[FF/FM] Blonde. Bomb. Shell. [x-post r/DirtyWritingPrompts]

Based on the prompt "In an age of stark inequality, the only real option for the lower class has become selling themselves to the rich. You're a rich man heading to a bachelorette auction."

Alexander sat looking quitely out of the window, watching the street lights fly by through the heavy rain. As the road emerged from under the parkway, the rain began drumming on the roof of the limo as well, filling the compartment with quiet noise. He adjusted his tuxedo subtly, trying to make it feel natural, but from where Eva sat it must have looked like apprehension.

"Nervous?" she asked with an easy smile.

"Not even a little." Alex reassured her, taking his attention from the flitting lights and putting it on her finely dressed and painted form.

Eva had the look of a socialite down, from the tall stiletto heels, to the lavish, revealing red dress, to the expertly applied makeup. Her hair was bleached for the occassion, leaving her the particular shade of golden blonde that was fashionable on the circuit, and her bare arms were shaved and covered in thick, powdery makeup, to match her legs. Tonight she would be playing the part of Alexander's sister, but thankfully the fiction wouldn't need to be maintained for too long.

"Really?" she asked. "It's your first time, nobody would blame you for taking it seriously."

"I do take it seriously." Alex protested. "I'm just not nervous."

"Fine." Eva said with a shrug. "Do you at least know how it all works?"

Alex shrugged. "Vaguely. Does it matter?"

"It kind of does." Eva said, leaning forwards, letting her dress fall away from her breasts to leave them invitingly accessible.

Alex had heard a thing or two about the auctions, as anyone born into his kind of wealth would have, and through his childhood had always been accompanied by two or three of the girls his parents had in their employ at any given time, beautiful young women dancing around the house in their underwear, cleaning, cooking, offering other services; fitting punishments for their terrible crime of being born both poor and beautiful. This being his first time going to an auction, however, he was not particulary familiar with the particulars of what was about to happen.

"When we arrive", Eva explained, "there will be drinks and introductions, of course."

"Of course." Alex said with a nod, turning his eyes back out to the flitting street lights.

"The drinks aren't strong, but go slow anyway." Eva continued. "You'll want to be in full form for … later."

Alex nodded.

"After the drinks there will be some time for mingling." Eva continued. "The objects will be making rounds, working to curry favour with prospective bidders."

"Favour?" Alex repeated, turning back to her.

"You know, just showing what they have to offer." Eva said with a shrug, leaning back. "Flirting, gentle touches, blowjobs, that kind of stuff."

Alex arched an eyebrow.

"Having a look to gauge their skill level is fine, but staring is considered impolite." Eva clarified.

"I'll try to keep that in mind…" Alex said with a frown.

"Until the auction starts for real, many of the girls will be going topless or naked as well." Eva offered.

"Staring at that is impolite too, I take it?" Alex sallied.

Eva shrugged. "Nobody is likely to care about a man of means leering at a piece of meat, except perhaps out of jealousy."

"If anyone tries to call you on it, just tell them you're considering taking the premium." she added, adjusting her dress.

"And that means?"

"To buypass the auction for an object, paying half again the expected price instead." Eva explained.

Alex nodded.

"In any case, once the auction begins, it's all straightforward." Eva concluded. "Raise your board to match the suggested price, raise it with a shout to offer a specific price."

"I know how an auction works." Alex sallied. He did. His first one had been a vegetable futures auction at the ripe old age of five.

"Oh", Eva added almost as an afterthought, "I know I'm playing your sister, but keep in mind that these people are all freaks."

"Hm?" Alex said, his attention returning to Eva.

"If you want to see how well a prospective object can pleasure your sister", she explained with a grin, "I doubt that'll raise many eyebrows."

"Hah!" Alex snorted. "They'll probably go home and comment on what a caring brother I am."

"Are you trying to tell me you'd like me to do that?" Alex said, pouring himself a glass of soda water from the limo bar. "Because I guess I could, but it seems like it would be a distraction."

"Up to you." Eva said with a grin. "But I suppose you're right."

Inside the large auction hall, the floor was packed. Some two hundred well-appointed men were in attendance, nearly half of them with wives, girlfriends or both. Throughout the crowd, two dozen auction objects were making the rounds, sucking up to prospective bidders and showing of their scantily clad bodies.

Soon enough, one of them noticed Eva and Alex even at the edge of the crowd, and made her way over, her hips swaying as she advanced on them, naked but for a pearl string slung about her waist and six inch stilettoes.

"Hello there." she greeted Alex breathily. "I'm Carmen, number seventeen in the auction tonight."

Alex nodded politely.

"Perhaps you would like to get to know me better before the bidding begins?" she asked with a smile, advancing carefully on Alex.

"I'm here for my sister tonight." Alex said idly, waving Carmen towards Eva before she could close in completely. "It's her you should get to know."

