Intuit/Mint doesn’t care…

This is a chat I had with their bot/person about what the company reaction would be if user information was stolen from its servers:


12:55:41 p.m. Intuit: Thank you for contacting Mint.

12:55:41 p.m. Intuit: Hello fellow Minter, my name is Eleanor. How can I help you today?

12:55:49 p.m. Eleanor: Thank you for contacting Mint chat support! My name is Eleanor. How may I assist you today?

12:57:17 p.m. Minter: Does Mint/Intuit have insurance should my information/accounts become comprimised due to Mint services specifically?

12:58:17 p.m. Eleanor: I would like to share that The usernames and passwords you use to access your online financial accounts are not viewable by employees or contractors.

12:58:23 p.m. Eleanor: Your credentials are encrypted and securely passed to our online service providers who maintain them in order to deliver your transactional data to the Mint service.

12:58:44 p.m. Eleanor: Mint has bank-level data security. That means we have the same level of encryption your bank does, along with outside third-party verification through Verisign and Hackersafe.

12:59:02 p.m. Minter: However unlikely the problem of identity theft from Mint, I'd like to know the risk mitigation and safety protocols in place for your users.

1:01:56 p.m. Minter: Hello?

1:02:26 p.m. Eleanor: Mint can actually help keep you safer than online banking. It may seem counter-intuitive (”All my accounts in ONE place???”), but Mint can monitor all your accounts for fraud or mis-charges every day.

1:03:00 p.m. Eleanor: We also have bank-level physical security. Our servers are located in an unmarked secure building which requires a palm scan to gain entry. After making it past guards, you have to go through a “man-trap” where one door will not open until the other closes and you again have biometric access. Once you get inside, our servers are in a locked cage monitored with 24/7 video surveillance.

1:03:38 p.m. Minter: Are you a bot? Can we surpass the "canned", copy/paste responses please?

1:04:02 p.m. Minter: If fraud occurs because of Mint does Intuit insure the losses?

1:04:44 p.m. Minter: For example FDIC agency coverage.

1:07:54 p.m. Eleanor: Mint is a cloud-based only. If you have added your accounts in Mint, Mint will only pulled in transactions from your bank and the information that was added on your account was encrypted.

1:08:10 p.m. Eleanor: If you want, you can check this link: <a href="; target="_blank" class="iwt-message-link"></a>

1:09:40 p.m. Minter: Sweet mercy. YES, I understand HOW mint operates and how spectacular your security is but you won't answer my question about what protects your users should the worst happen. With this level of dodging it leads me to believe that there is NONE.

1:09:52 p.m. Minter: I'm just going to write an email to your support. This Chat has been very unhelpful and slow. I'm sure your security is super-awesome-great but my question was very specific. If you needed to get a manager you could say "hold on" or if you don't know; just say so.

1:11:20 p.m. Eleanor: I'm so sorry for that since I am typing too much.

1:11:52 p.m. Eleanor: But as what I have mentioned, you can check at this link <a href="; target="_blank" class="iwt-message-link"></a>

1:12:04 p.m. Minter: I know copy/paste when I see it. I'm in support.

1:12:52 p.m. Minter: it's a yes or no question that I can only assume you don't know the answer to or have been instructed to not "advertise" the lack of a crash-plan.

1:15:38 p.m. Minter: Q: Does Intuit/Mint have methods in place to insure that should their users data become compromised due to system vulnerabilities that they (users) can be reimbursed or compensated for their losses akin to FDIC insurance with banks? A: YES or NO (choose one)

1:15:54 p.m. Eleanor: No

1:19:20 p.m. Minter: Thank you

1:20:02 p.m. Minter: To clarify; If my identity was stolen or my accounts raided with information stolen from your servers, Intuit/Mint would not compensate me in any way shape or form? There is no insurance process for mitigating the damage to your users finances in the theoretical situation in which the party at fault is Intuit/Mint?

1:20:38 p.m. Eleanor: You are welcome! I appreciate your effort working with me today! Thank you for choosing Mint Chat Support! Have a great day!

1:20:41 p.m. Intuit: Eleanor has left the conversation

—- This wasn't too far from what I expected to be honest. I held out hope that maybe they had worked out some deals to be covered under the FDIC umbrella of some it's big bank partners or that Intuit itself had FDIC certifications much like some other online services. What I didn't expect was the lack of cooperation on getting a straight answer.
Even if the answer was no I was still willing to consider them. But after this, I don't think so.


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