[buy] Text Responses/Email Role-Play Story

Service(s) Needed: Text responses to some questions, and possibly writing a full role-play type dialogue-driven story that goes through similar motions as the included life event. Budget: Not really 100% sure since I've never done anything like this before, and never really seen anyone actually take an offer to write something like this or do text responses. Maybe like $1 a response or something (I imagine responses to questions to be fairly short). Maybe $25 for a full role-play story? I'm not entirely sure, so open to negotiation I guess.

Specifics (requests, kinks/fetishes, time requirements, etc.): I would like to know about women interested in a range of responses, from answering questions via text, to actually writing a kind of mostly dialogue-driven short story that loosely traces the following life event that happened to me. I'm not sure if it's too overly specific to go into all of this, but since it would be the basis for the entire service, it seems like I should give you an idea of what would need to be responded to, and/or recreated:

So in general I was a somewhat reckless, fearless, and rebellious little kid, but I unfortunately have an odd issue with extremely sensitive testicles, which have a higher concentration of nerves than most boys (something only found out once I actually got checked). Having this condition lead to me being deathly afraid of getting my testicles checked when I was little. Whenever they came up at the doctor's I would find any way possible to avoid getting checked, either not cooperating at all, or actively resisting getting checked. Pretty often I would just run out of the doctor's office and get lost in the parking lot until my mom eventually found me after an hour or two of searching for me. That went on for a couple of years.

My mom tried to explain how important testicle checks were, but I never really felt there was anything wrong with mine, just that they were really sensitive, and not something I ever wanted anyone to look or touch; I actually did let a doctor look at them once. But I couldn't imagine the thought of anyone touching them and I pulled up my underwear and ran when she tried to touch them; it seemed like the worst thing imaginable to me. I was a pretty crazy kid and didn't really shy away from pain that much, but falling off skateboards, or being tackled constantly in football was like nothing to me in comparison. It wasn't even pain really, but like sensitivity…like having someone poke your eyeballs if they were wrapped in whatever it is that goes off when you hit your funny bone. If I even tried touching them myself I would like spasm from it and be unable to do it. So I put up enough resistance to the idea that my mom didn’t outright make me I imagine because of how difficult I made it, but maybe because she felt sorry for me, though I don't know really, maybe she was just too exhausted or annoyed by me. Since it got put off repeatedly to my young mind that meant I could put it off forever, but at one point that changed.

One of the pivotal points was when it came time for school physicals one year in middle school. I never imagined that something like a testicle check would be involved in such a setting (like an open gym), so it caught me completely off guard when at the end of the physical the doctor told me to pull my underwear down. Naturally, I refused, and my mom ended up having to come to the school to try and talk me into it. But I couldn’t imagine doing it, even though she told me "this is your last chance to get this over with right now, this is completely ridiculous. We can go home right now without doing it, but you're going to have to get checked later, and it's going to be much worse…" but I was so frightened I did the opposite of what she wanted and just agreed to getting checked later. I thought she was just bluffing so I was happy with it at the time.

After successfully getting signed out of the check at the school physical I just wanted to forget the whole ordeal. That worked out ok for about a week and then my mom took me to this new doctors office without telling me what we were going for. Eventually, I became curious while we were in the waiting room, and asked my mom what we were at the doctor for. My mom decided to be bluntly honest with me (probably because they had a security guard by the door, which should have made me suspicious to begin with, but for some reason, I ignored it at first). She told me, "They specialize in checking boys’ testicles here, and dealing with uncooperative, sensitive boys." I turned pale and couldn't even move…and barely managed to ask something like, "why are we here though?" in a daze, even though I knew the answer to my own question. And my mom told me "Well, last week you didn't want to get your testicles checked at the school, which would have been very quick and easy, so we need to get you checked today. The school requires testicle checks for all boys, they’re mandatory, and honestly, we’ve been putting this off for years. We’re not going to leave the doctor's until you get a testicle check done today."

I wanted to run away very badly, and although I felt frozen, I did sneak over to the door when my mom was talking to the receptionist for a moment, but the security guard outside the door brought me back in and wouldn’t listen to my excuse about needing to use the bathroom. The security guard just told me I could use the bathroom when they called my name. So I had to sit there in silence nervously waiting to be called knowing that it was for the worst thing ever, and I couldn’t run. Eventually, a nurse came out and told my mom it was ok, lots of boys try to get out of the office because they’re nervous about testicle checks, and then she took us back into the exam room. I am not sure if I was supposed to overhear the nurse making that comment to my mom. The nurse did some basic diagnostics and did let me go use the bathroom. She was actually weirdly nice. I managed to relax a little bit, but I was trying to think of ways to escape in the bathroom. It seemed impossible though because there were nurses everywhere and the security guard as well. I sort of convinced myself maybe nothing would really happen, "I got out of getting checked all of the other times, what could be so different about this time" I thought to myself? So I just went back to the exam room to wait with my mom.

Eventually, the doctor came in, and she was actually pretty nice. There was no preface to anything really because I was only there for one thing though, so she was just kind of immediately like "Hello Micah, so you're here for a testicle check. Let's get started. Are you willing to cooperate today? Or do you want to be strapped down on the table? It's totally up to you today, but you're going to get checked." Despite being petrified, I couldn't cooperate. Her and my mom offered me the cooperation option of pulling my own underwear down probably a dozen times at least, but I just hoped they would stop asking and I could go home without getting checked like usual, so I just shook my head and was silent. I slowly was plotting some way to run away in my mind, too.

