[BATTLE] The Raid in Kashmir

[M] Looking into the Kashmir Conflict and Indian or Pakistani claims over their “surgical strikes”, I don’t think they have conducted serious cross border raids over Pakistani land with cross border shootings and hostage taking being more common place.

Kashmir is a heavily contested region between the countries of India, Pakistan, and China. Along the Indian and Pakistani borders in Kashmir is the Line of Control, the military control line between the Indian and Pakistani controlled parts of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir—a line which does not constitute a legally recognized international boundary, but is the de facto border. Military forces and border guards patrol the region heavily with both sides claiming raids as well as countering raids against their adversaries.

India claims that Pakistan continues to be complicit in terror attacks in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir by providing material support and providing safe haven to terrorists. Due to the strained relations between Pakistan and India as well as massive disagreements over the province, the Indian government approved of the largest special forces undertaking across the Line of Control utilizing commando teams from the 4 and 9 Paras.

For the first time a serious commando cross border strike will be launched against Pakistani positions in Kashmir. At 0030 Indian Standard Time, two teams consisting of 20 commandos from 4 Paras crossed the Indian border fence through the Line of Control from Akhnoor while two teams of 9 Paras crossed from Uri undetected. Their mission was very simple. Destroy as much strategic structures and anything of military value disregarding the potential Pakistani retribution.

The teams from 4 Paras was the first to encounter Pakistani military presence as a squad of Pakistani Rangers, Pakistan’s border security group, crossing through the jungle in a standard patrol. The Indian commandos quickly set up an ambush and simultaneously picked out and downed their targets using their slienced weapons within a second marking the first kills of the day. The Indian commandos found their movements uneventful as they reached their destinations and prepared to mount a major offensive on the towns of Malkay, Singri, and Nawan Chak, all in close proximity where they caught locals by surprise. The Indians gunned down all police and military personnel before destroying outposts with plastic explosives. The soldiers pushed deeper to the larger town of Dahingawali using the farming lands as cover.

Simultaneously the 9 Paras crossed from the border town of Chakothi where they descended upon the town’s check post to the Muzaffarabad-Srinagar bus service for immigration and customs. The terrain highly favoured them as the valley made it difficult for Pakistani authorities to reach the town as well as limiting enemy capabilities in surrounding them. From there they quickly shot police officers and military soldiers stationed there with one team entering the immigration office where they doused the place in petrol before setting it ablaze. The other kept the civilians at bay by pointing weapons while strips searching them keeping any valuables to themselves. It didn’t take long before the soldiers quickly burned down the immigration office as well as accompanying military and police outposts before they descended back into the grasslands searching for more targets, leaving the town in flames setting up an ambush on the on road that traversed into the town for Pakistani reinforcements.

It didn’t take long before the Pakistani military was informed of an Indian intrusion and mounting casualties on the Pakistani side. Police officers and soldiers were quickly dispatched looking for the Indian commandos on the prowl. Pakistani motorized infantry quickly reinforced local town positions as the Pakistani Rangers supported by troops rapidly intensified border patrols. The Pakistanis were also on the edge and began trading bullets against Indian border guards who responded similarly increasing tensions between Pakistan and India.

The Pakistani motorized force dispatched to Chakothi was however surprised as they received a salvo of Carl Gustav and AGS-30s wrecked the vanguard instantly. The Pakistanis, ditched their vehicles and fell into the ditches returning fire while calling for reinforcements. The 9 Paras troops entrenched in better positions on the canyon made short work of the Pakistani soldiers destroying their transports and suppressed the Pakistani troops. As they started losing ammunition and as more Pakistani reinforcements arrived the squad leaders decided to return back to India attempting to dislodge the Pakistanis from their tail. The troops were in hot pursuit as Pakistani soldiers increased in numbers but successfully evaded their chasers and quietly returned across the river completing a successful mission while keeping losses minimal.

