rubber bullets and threatened with firearms to the neighbours. It was denounced that the paramilitary groups left people without electricity service source and as the officers broke into apartments one by one, they even shot one of the resident's dog. If this is not State terrorism, I don't know what is.

June 13 – Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas State: Indigenous tribes march and consigned document rejecting the gov's project to rewrite Constitution, other angle

June 11 – Caracas: People painted the names in Prados del Este Highway of those who have died so far in the demonstrations this year

June 10 – Portuguesa: Agriculture and farming workers march along the people of Portuguesa State against the regime with oxen and cows included NOTE: This state was an erstwhile supporter of the regime

June 10 – Guarenas, Miranda State: People throw molotov cocktail at anti-riot police car NOTE: Most of the time the protests are peaceful, but sometimes protesters do respond with violence. People has noticed this has been prone to occur when the security forces start to lose their minds and shoot tear gas horizontally, aim at buildings and do break-ins searching for hiding protesters.

June 10 – La Candelaria, Caracas: Police firing at demonstrators with shotguns. Later that night, People respond with molotovs to police and army repression of nightly protest NOTE: This sector of the city (Libertador Municipality) was once a heavy supporter of Chavez and Maduro's regime. The next morning, this was the aftermath. Neighbours said the police aimed directly at the buildings: Link

June 9 – Caracas: Students from Central University of Venezuela (UCV) march to China's Embassy in Caracas. They left signs condemning the financial aid provided by the chinese government to buy weapons, riot control and repression supplies. Some signs say "Your weapons kill our people", "Assassins of students".

June 9 – El Recreo, Caracas: Nightly march, people shout "Libertador arrecho, reclama sus derechos" which roughly translates to "Libertador (referring to the Municipality) is angry, we reclaim for our rights" ,

June 8 – Chacao, Caracas: March of lights to honor the 17 year old boy Neomar Lander and all who have died during the protests. The people scream "Who are we? Venezuela! What do we want? Freedom!" , another angle

June 7 – Caracas: National Guard officers arrest a demonstrator, admire the high morals and ethics of these "officers"

June 5 – Caracas: Gunmen firing at demonstrators retreating at the CCCT Mall

June 5 – Altamira, Caracas: Buses of the public transport burned in the streets IMPORTANT NOTE: That night three buses were burned nearby Altamira Square. There were no protesters around seen by neither neighbours nor security cameras. There was no presence of security forces the whole time the three buses were burned. The buses arrived with no passengers and escorted by motorcycle drivers and reportedly the buses didn't have license plates. Fire fighters took a suspicious amount of time to arrive. The government has no proof this was done by opposition protesters, but still imputes the crime on them. This has happened in previous days and under similar conditions.

June 5: Evidence of tweet bots managed by the government to make artificial trends on Twitter. They retweet the same content and in this case, these bot accounts were all created in January. Other example

June 3 – Caracas: Miguel Pizarro, deputy of the National Assembly, denounces a Lieutenant Colonel of the National Guard The officer was covering his face and the name in his uniform (that's illegal) while he gave the order to crack down on demonstrators.

June 2 – La Vega, Caracas Protestors force anti-riot cars to retreat NOTE: La Vega is an extremely dangerous zone of Caracas. It is one of the last places one could expect to see protests, because of the lifelong support of this community towards Chavez and the government.

June 2 – Los Ruices, Caracas: March leaded by University students reaches the government controlled TV channel "VTV" This channel is known for it's absurd pro-gov propaganda and spreading fake news and diffamation towards the opposition.

May 31 – Caracas: Security forces (GNB) shoot protesters at close range with illegal weapon at Francisco Fajardo Highway

May 31 – Turen, Portuguesa State: Farmers and ranchers protest against Maduro's intentions to rewrite the Constitution

May 30 – Caracas; Opposition deputy of the National Assembly, Carlos Paparoni, hit by water cannon while marching through Francisco Fajardo Highway

May 26 – Caracas: As protesters approach security forces with empty hands one of them is shot at close range in the leg

May 24 – Bello Monte, Caracas: Infiltrate armed individual in opposition march is seen running away with state's security forces , more angles

May 22 – Barinas State 8 Civilians killed after protests in Barinas NOTE: Barinas was the state where ex president Chavez was born. The protests started peacefully, but once the police shot live rounds and killed 19 year old Yorman Bervecia everything turned violent. The police kept opening fire at the protestors, there were at least 170 businesses looted and riots every night. Personal opinion: it seems that the regime couldn't handle an uprising in Barinas, the state most loyal and supportive of the government, and cracked down with all it's rage.

May 22 – Caracas: March of healthcare professionals against the humanitarian crisis and the regime. This doctor tried to hug an officer and is taken down by water cannon , other picture

May 20 – Cabimas, Zulia State: Farmers of Zulia participate in the march and give free milk to the demonstrators

May 20 – Caracas: Police represses opposition march and injures press reporter Luis Gonzalo Perez

May 20 – Caracas: Massive demonstration in Francisco Fajardo Highway

May 15 – Coloncito, Táchira State: Farmers of Táchira go on strike and give free milk and cheese to local people

May 13 – Caracas, Portuguesa, Guárico, Carabobo, Aragua, Miranda: Horseback riding anti-government rally NOTE: These are more places that never used to protest against the government


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