Quickly Carmen broke off her advance and turned her attention to Eva instead, and Alex, busy scanning the crowd, remained only vaguely aware of their flirting. When he looked over at the pair of them a few minutes later, he found Carmen on her knees, head tangled in Eva's dress as she ate her out.

"Is she about what you're looking for?" Alex inquired with an arched eyebrow.

"A~hn…" Eva suggested. "More … or less?"

"Good." Alex remarked, not noticing the second auction object making her way over.

"Hi there." the naked girl remarked breathily as she wrapped her arms around his chest. "I'm Zara, number twenty in the auction tonight."

"Err." Alex muttered. "Hello, Zara."

"She's having fun." Zara said with a nod to Eva and Carmen. "Would you…"

Zara stopped abruptly, her arm knocking against the heavy lump concealed under Alex' tuxedo jacket.

"Auction objects are advised that the auction will begin in thirty minutes." a man in a beige suit announced from the podium, as Zara, trembling, looked up at Alex, her face growing paler by the second.

"I suppose now is a good time as any." Alex said with a shrug, sticking his hand into a pocket and turning to Eva. "Put down your toys, 'sis'."

With a light touch to a button on the device in his pocket, Alex set into a motion a cascade of electronic signals that culminated in the detonation of the sack of RDX hidden in the trunk of his father's limo. With a quick, practiced motion, he pulled out his pistol and placed a bullet between the eyes of the announcer on stage, and waving it around made his way through the crowd while the building quivered and Eva pushed Carmen out of her crotch and began rubbing the makeup off of her left overarm, revealing the tattoo below of a star, sickle and hammer.

"This barbarism will end!" Alex shouted, waving his pistol around on stage. "And we are the ones who will make it end!"

"You girls wouldn't happen to have a place to hide out around here?" Eva said to Carmen and Zara. "No big deal, of course, but things are getting wild."

"Don't you have a gun?" Zara asked, trembling.

"Where would I hide it?" Eva asked with a grin as she elbowed a security guard running towards the stage in the stomach before swiftly disarming him. "I do now, though."

Quietly she pulled the trigger twice to end the downed security guard for good.

"So about that place to stay?" she added with a smile.

Shirtless and bleeding, Alexander limped into the small apartment, supported between Carmen wearing his shirt and Zara decked out in his jacket, the bullet wound in his leg still dribbling.

"That could have gone better." he groaned, his head lolling with every step.

"It could have gone worse." Eva offered, shutting the door behind them and tossing her gun at the dinghy sofa.

"Nnngh~n!" Alex suggested as Zara misstepped and drove her leg into his fresh wound.

"You're such a pussy." Eva suggested, helping him down on the sofa.

"Speaking of." she added with a smile to Carmen. "Why don't you help him, Zara, while I go… debrief Carmen?"

"What?" Zara said, the last of the color draining from her face.

"He knows what to do." Eva offered airily as she took Carmen by the hand and led her off into the bedroom.

"That's a cute shirt." she said to Carmen, as she plopped herself down on the edge of the bed. "Except for the blood stains."

"It's your brother's…" Carmen said doubtfully, looking down at the blood-stained tuxedo shirt. "Shirt and blood both, I mean…"

"Well, he's not actually my brother." Eva said with a giggle. "And you can take it off, if you'd like."

"So he's…?" Carmen pressed on. "Boyfriend?"

Eva shrugged. "Something like that, yeah."

"So when he sent me over to you…" Carmen said, toying with the shirt.

"Oh!" Eva said with a grin. "No, I really liked that, but if you didn't that's fine."

"I didn't say that." Carmen said, slowly unbuttoning the shirt. "If you want me to continue…"

"Well", Eva offered, slipping out of her dress to reveal the powdered flesh beneath it, "that's up to you."

Carmen eyed her doubtfully.

"I need a shower, though, would you like to join me?" Eva said with a smile.

Carmen eyed her doubtfully for another moment, before crouching down to free herself from her heels.

"It's right through here." she said, leading Eva into the ensuite bathroom.

When they emerged from the shower, Eva was free of her thick makeup and let her copper-toned skin show, and she was quick to plop herself down on the bed to air dry, while Carmen made her way to the foot of the bed and knelt on the floor.

"So now we continue?" Carmen asked.

"If you'd like to." Eva suggested with a shrug. "Or whatever you want."

"Whatever… I want?" Carmen asked, puzzled.

Eva nodded. "Sure."

"You left your gun in the living room, right?" Carmen asked, rising and making her way to the head of the bed.

Eva nodded vaguely, and Carmen was quick to grab her by her bleached blond hair to a quiet yelp.

"So if I was to tell your riche whore ass to suck my cunt, who's to stop me?" Carmen asked, her nails digging into Eva's scalp.

"If that's something you'd enjoy…", Eva began, but was silenced with another yelp as Carmen renewed her grip with vigour.

"Very much so." Carmen said.

