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News roundup for the previous week.

In International news

  1. What’s causing #Malaysia ’s ethnic Chinese brain drain? Almost half of Chinese have reported a strong desire to leave the country. Of the 56,576 Malaysians who renounced their citizenship between 2006 and 2016, 49,864 were Chinese. “Malaysia is getting more backwards and religious,”

  2. Chinese anti-Japanese aggression fighters commemorated in the Philippines

  3. #NewZealand 's free trade vision includes China: New Zealand is renegotiating its free trade agreement with China as part of a larger strategy of helping steer the creation of favorable rules for commerce in the Asia-Pacific region

  4. RCMP and China strike deal to combat opioid smuggling

  5. Vietnamese support Belt and Road

  6. Taiwan President Marks First Anniversary as Discontent Grows: Taiwan Democracy Watch said this week just 18.4 percent of Taiwanese approve of Tsai’s ability to run the government (…awkward…)

  7. Duterte: 'West is just double talk, I want more ties with Russia & China’ (Duterte actually sounds mad just talking about the US)

  8. University in Australia with 4000 Chinese students causes Outrage Via Daily Mail Style Exam Questions, Report From Daily Mail: "Chinese officials only speak the truth when intoxicated"

  9. A belligerent man in a Trump hat was kicked off a flight as a crowd chanted ‘Lock him up!’: booted off a plane in Shanghai. He started arguing before he stepped onto the plane. Crowd chanted until the Chinese airport sounded like a Trump rally. Unclear whether Chinese police jailed the man

  10. China releases report on Antarctic development

  11. China tells N Korea not to defy UNSC resolutions

  12. Erdoğan stresses Belt and Road's trillions worth potential for Turkish industrialists: Erdoğan further elaborated on the fact that the world order is currently being reconfigured and that Turkey occupies the center of this process of transforming the established world order

  13. #Argentina to join AIIB: Argentinean FM. If the plan is actualized, Argentina will be the 16th G20 country to join AIIB

  14. Student apologizes for 'belittling' China: Yang Shuping wrote "I love my country and hometown and am proud of its prosperity…I also hope to make contributions to it with what I have learnt overseas…I have no intention to belittle my country and hometown…I'm deeply sorry and hope for forgiveness."

  15. Good on Australia for not following the US blindly with regards to war hawks on China. If they had the would have been screwed right now.

  16. Built by China: Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway to be launched

  17. Chinese “super scholars” get 5 U.S. university offers on average: 30% of the students received offers from the top 30 universities in the U.S.

  18. Two Chinese language teachers kidnapped in Pakistan

  19. Chinese competitors will use their own missiles during the upcoming International Army Games 2017

  20. Overseas Chinese in Laos expects China-Laos railway a bridge for two countries

  21. Trump sounds exactly how you'd expect in his chat with strongman Duterte. (On North Korea) DUTERTE: I will try to make a call to President Xi Jinping. TRUMP: You can tell him I am counting on him. I have a very good relationship with him

  22. Just Business: China Encroaches on Former French Colonies in #Africa. This year's second African tour by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reflects Beijing's drive to further expand its clout in Africa, where it competes with France for regional influence

  23. A U.S. Navy destroyer in the vicinity of a man-made island in the South China Sea was told to leave the area by Chinese warships, a Chinese defense official said

  24. Geely takes majority stake in Lotus

  25. Beijing's new weapon in economic war: Chinese tourists

  26. At climate change talks in Berlin, Germany and China have called for the US to remain a party to the Paris climate accord. US President Donald Trump has said the US might pull out, having called global warming a hoax

  27. Iran bolstering ties with China

In Domestic news

  1. Flammable ice breakthrough offers huge potential, but plan for extraction needed

  2. China probes Hulk incident, Lavezzi off the hook: football authority said it saw "no malicious intent" in a racially-charged row involving Argentina's Ezequiel Lavezzi. CFA urged Lavezzi "to regulate his words and actions more" as a public figure

  3. Center Parcs hails 'huge' opportunity for China holiday villages

  4. China’s New Megacity: The Anti-Beijing

  5. China is set to publish its first national list of rare diseases, to guide policymakers as part of a broader overhaul to improve diagnoses and speed up drug approvals in the world's second-largest drugs market

  6. Resident ID to be required for domestic legs of international flights [Chinese]

  7. China’s Youth League Wants Singles to Find the One: The CYL plans to help young people develop a “correct” attitude toward marriage. Marriage agencies and similar services need to be regulated, and vowed to crack down on their “deceptive tactics”

  8. Chinese paper applauds anti-spy efforts: story has attracted thousands of comments on Weibo, with many expressing glee that the spy ring was broken. "Strike hard against spy traitors, protect the country's security!" wrote one Weibo user. Well done! Good on you China," wrote another

  9. China's Growth Engines Are Slowly Converging – Inland provinces are catching up with the coast

  10. Chinese #baizuo gibe a rebuttal to West’s moral superiority: anti-baizuo is a fresh indication of Chinese netizens' dissatisfaction with the Western approach of solving global issues, which is often biased, elitist, ignorant of other peoples' concerns and constantly applying double standards

