[CRISIS] The Fourth Intifada

Za'atara, West Bank

Za'atara is a quiet little Palestinian town in the West Bank, about 16 kilometers from the Dead Sea, nestled haphazardly in the arid foothills of the Judaean Mountain Range. Nothing of interest ever happened in Za'atara, with the Israeli Occupation of Palestine as a whole in the 1960s as the most recent event of interest. One would not expect much out of this far flung suburb of Bethlehem, and in all honesty, the event that would take place on this New Years day would not in itself be a groundbreaking matter, but it would trigger a major symbol of resistance among the Palestinian People. In contrast to the Israeli Settlements populated entirely with Jewish families, Za'atara was a 94% Muslim Suburb, with the small minority being a poor group of Israelis and Christians, as well as the police force, which was 77% Jewish and 23% Muslim. The sunrise and the tolling of bells signaled the start of the day at 6:00 sharp. It was expected that the townspeople would go to the market as usual that day, selling whatever wares their toil had produced for today. This was not so, however. After the Israeli Government announced on 31 December, 2026 that Areas B and C of the Oslo Accords, Za'atara fell under Israeli Control, effective immediately on 1 January, 2027. This caused outrage against the new Israeli Administrators, set to arrive in Za'atara in five days' time to review the governmental situation in the town, and supposedly a bolstering of the police forces with Israeli Defence Forces personnel.

On that New Years morning, the Muslim Majority of Za'atara trickled out of their homes and into the main thoroughfare, assembling a large group of seven hundred enraged Palestinians who began unfurling Palestinian Flags and banners, as chanting began to thunder through the streets;

"Palestinians Awaken!" and It is the Palestinian Flag that will hang over Palestine! as well as the ever-so blunt Israelites, you will be slaughtered for your crimes! were common slogans that an average bystander would hear in Za'atara. By 7:30 A.M., the fuming townspeople marched on the town square, where the Jewish police were going to raise the Star of David over the town. Speaker systems played the National Anthem of the State of Israel, but they could not be heard over the din that had engulfed the town. The 53 police officers of Za'atara stood at attention as one of their number, the Chief Inspector, a staunch Israeli Nationalist rumoured to inhumanely treat suspects by beating and otherwise abusing detainees before justice is served, lowered the Palestinian Flag, beaming, and tied the Israeli Flag onto the pole, and prepared to raise it while his small team of officers in riot gear held back the protesters. Unluckily for the Jewish Police Officers, the 12 Muslim constables decided that the crowd was uncontrollable, and they could not bear the thought of the misfortunes that would befall them under Israeli Rule, and so they threw down their shields and fell in with the angry mob. Police lines shattered as protesters poured in and concealed firearms carried by some of the protesters were drawn. The Chief Inspector and 13 of his men were shot to death. The remainder were captured and savagely tortured by the protesters, castrated and raped, beaten and bloodied. The Chief of Police was mutilated, with his eyes gouged out while he was still alive, shrieking. His head was then severed and paraded through the streets. Israeli annexation would not be tolerated, and now the eager eyes of the Palestinian people had been opened. IDF troops from nearby Israeli Settlements arrived not long after and proceeded to put down the uprising, killing 32 of the locals and arresting over one hundred, attempting to suppress the idea of revolt. They were too late, however, and social media and various websites already had the news and videos and photos plastered across the internet.

Kfar Etsyon Street, Jerusalem

The news of the uprising at Za'atara caused a mix of outrage and shock among the Israelis living in Jerusalem. They saw themselves as deliverers of peace and civilisation to an untamed land, but now the locals were rising up against their just cause. Security in the outer city limits of Jerusalem was upped to ensure that no weapons or bombs entered the facility, and the Police issued an official statement discouraging (but not banning, due to the illegality such an act would bring) protests among the populace for at least 72 hours. This did not stop over two thousand people from taking to the streets in a nonviolent march against the government in front of the Knesset. The police respected this protest, and Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority Politician, led the march calling for liberation of the Palestinians through any means necessary.

In an event of terrible timing, an ear-splitting explosion shook the city. Not too far away, a couple blocks away from the U.S. Consulate General to Jerusalem, an SUV converted into an IED crashed into the gates of the Korean Embassy in Jerusalem, housing 40 Korean diplomatic staff protected by IDF soldiers. It was an impressive little compound with an eleven foot concrete wall and three buildings inside. The blast killed the 6 Israelis guarding the gate, and blew it open. Seven armed gunmen then stormed the compound, shouting that they would die to ensure that "the Israeli Imperialists lose all credibility as an upstanding and friendly state". Eight South Korean diplomats including the Defence Attache, the Ambassador's Assistant, the Korean Ambassador to Israel, a custodian, and four public relations workers. They were killed by Israeli first responders after a thirteen minute rampage. Opinion polls in South Korea have shown 76% disapproval with the moving of South Korea

Gaza City

Brothers! Fellow Palestinians! All across our great land, our fellow Islamic brothers are rising up against the Israeli Menace! were the words booming from Ismail Haniyeh as he stood atop a stage in Gaza City in front of over two thousand Hamas members. Haniyeh, a well known Israeli enemy and the head of Hamas, spoke for over an hour to the people of Gaza City and indeed Gazzah as a whole, urging them to resist the Israelis who had "illegally annexed the rightful Palestinian Territory in the West Bank" Without officially saying it, he ordered Hamas terrorists operating inside Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza to take up arms against the "Imperialists" who sought to destroy them and their way of life, deporting undesireables and purging civil services.

Within hours, across the West Banks, similar uprisings to the New Years Day Uprising in Za'atara took place as Israeli administrators and police officers were put to the sword, with every dead Palestinian yet another bullet in a Hamas Kalashnikov.

Indeed, Hamas Kalashnikovs have come in handy as small cross-border raids into Israeli Kibbutzes and border posts. Mortar and Rocket Attacks have been met with limited success, killing one-hundred in the first week out of retaliation for the Israeli Annexation, seeing the seizure of Gaza as the next step to a total takeover of the region. The 109 dead Israelis who succumbed to rocket and artillery attacks have been supplemented by another 132 dead from cross border terror attacks with IEDs, shootings, and stabbings. 103 of these deaths were Israeli Soldiers and Border Guards trying to maintain order, but at this point, it is becoming hard to control the thousands of Square Kilometers that Israel has seized overnight, and Palestinian Nationalism now in full swing has shown a refusal to surrender peacefully and quietly. This uprising will not end easily, and both sides are expected to take many losses. Israel will be fighting an enemy with no uniform and no signature weapon. The IDF is now stuck fighting an idea with potential to succeed. The Unstoppable Force has just met an Immovable Object.

The Fourth Intifada has begun


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