So right as I was thinking about making a desperate run for the door to try and escape, the doctor made a call, and two nurses came in and stood beside me and the doctor explained that I could voluntarily get on the exam table, or they could forcibly put me on there and restrain me. I didn’t really say anything, but sort of started to walk towards the door…but the two nurses were there and just grabbed my arms and lifted me up and put me on the exam table. I started struggling, but they were really fast at strapping my arms and legs down and then adding a torso strap, and really quickly I realized I couldn’t move at all. The two nurses left the room, and I was kind of squirming, but part of me was also relaxed in a weird way because I sort of accepted that I couldn’t move, and that there was nothing I could do. The doctor was talking to my mom, so I was just kind of lying there restrained and still for a few minutes. I guess they wanted me to get used to it or something before moving forward? Meanwhile, my mom and the doctor were just chatting with each other, and my mom was like "Why do you think he is overreacting like this? Why does he hate getting his testicles checked so much? He was really ridiculous at the school physical, and he always runs out of doctor’s offices. It's terrible behavior, and I can't control it. I just don't understand it, don’t most boys get checked every year don't they?" And the doctor was just kind of casually saying something like, "Well, it happens, some boys are more shy and sensitive than others and have a harder time cooperating with these checkups than other boys. It's perfectly fine, and normal, that's what we're here for: because some boys need to be restrained to get their testicles checked. He might cry or struggle, but that is totally normal, don’t worry. He will be fine. Most boys forget about it five minutes after they get checked, they’re just overreacting because they’re shy or scared of their first time getting checked. He will be fine, though. He really should have been getting this done every year to help normalize it, and to make sure nothing is seriously wrong, but unfortunately it can be difficult to get boys checked in certain extreme cases, he most likely cannot help himself. You did the right thing bringing him here today, he will most likely get over his fear once he sees getting checked isn't that big of a deal." She and my mom then approached me, and my mom told me to calm down because "the school requires it, and the state requires it, it's not that bad to get your testicles checked, all boys have to get it done." I am not sure why she said that, i think she was trying to be comforting, but it kind of terrified me. The doctor told me what she would be doing. Which was almost awful in itself…hearing her just calmly, sort of sweetly, say "Ok, so just try to relax Micah. I know you don't want to get your testicles checked, but that's what you're here for today. I'm just going to pull your underwear down and take a look first.” And she did, and I became much more anxious because I realized she was really pulling my underwear down and I couldn’t do anything about it at all, I realized she really was probably going to check my testicles for real…and I begged my mom not to let her touch my testicles, but my mom just told me “She has to touch your testicles, it’s not going to be that bad, we’ve been putting this off way too long.” The doctor then told me, “Micah, I’m going to do the checkup real quick ok? I will be really fast, and you will be fine even though you might not like it, I promise."

But I was not fine; there was a very long pause before she actually touched me. I was just lying on the exam table, unable to move in front of my mom and the doctor… waiting for the worst thing ever, and hoping my mom would stop her, shocked that my mom could really stand there and watch the doctor check me, I was sort of just saying, "please mom…don't let her…please" over and over. It was really tense. I strained against the restraints when the doctor finally touched my testicles and started crying and begging my mom to make her stop, but I couldn't really get full sentences out because of spasms I was having. But at least it did get over with somewhat quickly. Unfortunately, she thought she felt something on one of my testicles and had to go back and feel it again… turned out to be a benign lump. But it was awful hearing her tell me she needed to take one more feel after thinking it was over with, and it wasn’t any easier the second time she touched me.

Then she pulled my underwear up, told me I had been a very good boy, and that I was healthy, and that she was proud of me while letting me out of the restraints.

By that time I definitely regretted not just getting checked at school. But it was obviously way too late for such thoughts. I’ve never really been able to forget about it.

Some of the questions I would like answered:

I still wonder if it was really something my mom needed to do? Do you think it was really mandatory? Was it good that she made me get checked?

Do you think my mom discussed the use of restraints with the doctor before taking me to the appointment? Or do you think the school referred her to that doctor and she was as surprised by them as me?

Do you think that the doctor somehow knew that I was going to run when she called the nurses in to restrain me? Or what was she thinking?

Type of Seller I'm Looking For (age, race, dom/sub, body type, etc.): Not exactly super specific other than female. An older blonde woman that could be "hot mom" type, or a younger, fairly fit, bubbly girl would be ideal, but it's mostly textual, so I am not really sure how much it matters. I would still sort of like to know what you look like, though! I think anyone that could be somewhat motherly, but also get the way doctors, nurses, and receptionists speak would be the real ideal person. Also, it would be excellent if prospective sellers were willing to do a short sample response to see if they can get the right phrasing/tone. Maybe just conversing over text about something else to get a feel, would have to be comfortable working in key phrases, and sticking them, for example, using "testicle check" and "testicles checked".

I know this is incredibly long, and I hope I am not inadvertently violating any rules. I will be grateful to anyone who thinks they could be a good fit for this project!

Preferred Payment Method(s): Venmo, Amazon


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