  11. Jack Ma teaches tai chi to entrepreneurs for $15,000

  12. Inside a Zhejiang Village Election

  13. China turns screw on soccer transfer rules

  14. The new Red Guards: China's angry student patriots

  15. Containers will house teachers in remote places

  16. Chinese submersible Jiaolong descends to 4,811 meters in Mariana Trench: conducted observation, sampling and surveying, and collected seawater, rocks and samples of marine life, including a sea cucumber, a sponge and two starfish

  17. 160-billion-RMB nutrition subsidy spurs height increases in rural youth: Eleven-year-old rural-dwelling students covered by a nationwide nutrition subsidy plan are nearly 6 centimeters taller than children of the same age six years ago

  18. 海淀一幼儿园外教被指虐童 幼儿园表示仍在调查

In SciTech news

  1. China is stepping up research and development of the Tianhe-3 supercomputer: designed as the world's first prototype exascale supercomputer. Will be applied in such fields as the analysis of smog distribution, airplane designs, oil surveying and the development of artificial intelligence

  2. China to partly fund new CSIRO climate research centre

  3. Researchers from Wake Forest School of Medicine and Zhejiang University in China developed a novel mathematical model to explore the interactions between prostate tumors and common immunotherapy approaches, individually and in combination

  4. China to form global satellite navigation system by 2020

  5. Ke Jie, Humanity’s Last Hope, Loses to AlphaGo by Half a Point

  6. Managing stress helps transistor performance: team in China have developed a new CESL method that introduces tensile stress into both the channel and the drift region, improving overall performance by offering low drift resistance, high cut-off frequency and desirable breakdown characteristics

  7. China to Build Great Electronic 'Wall' to Protect Airport From #Drones: The technology, which has been dubbed an "Electronic Wall," will help break communication between an UAV and its operator in the event that the drone gets closer than ten kilometers from the airport

  8. An Australian-Chinese research team has created the world's thinnest hologram, paving the way towards the integration of 3D holography into everyday electronics like smart phones, computers and TVs

  9. When Big Brother gets God’s Eye. With the chip, a surveillance camera can greatly speed up human facial recognition and spot a criminal suspect in a crowd in just a few seconds. Proved effective in at least in one district in Shenzhen and has helped police crack cases and find lost children

  10. China Satcom poised to support China’s ‘Belt and Road’ trade initiative: internet penetration lower than 15 percent in the least-developed countries. The Belt and Road Initiative will help more countries to cross the ‘digital gap’

  11. Chinese Online Retailer JD.com Is Developing Heavy-Duty Delivery Drones: Company plans to deploy aerial vehicles capable of delivering payloads weighing one ton or more

  12. What is Next for #3DPrinting After China’s First Commercial Airliner Maiden Flight? C919 was developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC), who used 3D printing technologies and specialty metals like titanium alloys in the developments of the airliner

In Economic news

  1. #Samsung launches Galaxy S8 in China, aims for comeback: The fate of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in China will determine whether Samsung can resuscitate itself there after losing out to local competitors

  2. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) between China and the U.S. passed 60 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, more than any other year in history, said a report jointly released by the Rhodium Group and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR)

  3. China, Russia launch long-haul challenge to Boeing, Airbus

  4. New wave of digital entrepreneurs rises in China: A new generation Chinese entrepreneurs is quickly gaining strength. These new change-makers are digital natives, disrupting the world of industry incumbents, creating hero-entrepreneur identities and relentlessly pursuing growth

  5. Hedge Fund Plummets 62% After Betting Against the Chinese Economy

  6. A Chinese company is offering free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers

  7. Beijing's new weapon in economic war: Chinese tourists

  8. Chinese display manufacturers are chasing their South Korean rivals closely by planning to release a larger volume of liquid-crystal panels over 32 inches this year, said a market researcher

  9. Chinese shipbuilders have received orders from South Korean shippers to build 13 ships so far this year, while their South Korean rivals clinched deals from local shippers to build just seven ships, industry sources said. Japanese shipyards’ orders came to nil

In Military news

  1. 'To remain competitive, we must act now': Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson says fleet needs to expand. Some of these global powers, China, Russia, they've been growing, China in particular. They're maturing in every dimension of power

  2. New Chinese attack helicopter makes maiden flight: The WZ-19/Z-19E is mainly intended to attack tanks, armored vehicles and other ground targets, flying at very low altitudes

  3. Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

  4. China, #UAE pledge to advance military cooperation

  5. China, Russia Advancing Anti-Satellite Technology, US Intelligence Chief Says: China and Russia are advancing directed-energy (laser) weapons technologies for the purpose of fielding ASAT systems "that could blind or damage sensitive space-based optical sensors,"

  6. Chinese navy ships visit Myanmar for joint exercises

  7. China's Xi says navy should become world class

  8. Anti-Terror Alliance: Philippines Seeks Military Cooperation With China, Russia. The Philippines could start cooperation on anti-terrorism with China and Russia within the framework of the SCO and its Regional Antiterrorism Structure – Military analyst Alexander Perendzhiev

