I think I used to work in a haunted building.

I've never posted anything before but I found this sub today and thought maybe it would be the place to share my story. I do not claim to be a good story teller and I'm so sorry in advance for rambling.

In 2012 I got a part time job working at one of the big hospitals in my home town. I was really proud of myself because I had just started renting my own apartment and I could pay for it easily with this extra income. My schedule was every other weekend from 4pm to midnight. My weekends were pretty free anyways and it gave me time to study for my classes when work was slow. Essentially I was the after hours answering service for different pediatric offices in the area. If the phone wasn't ringing, I had free time without busy work.

The nurses working with me had the option of working remote, so some nights I would be alone. But I wasn't just alone in our office, the entire building was empty. It was a building across the street from the main hospital campus and it was empty on the weekends except for us (me) and a security guard that walked through twice a night. That was okay with me for a while. I've always been an introvert and an empty office to myself was a safe place to read, study, and Netflix when I wasn't working. From day one my boss encouraged me to bring entertainment for when it got slow.

For a few weeks I didn't notice anything wrong with this office. My desk was in a corner with the main entryway behind me and the kitchen and second bathroom down a hall to my left. When I had to go to the kitchen, I always avoided looking down the hall to the right. One chair sat at the end and it always felt like the chair was spoken for or it just wasn't my place to go near it. Looking at it felt disrespectful, if that makes sense.

I mentioned my weird fear of the chair one night to a coworker and he told me he had seen an old man sitting in the chair one night out of the corner of his eye. He also told me that one night he laughed aloud at something and heard his laugh echoed down the hall. Another time he sneezed and heard "bless you" from down the hall. This was all when he was alone. I spoke to one of the nurses about it, one of the more spiritual ones, and she told me she felt it too but wouldn't let it get to her and encouraged me to ignore it too. After asking around some more I realized nearly everyone who had worked there had a weird experience and some didn't seem willing to share.

For months I ignored my fear and tried to distract myself when I was alone. I can't tell you how scary it was to walk down to my car by myself through that empty building at the end of my shift. It felt like I was being followed out of the office, and I would have much rather felt like I was alone. I had the choice to call security and they would be waiting in the parking lot and watch me get in my car but I didn't do that very often. I felt safer when I got outside.

I'll never forget the one night that broke my resolve to ignore it and be strong. At some point in the evening I started hearing something like scratching or maybe knocking on the ceiling behind me. I don't like to jump to conclusions so I brushed it off as someone working upstairs, but I still wasn't sure anyone else was in the building. Over the next two hours or so I kept hearing the noise. I didn't want to tell myself it was getting closer, but I knew it was. But I kept reading and watching tv on my iPad. Super slow night, obviously. I did notice that the noise had moved to right behind and above me. Only an hour before my shift ended, the ceiling tiles above my head all raised up and slammed down hard. I burst into tears and lost all control. I called the nurse who was working from home and asked her what to do, like she could help me. She offered to let me go home and she could take calls but as I told her more about it I felt crazy and knew I sounded crazier. I knew I couldn't justify on paper that I left work an hour early because of a spooky slamming noise. But I quit soon afterwards. I did all I could to get the nurses to work in the office with me on the weekends. I tried to tell myself it was someone upstairs jumping on the floor, that it was something to do with the air conditioning, but the only conclusion I could come to is that something is not okay about that place and I'm glad I got out.

Fun fact: I found out later that my late paternal grandfather worked as a family practice doctor in that same building, possibly on the same floor. My dad used to clean his office and thought it was the same place, but that's not for sure. I haven't done any research on the building though. I let it go.


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