[EVENT]Pakistani Kashmir Defensive Measures, and De-Escalation Measures

Recently sovereign Pakistani territory has been attacked by Indian forces, violently and resulting in the unnecessary deaths. Pakistan in hopes of peace and to prevent unneeded loss of life attempted for a diplomatic approach to defuse the situation. Defensive non-offensive measures were initially employed to give time for an Indian response, to think and realize what they were partaking in; as well as to highlight any conflict resulting from this was not aggression provoked, nor wanted by Pakistan.

Pakistan asserts its’ position internationally that India attacked Pakistani positions in Kashmir, the first shots and attacks were initiated by India. Pakistan asserts that we as a state do not actively support terrorists, and we have and will do everything possible to prevent terrorist activities of any sort we know of. All means of a peaceful resolution were tried(and will continue to be attempted), generous policies employed during the initial stages of the tensions, as well as attempts to end tensions diplomatically without bloodshed. Although this is unprovoked by Pakistan, and even unwanted we can not sit idly by as our people are attacked in the region, as our soldiers die. Due to the failure of Inida to cease such aggressive actions and to pursue diplomatic means Pakistan must reply with a military force to protect the people within the conflict zone. At any point Pakistan asserts it is willing to engage in diplomatic processes to bring an end to unwanted hostilities. We will not use excessive force but only that is required for appropriate defense.

Effective immediately nationwide radio, and television coverage will be provided to the citizens. Important information and facts will be provided to the people to keep them informed, updated , and safe throughout these times. Information of national interest risking personal life will be kept secret, but as much as can be safely released will be released.

A change to previous tensions we will allow reporter coverage with the Pakistani forces from international and national news organizations. A warning is issued to the dangerous nature of this and caution is advised. An approved government permit is required, but is easily obtained after verifying the validity of the news organization. We have nothing to hide in this, and wish to show the world the truth.

A general raise in the alert and readiness of the forces in enacted nationwide. This will include airforce planes in the air at all times, as well as additional planes ready on runways with pilots ready to respond should additional units be required. All military bases and facilities will adhere to heightened levels of securities, more guards, and more care in operations.Additional police forces will be rolled out across the country to keep order and safety amongst the streets. All naval ships have been informed to remain highly diligent in their operating surroundings.

The naval forces have been instructed to keep a distance from disputed water but to remain diligent in their defense. Two Azmat missile boats, two Tariq and one Zulfiquar frigates, 1 Munsif anti mine, and three Khalid submarines have been ordered with air support to perform patrols at a minimum 100km from disputed waters, and well within Pakistani national waters. They are merely performing duties in national waters, away from international and other national water ways. They will remain diligent in their services.

The Air Force is ordered to assert 100% air dominance in Pakistani airspace, while not breaching Indian airspce. Any foreign aircraft without authorization found in Pakistani airspace is subject to be fired upon with the pilot's discretion. For airspace defense 10 CAC/PAC JF- 17 Thunder jets, and 5 F-16 Fighting Falcon are to remain patrolling the eastern airspace at all times with a further 15 and 10 respectively on the ground at the ready. 5 Burraq UAVs will be put into service for reconnaissance and limited strikes on advanced Indian positions(Indian forces found on the Pakistani side of the LOC).

The army has been granted the most free reign in this regards. Artillery positions installed in Kashmir are to begin firing upon advanced Indian positions. Commanders on the ground are authorized to utilize their resources available at present to combat any border raids. Special Forces utilize light helicopters are being deployed to conduct responses to raids, in total 100 special forces divided amongst 10 helicopters. These raids will not go out of territory and spend little time before returning to a safe base with anti air protection (Anza MK-II (MANPADS) being deployed. An open channel between the army and airforce is also provided to prevent friendly fire, and to allow for greater and more interwoven support of each respective branch.

The FDRF are being deployed in full force, additional special service members are being transfered to replace the unfortunately lost members, as well to augment numbers by a further 1000 (not all deployed at once, not all combatant troops). The FDRF has basically been giving a blank cheque to replace what ever equipment is needed, as well to cover any overhead costs. Through reconnaissance reports through drones, tips from locals, and from national intelligence agency’s reports on known Indian placements they will be readied to respond to any attempts of India to cross the LOC. The air force as also been instructed to provide them with any requested air supported asked. The PM Ishaq Dar has had a phone call with the commander of the FDRF, offering his condolences and providing his full support for an appropriate FDRF response.

Air defense is a vital role in defense, and thus it is Pakistan’s concern to have total control of its’ respective air space. The air force has full authorization to scramble jets and down unidentified aircraft within Pakistani airspace. Full warnings have been provided warning of unauthorized access, and thus not tolerance will be put forth for aircraft doing so. Spada and Aspide 2000 air defense units will be deployed alongside AN/TPS-77 Radar, Manza MK-III distributed widely amongst units for air defense. Extra Mistral Manpads units brought up, RBS-70, Crotale (surface to air) missile, and numerous reserve self propelled anti-aircraft guns (mainly to serve as a back up). This is alongside the air force’s role in air defense.

LOC (Line of control) Policy

Pakistan is not the aggressor in these tensions, nor wishes to be so; Pakistan also seeks to de-escalate the situation. Pakistan’s official response and all normal, as well as extra units deployed are only ordered and authorized to act in Pakistani territory, and one the Pakistani side of the LOC. This serves wide across the forces of Navy, Army , and Air. Do fighting shall be initiated on Indian side of LOC (units are allowed to engage if fired upon). Pakistani forces are merely defended their positions on the Pakistani side of the LOC. Any conflict arises would be the direct result of India ignoring this line and crossing over either with personnel or ordinance.


Pakistan and India both have captured service personnel. We would accept to an equal exchange of all Pakistani personnel for all Indian personnel. These personnel should be allowed to return to their respective families as fast as possible.

Pakistan would seek diplomatic talks for a more long term conclusion to tensions. Pakistan suggests hosting talks in a foreign neutral country with the primary talks being held between Pakistan and India, other nations may be invited to observe or partake should both Pakistan and Indian acceptance of their roles be received. We are not providing any suggestions for the results of these talks, but suggesting such talks should take place in an attempt.


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