Prior service Air Force (RE code 2B) general discharge. Is Army National Guard out of the question?

I enlisted in the Air Force from 2010 to 2014 serving in the Security Forces/Military Police field. My enlistment was cut short upon finding spice in my dorm room during a dorm raid. Before you judge me, please hear me out. My military career up until this point was what I would say is flawless. I started my military career receiving honor grad in basic training. Upon arrival at my first duty station in Korea, I quickly finished all my training and pursued every single certification/training/job opportunity I could to improve myself professionally. Within a couple years, I promoted to E4 early, received airman of the year at the squadron level, and had a line number for E5 after passing testing the first go around.. The point here that I'm trying to make is that I made a mistake and that it does not define me; I've owned up to it, and know it was a poor lapse in judgement of a less mature me. Fast forward three years, and I am feeling an intense urge to serve my country again. I've done some reading and have concluded that my only chance is the national guard, and that it would not be an easy task because of my situation. If some of you can weigh in on my situation, or give any advice, I would be interested to hear what you have to say.


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