I spent a lot more in transportation than I was supposed to.

I work until 9 PM. The metro service in my city operates until 10:30 PM, which leaves me a fair margin to walk to it. However, yesterday I had a moderately long call that extended past the end of my shift, so I ended up leaving work at ~9:40 PM. This, combined with spinning some pokéstops and purchasing a hot dog on the way, made me arrive a few minutes after 10:00 PM to the train station, which, while technically still early, is the time where retail employees are dreading life and longing for home, which I completely understand.

At the gate, the security guard told me that the card recharging station was already closed, so unless I had the 20 pesos required for the trip already in the card, I wasn't going to be able to get into the train.

I normally recharge my card in bulk, but this time, exactly this time, I had forgotten to do it, so I was positive I had absolutely no money on it.

Now, I had considered going home by foot. It's not that long of a trip. I had done it before. However, it's already a couple minutes past 10 PM, and the streets aren't particularly well-lit. I am a short, young girl. I don't carry any tasers, pepper sprays, semiautomatic handguns, pocked knifes or brass knuckles that could help me in a dire situation. So, yeah, I'm not taking the risk. I'm calling an Uber.

Fast forward to today. I'm taking the train to work. I head to the recharging booth or whatever it's called, and I hand the clerk my card along with 20 pesos (one 10 peso coin and two 5 peso coins) to recharge my card. As he handed it back to me, along with a receipt, I noticed something odd. My total balance was listed as 40 pesos, not 20. I had enough money to take the train last night.

By the way, the Uber was 100 pesos.


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