Little story and question about return fraud and the law

So the other day I got busted returning stolen shit with a random debit receipt. My girlfriend and I were in a rush and did the whole thing wrong. Went in walking fast both wearing backpacks, went straight to what we needed, checked receipt and got the shit, split up she stole some bread bought some milk, I walked to what seemed to be a blind based on my brief glance around, pulled a wrinkly ass bag out of my pocket stuffed the shit in and walked to customer service. Get there say gotta return a few things wrong stuff. She scans the first item and idk if it normally does this but it beeped and flashed on the computer a few times and she looked kinda weird at it. So she scans it all in and says it is going to be store credit. I ask her why she can't give me cash and she said it had to be store credit. Should have dipped then but I was greedy and not giving a fuck. So she scans it 35 bucks gives me the card and the slip and I start putting them in wallet when I hear someone behind me ask me how my day was going. I start planning out how I'm gonna bounce. Tell him it's going alright. He asks me to walk with him and the other three big ass dudes. I ask why, he says I'm going to talk with them while they get the police involved, I say yeah ok. Walk past my girl on the bench by the bathroom and she loses it yelling at LP tryna get to me shoving between em they call security over he escorts her out and I ask where they're taking her. Some other dude says "Dont worry about her worry about us" to which I reply "Well I ain't worried about you" and he looks at me like he wants to knock my damn head off but can't because he knows what would happen if he did. So we're approaching the EAS gates and the greeter joins the party and while they're are blocking me from going anywhere but forward the greeter blocks my path out. But for a split second I see a gap between him and the wall and leap forward, he moves over and tries to be all big and block me but I barely shove through between him and the wall. Run to the sliding doors they don't open so I slam them as hard as I can with my palm and they fly open like normal doors and I'm fuckin out. Walking thru the lot security guy following me all these Walmart dudes outside watching me walk away. My girl comes up in the car tells me to hop in and I wave goodbye to the security guard.

Fast forward the card doesn't work. So they traded their merchandise for something with $0 value. So technically I didn't steal, right? And I didn't get anything from it either. So if I didn't have such good luck, could I tell the police that I didn't steal anything and didn't get any money or merchandise from them? I may have done some return fraud but they didn't lose anything in the process. So could I possibly use that as a loophole? Any input is appreciated. Not trying to glorify what I did either, but I figured some of you out there might like the story.


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