[MODPOST] Covert operations, Jan-Jun 1947


Attacker Defender Type of operation Outcome Results
Palestine Haganah Operation FAILURE—Operation uncovered Attempting to exploit the ethnic divisions within the Palestinian Jewish population, the Palestinian Arabs began targeting Sephardis and Mizrahi for recruitment as informants and discouraging them from joining the Zionist movement. In the process of trying to distribute their propaganda materials however, the Palestinian Arabs underestimated the deep divide that exists between Muslims and Jews in the region and—while a small number may have been prevented from joining the Zionist cause, a far larger number have soured on the attempts by Palestinian Arabs to divide their community and are banding together into tighter-knit Jewish communities and several prominent local leaders have spoken out in favor of unifying all Jews.
Palestine Jewish Population of Palestine Intelligence Gathering FAILURE—Operation secret Operating out of Gaza, Palestinian Arab agents began preparations in the city to enable it to receive weapons shipments from abroad, but due to the British blockade of Palestine and heightened security at all points of entry, operatives were never able to make the preparations necessary.
Palestine Jewish Population of Palestine Intelligence Gathering FAILURE—Operation uncovered Sending operatives into Jerusalem, the Palestinian Arabs hoped to blend in to the local population and identify Jewish militia positions and movements but—due to the large Jewish population in the city participating in said-militia—those operatives were soon found out and run out of town.
Palestine Jewish Population of Palestine Intelligence Gathering SUCCESS—Operation secret In other cities throughout Palestine, efforts of the Arabs to scout out Jewish positions were more successful, with scouts being able to blend in far better with the local populations and use the terrain to their advantage, enabling the Arabs to develop a rough picture of Jewish positions and movements, though the time necessary to get that intelligence back to higher-ups was occasionally a problem when rapid movements were underway.
Viet Minh Northern Laos Cell establishment SUCCESS—Operation uncovered Using their recruitment center in Laos, the Viet Minh set out recruiting Laotians to their cause, promising the same benefits to the Laotians as they did to Vietnamese. Successfully recruiting people from all walks of life, they returned them to their homes and jobs while focusing specifically on rice farmers and land owners who would be willing to construct tunnel networks underneath their property, enabling easier communication between the Viet Minh in Laos and in Vietnam.
Viet Minh Cambodia Cell establishment SUCCESS—Operation uncovered Mirroring their operations in Laos, the Viet Minh attempted to recruit local Cambodians to their cause and—much like previously in their other operations—they set about sending covert operatives to purchase land under which tunnel networks could begin to be dug with the assistance of laborers hired and recuited to the cause. Local French authorities have taken notice though of the large number of plots of land being bought up by relative newcomers to the area.
United Kingdom Germany Cell establishment SUCCESS—Operation secret In a survey of the British Zone of Occupation, the Royal Army identified both Germans who had fled during the war and those who had remained and worked for the resistance to use as informants against political radicals in the area. Promising to return any who had fled to their homes in return for serving as informants, the British began building out an informant network to keep tabs on the pulse of Germany.
Polish Home Army Polish Home Army / Poland Intelligence Gathering SUCCESS—Operation secret Through a months-long campaign, the Polish Home Army managed to finally secure enough materials to rebuild copies of the Blyskawica radio station, giving control of the project to its original creator, Antoni Zębik. At the same time, many in the Polish Home Army have continued seeking positions in law enforcement, local politics, immigration, construction, shipping, and arms/munitions manufacturing, slowly building out the basis of the Polish Home Army in those places and enabling them to contact supporters and sympathizers there.
Polish Home Army Poland Intelligence Gathering SUCCESS—Operation secret Using ties in local government and among sympathizers throughout society, the Polish Home Army was able to secure documents indicating that the Polish People's Referendum was unequivocally rigged, and suggesting that attempts were underway to affect the upcoming elections in the same manner.
Palestine Jewish Settlements of Palestine Cell establishment SUCCESS—Operation uncovered As the Haganah attempts quickly to increase its numbers, the standards required to get in were relaxed somewhat, enabling several Palestinian Arabs to join up disguised as Palestinian Jews. Dispersed throughout different formations and areas, they began passing information back to their handlers as to what was happening on the other side until—in a major slip-up—a group who had agreed to undertake the mission but were unwilling to cease their practices as Muslims were caught performing their morning prayers. Immediately apprehended as infiltrators, that cell was shut down and greater scrutiny has been employed in screening all future applicants, though it is unclear to the Haganah leadership whether or not they have caught all of the infiltrators. They haven't.
