[SECRET] Our Agony is Our Triumph

Inside the Convention Centre

Inside the convention centre, it was a surprise late December meeting amongst the Imperial Rocket Force, a meeting called by Lieutenant General Wiang Jiangshang, with a mix of celebration, and usual business was called forth within this secure location in Nanning, where a number of other members of the Imperial Rocket Force were also, having all converged on this meeting here.

As those were heading for the table, the Great Leader had exited the vehicle, with twelve other members of the Imperial High Guard exiting with him. Security at the door, gasped upon seeing that the Great Leader of the Chinese Empire, Yi Hanying, was coming to this very meeting, and bowed to him instantly. "No need." The Great Leader said, "but I prefer it if this kept a low profile". The doorman obliged.

Inside, a female officer was late into entering the meeting hall, but however, she was relieved when she was let through at the door to the meeting hall, as the doorman stated "Lieutenant Yan Bai of the Shenyang Military District, welcome brave officer." She walked through, seen as one of the Imperial Rocket Force.

As she got in, the discussion was starting up upon the group. "May I have your attention please?" It was Lieutenant General Wiang Jiangshang, commander of the Imperial Rocket Force, and the one hosting this business meeting, which was one in name only. "May I have your attention, thank you, thank you." He fully waited until the crowd calmed. "As you may know, this is a very special meeting here in this beautiful city of Nanning. Now I know that end-of-the-year meetings are usually a little more low-key, or even a bit more celebratory, but today, is an important day."

Just outside the conventional hall, the Great Leader was waiting to enter, he already had some members of the Imperial High Guard already taking the cover of multiple Rocket Force commanders, and an escape route has been secured within the Convention Center, one involving a vehicular blockade to escape from the vicinity, 3 nearby High Guard-piloted Harbin WZ-19 attack helicopters, one on the top, four hovering around Nanning. Not to mention, that just in case everything goes to shit, Hanying is coming packing with his armoured fabric suit and personal CF-05 submachine gun hidden in the suit. Just to be on the safe end, or go out with a bang.

"It's been over a year since the incident where we were blamed for bombing Hanoi, and that the Tenasserim Federation responded with an airstrike at Nanning Air Base. Something that was unacceptable. While I know that we don't know that the Great Leader has urged us not to counter-attack, and I may disagree with him on that regard, I will respect his judgment, since he has the final word regarding military concerns."

"But why should he." Another voice rang out from the crowd, Major Xuan Gengxin, based out of the Yunnan district, unsurprisingly, responded. "After the Hanoi Incident, the Tenasserim Federation blamed us, and then they launched an air strike on Nanning. That should've been a prelude to a war; a glorious one, where we finally show just how powerful our Empire is. The Japanese and Mexicans have insulted us for so long, and it's known that the Federation is an ally of those countries; and yet the Great Leader responds with 'remain calm', that's bullshit!"

"You should really not be saying such things about the Great Leader", the Lieutenant General stated.

"You really shouldn't" Rose a familiar, baritone, yet calm voice from behind a door. As he opened and revealed himself.

"Uh, sir, your highness…" The Major was at a loss for words.

"I have been hearing talks, claiming about how weak I am, accusing me of being a cuckold for other countries. It's nothing new over the last few years since the Phoenican Civil War, and while I like to be, and deserve to be respected, despite what propaganda has stated about me, I am not so easily offended. That is, as long as it's a joke." He came close to the table, unnerving some of the Rocket Force officers. "Right."

"It's an honor, your Highness!" The Lieutenant General, the most powerful person in the Imperial Rocket Force, even he knew he was nothing compared to the Great Leader, whether it was respect, or just outright fear, that was one question that would not be answered today.

"No worries, I don't suspect you to have any sympathies to defector, it's not like you secretly support the New Yihuetan Movement, right?" The Great Leader took advantage of the fact that no one had mentioned the whole issue, as a sign to gauge the room of 60's reaction. Noticing to who stay calm, who fidgeted, or those who were making suspicious movements.

Meanwhile "Lieutenant Yan Bai" remained calm, not because she was suspicious, nor was she targeting the Great Leader, which ironically was supposed to have been a goal eight years ago, when relations were completely fucked up between the Chinese Empire and her land. She already had a modified silenced pistol on her, one different from the other service pistols that the rest of the attending officers had with them, along other gadgets.

"Now I'm going to be blunt." The Great Leader responded. "The Yihuetan Movement may have previously had some hands within the Chinese Empire, but this New Yihuetan Movement is completely different and illegal. Not only have they been responsible for the airstrike, which from the evidence that the Ministry of Imperial Security has gathered, believes that members of the Imperial Rocket Force may have signed off on getting official permission to launch at 'a possible secret weapons development facility in Hanoi that was believed to be a threat to Chinese sovereignty' according to the note received, even claiming that this was greenlit at the top at the National Defense Commission in Beijing. I can tell you, that, as head of state, and as de facto commander of the Armed Forces of the Chinese Empire, that neither me of the General signed off on this."

There were a few nervous faces in the room, but nothing sure…


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