The operations conducted by the 4 Paras however were less than optimal. On the way to the troops they encountered Pakistani soldiers who quickly found out about them and began engaging them in a firefight. The Indian commandos although in the upper hand killing some Pakistani soldiers lost their element of surprise. More Pakistani troops were called in before the squad leader decided to abandon their objectives and return back home. The Pakistanis however reinforced the borders quickly with the numerous outposts across the area the commandos couldn’t engage and were trapped as they fought on two fronts, the border guards stopping them from entering India and their pursuers behind them, one and half kilometer away from the Line of Control. The Indian troops here were in a disadvantage over the largely flat terrain as well as multiple entry points for Pakistani troops to surround them, which the quickly did.

The Indians facing mounting casualties requested for air support, which was quickly relayed to the No. 153 Helicopter Unit (Daring Dragons). Two HAL Light Combat Helicopters were dispatched to suppress Pakistani forces along with two Mi-8s prepared to extract the commandos, which stayed behind on Indian territory. The helicopters found themselves in a hot airspace as MANPADs tracked their helicopters and launched missiles upon them as soon as they were discovered on Indian territory. The helicopters launched flares and decided to “hug the ground” minimizing the enemies opportunities to lock them on but the lack of cover made it difficult. From afar the HAL Light Helicopters attempted to support the commandos by destroying the Pakistani border posts with Indian border police ordered by their commandos to fire upon Pakistani border police.

Once the main exit point was free from the Pakistanis, the two HALs and two Mi-8s descended into Pakistani airspace. From there however one of the HALs were shot down by a nearby MANPAD team as the others helicopters continued to get harassed by anyone with a gun. The helis quickly managed to reach the embattled commando team and began close air support, attempting to cool the hot landing zone. The Mi-8s landed roughly 100 meters away from the commando team over a rice paddy field. Surviving commandos dubbed the 100 meter move as the Khairwal Dash, named after the town close by the commandos were trapped in. The leftover 29 living commandos carried with them critically injured comrades to the helicopters as they received a hail of bullets as the commandos split into two chalks carrying their wounded into the helicopters. As soon as the last man stepped onto the helicopters the two Mi-8s attempted to lift off. One of them however was suddenly hit by an RPG bringing the helicopter tumbling uncontrollably through the air before crashing onto a nearby crop field.

Mission control immediately stated that the remaining helicopters abandon the crashed helicopter and immediately return back into Indian controlled space. The Pakistanis found in the wreckage of the Mi-8 6 living commandos in varying degrees of injuries as well as 4 dead crewmembers for the helicopter and 8 dead commandos. The living commandos were subsequently grabbed them and arrested the commandos. The shot down HAL light helicopter was discovered by Pakistani border troops finding a dead gunner and a live pilot in serious condition.

By 0700 hours the operation was over. The Indians did not find anything related to terrorist activity in Kashmir due to how close and limited they operated to the Line of Control. It was blindingly obvious to the world that the Indian military launched a cross border raid into Pakistan as images of dead Indian commandos, burnt out buildings, and the corpses of many soldiers and police officers litter world news sites.


Indian Armed Forces

  • 8 x 4th Paras commandos killed

  • 3 x 9th Paras commandos killed

  • 5 x helicopter crewmembers killed

  • 6 x 4th Paras commandos captured alive

  • 1 x helicopter crewmember captured alive

  • 1 x HAL LCH destroyed

  • 1 x Mil Mi-8 destroyed

Pakistan Armed Forces

  • 42 x soldiers killed

  • 29 x border patrol and officers killed

  • 4 x Toyota Hilux destroyed

  • 3 x Unimog U 4000 destroyed

  • 2 x APC Talha destroyed


  • Indian raid somewhat successful. 9 Paras successful in job with minimal casualties while 4 Paras face immense casualties

  • Increased border shootings as Pakistani and Indian troops wage skirmishes between themselves uncontrollably.


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