How I lost my ID and $400 worth of shit in a night

Had just recently purchased an id from u/evolvedids about a week beforehand. Highly recommend. Anyways, my friends and I decided to make a day trip to the next state over to pick up cheap fireworks since the ones here are shit. We also picked up 3 cases of some busch lite for when we shot off the fireworks. Went to the local country club that night after drinking to shoot off fireworks since one of our mutual friends who lived there said no one would bother us. About 30 minutes into a time filled with what one could only describe as a patriotic display of American Pride, I notice a security guard running down a hill towards us. At this point I yell at my friends to run, and the security guard proceeds to pull out his gun on me, which im 99% sure he shouldn't of been allowed to carry or pull on a group of kids. I take off running the fastest I've ran in my life. My friends, being slightly inebriated, ran for a total of 2 minutes and gave up and sat down and waited for the guard. I kept on running, and headed towards my car to get my friends and get the hell out of there. About the time I put my keys in the ignition, two neighbors pull up and parallel park across the road behind me so I couldn't leave. I floored the gas, and drove to the end of the road, parked and ditched the cases in the woods. At this point I tried calling my friends, but to no avail. I sprinted through the woods, jumped the gate out of the neighborhood and made the 6 mile walk back to town until someone could pick me up. On this walk I had to ditch my ID, wax, a vape I bought the day before, A dab pen, and acid. Meanwhile, my friends ended up having to talk to the cops since the security guard called them, but nothing happened since they had nothing to pin on us. However, we did have to do a week of community service at the guard house and are banned from the country club for life. Ruined my summer before it even started. Now i'm stuck homebrewing prison wine in my closet with turbo yeast and sugar.


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