United States Nicaragua Intelligence Gathering SUCCESS—Operation secret Seeing rising unrest in Nicaragua, the United States reopened its ongoing contacts with the Nicaraguan National Guard in order to develop more detailed information on the situation within the country. Being granted access to the records of the National Guard on the so-called "student movement," the United States then began a propaganda campaign against them and began receiving lists from the National Guard of what equipment will be necessary to combat the threat.
United States Nicaragua Operation SUCCESS—Operation uncovered Engaging in an intense propaganda campaign within Nicaragua, the CIA began distributing documents, photographs, and stories of atrocities committed against Catholics and the Catholic Church in the Spanish Civil War to news outlets and in public spaces in order to decrease the popularity of the local communist groups. While the campaign has been largely successful, one local journalist wrote a story about how he was approached by the Americans to be fed that information which has taken fire across the country.
France Viet Minh Cell establishment SUCCESS—Operation secret Building on their colonial contacts in the region, France began recruiting local agents and supporters to join the Viet Minh by sneaking into their cities and joining up in one of the many recruitment campaigns underway. Once in an operational capacity, the agents began relaying information back to their French handlers as to what positions the Viet Minh had taken up, amounts of supplies, and morale.
Polish Home Army USSR Cell establishment SUCCESS—Operation secret Trekking back along the arduous path through the Soviet Union that they had been on previously to establish contacts with other resistance groups, members of the Polish Home Army recontacted local Polish leaders in Lwow and Vilnius, establishing a line of communication between those communities and the larger organization of the Polish Home Army.
Palestinian Jews Palestinian Arabs Cell establishment SUCCESS—Operation uncovered Selecting agents who had served the British during the war, the Palestinian Jews set about trying to build up an informant network within the local British police forces. Due to their impeccable records of service to the Crown, many of those who volunteered for positions were able to do so, going on to serve as regular colonial police officers in enforcing the law. During the screening processes, several candidates were flagged as potentially trying to infiltrate the colonial police on behalf of the Haganah and turned away, raising the suspicions of the British as to who might be trying to join up, but the reliance of the colonial police on just those former soldiers who had served honorably in the war made it impractical to prevent most from joining.
Palestinian Jews Palestinian Arabs Intelligence Gathering SUCCESS—Operation secret Palmach operatives living in Arab-controlled areas of Palestine were tasked to begin monitoring local traffic patterns in order to try and pick out where smuggling was taking place and reporting their suspicions to the British colonial police. While the operations didn't result in any large-scale successes or seizures, a number of small-scale smuggling operations were shut down based on the tips provided.
Palestine Jewish Terrorists in Palestine Operation SUCCESS—Operation uncovered In order to even the odds in the struggle or possibly even tip them in their favor, Palestinian Arabs began an effort to locate and destroy as many weapons caches in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tiberias, Jaffa, and Tel Aviv. While the operations in the first four cities were largely successful with explosives being used to detonate the weapons cache with little loss of life and no obvious attribution, the operation in Tel Aviv went differently and attempts by the Arab operatives to search the city for weapons caches and destroy them quickly turned violent in a clash with a Jewish militia that left six Jews and four Arabs dead, and resulted in the capture of all but three of the remaining Arab operatives. Though they had initially claimed to be Arab Jews from Syria, their story quickly changed to that of being operatives for the group "Palestinians Against Irgun Front." Tensions have risen significantly as a result of this altercation.
United Kingdom Palestinian Jews Operation SUCCESS—Operation secret Following increasing unrest in Palestine, the British deployed a special taskforce of soldiers and SAS to sweep Jewish-majority areas for militias and other criminal elements as part of a region-wide crackdown on crime. Operating on tips provided by citizens as well as investigations undertaken by the police, the taskforce was able to arrest 3,500 Jewish milita members and a wide range of criminals, confiscating large amounts of supplies in the process.
United Kingdom Palestinian Arabs Operation SUCCESS—Operation secret Concurrently with their operations in Jewish-majority areas, the British taskforce performed a similar series of sweeps in Arab-majority areas, this time arresting 4,600 militia members, seizizing large amounts of supplies from a number of supply dumps, and taking a large number of criminals off the streets.

Unless otherwise noted, the only countries that are aware of a given covert action are the ones which participated in executing it. I will ping everyone who either conducts an operation or is aware of something that happened in an operation.


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