[Event] Breaking News: 6 confirmed dead in Brasilia riots, including 1 congressmen. State of emergency declared.

BBC World Service, Live Coverage, 6th August 2017

…have been called in to take charge. The police force dismissed. Twitter has exploded with people saying this amounts to martial law.


We've just heard that Maria do Rosário has died of her injuries. That brings the total to 7 deaths, with Maria being the 3rd politician to suffer from the siege of Congress.
Accounts on the ground are saying that the majority of protesters have now been dispersed. This looks to be the act of a select group of agitators. To recap:
* Anti Temer protests have erupted in massive civil disorder, the police have failed to contain the situation and a state of emergency has been declared. Central Brasilia has been evacuated and the military have moved in to establish order.
* A large number of protesters stormed the Congress, with security already overwhelmed by the swelling crowds approaching the entrance.
* Rodrigo Maia (President of the Chamber of Deputies) has been found dead, reports are suggesting he was stabbed but there has been no official statement.
* Maria do Rosário was injured in what one eye witness has described as "being thrown from the first floor into the central atrium". She has since died of these injuries.
* Eliseu Padilha was also injured defending other politicans as they escaped. He is currently in intensive care.
* The military have kettled a group of protesters believed to be part of, what some Brazilian officials are calling, "the insurgency".
* There has been no official statement from the government.

Panned shots of debris, military standing guard outside Congress, people receiving medical treatment

H: "We now have with us Wyre Davies the BBCs correspondent in Brazil. Whats the situation like down there at the moment Wyre."
W: "Hugh, there is chaos everywhere. We have been evacuated out of central Brasilia and there is a flood of media asking questions but receiving no answers. The protests had brought global media attention and now the Brazilian government must be feeling the heat of multiple magnifying glasses analysing this crisis."
H: "Two politicians dead, a further in intensive care. All from different parts of the political spectrum. We've heard word of an insurgency or group of agitators. What's the thinking down on the ground?"
W: "Well without an official statement the media have nothing to do but speculate. Eye witness accounts have lead to theories, which are being passed from media outlet to media outlet constantly evolving. One thing seems to be clear and that is eye witness accounts of fighting and violence before Congress was stormed. Temer supporters has placed themselves within the crowds, and some of these groups seem to have clashes with the more aggresive anti Temer groups. Lots of innocent civilians caught in the mix, unable to really escape from within the sea of people."
H: "Have any groups claimed repson… Sorry Wyre the government are making an official statement. We now go live to the Supreme Court."


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