"Come…", Eva tried, another tug at her hair silencing her momentarily. "Come have a seat, then."

"No." Carmen said, letting go of her hair, and walking back to her heels.

"You can get on your fucking knees and do this properly." she said as she stepped into the shoes, met by a giggle from Eva.

"Did I sound like I was joking?" Carmen offered as she made her way back to Eva and grabbed her by her hair. "Roll out of bed and get on your knees."

With a soft moan Eva made her way out of bed as quickly as Carmen's harsh grip would allow, and knelt before her.

"Let's find out what riche girls are made of, then." Carmen said, pushing Eva's face into her crotch.

Quickly enough, Eva gathered herself, and lips eagerly met lips as she set about pleasuring Carmen. Even before Eva's tongue darted out to part Carmen's petals she drew quiet moans, and as she twirled her tongue around Carmen's bud to set her flower to bloom, Carmen doubled over, and soon enough she dragged Eva into bed to continue her work.

Trembling fingers still buried into her hair Eva continued her onslaught, and as soon as she could let a slender hand join the game, slipping two fingers deep into Carmen, pumping slowly as she gently caressed her with her tongue and lips. By the time the third finger was slipped in, Carmen had lost her hair, and was grabbing the bedsheets, twitching with every move of Eva's tongue.

"You should know…" Eva said, raising her head momentarily. "I'm not really riche, that's just Alex."

"Nhm~m." Carmen said as Eva slipped in a fourth finger.

"Just thought you should know what you're getting into." Eva said with a grin, before diving back in.

Before long, the combined might of her mouth and fingers had Carmen moaning, writhing and scrabbling at her hair, quickly culminating in a passionate scream of pleasure as she came. Slowly, Eva crawled up her body, showering kisses across her belly and breasts before coming to rest face to face with her.

"Want me to keep going?" Eva asked with a kiss.

"Very yes." Carmen whispered, still trembling.

"Aargh!" Alex suggested as Zara tightened the bandages on his wound too much, distracted from a primal scream from the bedroom.

"It's good!" he groaned. "It'll work!"

"Well, I just…" Zara attempted, but Alex cut her off.

"It's good!"

"Sorry…" Zara offered meekly, sinking into herself.

"No…" Alex said quickly. "It's not your fault."

"It's just…" he groaned, "really, really painful."

With his shirt gone and his pants cut to pieces to allow access to the wound, Alex felt decidedly silly already, and upsetting the girl who was only trying to help wasn't helping.

"Is there anything I can do to make it better?" Zara asked, gently stroking his leg.

"Do you have any morphine?" Alex asked with a shrug and a groan.

"We had some heroine." Zara offered, thinking. "But we're out."

"Then no." Alex moaned, sinking deeper into the sofa.

"I could try something else, though…" Zara said, her hand finding the inside of Alexander's thigh.

"Like what?" Alex panted.

"Something…" Zara suggested, running her thumb over Alex' cock.

"I don't think that'd help." Alex suggested, but despite the blood loss his cock was rapidly hardening under Zara's expert touch.

"Doesn't hurt to try, right?" Zara suggested, slowly unzipping his pants.

"Well", Alex ventured, "I think I'd rather just… n~hn…"

He got no further before Zara was on him, swallowing his hardening cock to the hilt.

"I guess…" he said. "I guess it might work…"

Zara gave a light giggle, the motion of her throat manifest against his flesh. Quickly enough she had him at full mast, and with confident movement she quickly settled into a steady rythm, bobbing up and down on his shaft, nimble fingers exploring his sack while her lips worked their way up and down, occasionally pausing to twirl a well-trained tongue around his head, before diving back in. Even as she swallowed him whole it did little to ease the pain, but it offered a pleasant distraction all the same.

After a while she pulled back with a pop as her warm mouth let him go.

"Does that help?" she asked with a smile.

"Not really…" Alex admitted.

"Well", she said, rising from the floor, "I guess I'll just have to try harder."

Carefully she maneuvered into his lap, taking care to avoid his wounded leg. Pulling back the tuxedo jacket to press her breasts against Alex' chest she slowly drove herself down onto his cock, enveloping him with her warm wetness.

"How about this?" she moaned, working herself into a steady rhythm.

"Much the same…" Alex grunted.

"Give it some time." Zara said with a grin, riding him slowly.

A moment later, another scream rent the air, and Zara gave Alex a giggle.

"At least your sister is having fun." she said, pushing herself down onto him, taking him in as deep as she could.

"Well", Alex panted, "she's not really n~gh…"

"Not really what?" Zara asked with a moan of a sigh as she felt Alex spilling himself inside her.

"Not really my sister…" Alex groaned, body still quivering.

"Fair enough." Zara said with a shrug as she slipped off of Alex and settled into his lap. "Feel better?"

"A little." Alex lied.

"We'll keep at it, then, when you're ready." Zara said with a light kiss to his cheek.


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