  9. US spy plane intercepted over South China sea

  10. Chinese Naval Fleet Starts Friendly Visit to Bangladesh

Other Notables

  1. Department of Justice Official Releases Letter Admitting U.S. Amnesty of Unit 731 War Criminals

  2. Chinese Theatre marks 90 years as Hollywood glamour hot spot

  3. Eye-catching three-sided Guanyin statue in E China's Shandong

  4. Cannes: #Disney Partners With Taiwan's Wudi Pictures on China Co-Productions (Exclusive)

  5. The 5 ‘Handsome Girls’ Trying to Be China’s Biggest Boy Band

  6. Opinion: The US will come to regret its petulant snub of China’s belt and road

  7. 中國再獲一項「世界第一」技術,航母這項性能將超福特號

  8. See Images of International Borders Taken From Space: China, North Korea, South Korea

  9. China-made WZ-19/Z-19E Attack Helicopter Completes Maiden Flight (Video)

  10. America Is In Denial About Becoming #2 To China

  11. Chinese Student Insults China in Graduation Speech at University of Maryland

  12. Stop blaming China for the state of the world’s fishing stocks – Policy Forum

  13. Many couples in China chose to register for marriage or get married on May 20 as the pronunciation of "520" is homophonic for "I Love You" in Chinese

  14. Ignorance no excuse for cultural insensitivity: Intentionally or not, Lavezzi has touched a raw nerve of the Chinese public, who've been exposed to racial abuses. Columbia University found door tags with Chinese names removed. Günther Oettinger referred to Chinese diplomats as "slant eyes"

  15. GT on NYT’s spy in China story: If true, we would like to applaud China's anti-espionage. As for one source being shot, that is a purely fabricated, American-style imagination. US media should forego their narcissism. It's absurd US is always the noble side whether it is catching or sending spies

  16. I'm impressed with how quickly netizens are churning out memes about this LMAO

  17. 央视分屏公益广告《一带一路 共创繁荣》OBOR media campaign

  18. Taishan: From where the world looks small

  19. Uncovering the Forgotten History of Chinese Laborers in California Wine Country: Buena Vista Winery founded in 1857. “From the late 1850's to the 1870's, they primarily were Chinese laborers. They actually built our building". After the Gold Rush many worked in railroads, some worked in vineyards

  20. Sun Yat-sen’s legacy in China

  21. Report: Fathers and Grandparents More Engaged in Childcare Nowadays. male relatives have become the main force for purchasing maternal and child products. Findings showed that the proportion of males among consumers who spent 5,000 yuan on maternal and child products on average reached 53.8%

  22. 金一南教授 – 從百年滄桑到大國崛起 Our Hong Kong Foundation

  23. Non-English Foreign Language Capability in U.S. and China

  24. The wooden skyscrapers that could help to cool the planet: monks at the Sakyamuni Pagoda in Yingxian, China. Erected in 1056, that structure rises a staggering 67 metres towards the heavens

  25. Expert Doubts China's Population Number, Saying India May Be No. 1

  26. Meet the American Professor Trying to "Save Cantonese" From Dying in Hong Kong

  27. Huanglong: the picturesque natural beauty in Sichuan

  28. This Chinese Anime Looks Better than Japanese Anime?

  29. Do foreigners have lower moral standard in China? They behave differently compared to how they would in their home countries. And I started to ponder why? Foreigners in China face low and soft moral and even legal constraints. Some Chinese still blindly believe in "white supremacy."

  30. Air Pollution in China

  31. If North Korea becomes Stable, US No longer needs China to Hedge against NK, and US Becomes more aggressive in SCS. Therefore, China's optimal strategy isn't to contain North Korea, but merely, to prevent all out war.

  32. What do you guys think of Pan-Golden Identity?

  33. Bulldozer Fight in China

  34. White Supremacists on Why China Is Winning The Game Of Civilization

  35. Premier Daniel Andrews apologises to Chinese community over racist gold rush tax

  36. CCTV Documentary Chinese High Speed Train

  37. 8 ancient rock paintings of horses found in China

  38. This is how China now is like the U.S. in 1950

  39. Japan's rising right-wing nationalism | Border Dispatch #1

  40. State of Victoria (Australia) apologises to Chinese community for racist policies during gold rush era

  41. The World's Highest And Longest Glass Bridge Located in Hunan

  42. The history of tea – Shunan Teng

  43. China is on the cusp of its own 'American Dream'

  44. How Chinese artist Ai Weiwei became an enemy-of-the-state

  45. Angela Lee crushes Istela Nunes

  46. Collaboration between Asians is of utmost importance

  47. Do you guys think China should adopt a policy of attracting skilled immigrants?

  48. Untold Origins of The Dragon Boat Festival

  49. Chinese Olympic weightlifters: Lu Xiaojun (170lbs), Tian Tao (187lbs), and Liao Hui (152lbs)

  50. Has China outgrown its need for Singapore as a role model? Thousands of Chinese officials have trained in the city state, but domestic programmes have caught up as Beijing gains confidence in its own development model, analysts say

  51. Why does China limit its population when, if a country has optimally utilized its workforce, its continued growth is primarily dependent on the size and quality of its population? why does china have such a hole in its strategy?

  52. 乌兰图雅 站在草原望北京


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