MIL in the Wild: Wedding cake edition update 8

My week has sucked. I got fired from one of my jobs and had a breakdown. My neighbor has taken to frying fish in the hallway for some unknown reason and the smell invades my apartment. I'm broke, stressed, and sleep deprived. I ran out of Nutella and I am PMSing. Basically, I am at my limit.

So when crazy cake obsessed MIL decided to act like a corn-studded turd, I ran out of patience.

At about 5 this morning, MIL called. My coworker was busy, so I answered and we went through the same conversation we've been going through all fucking week. She hangs up. Around 8:30, she tries again. I answer again. Then at around 10, we have the following conversation.

Me: Good morning, this is [bakery], Mouse speaking, how can I –

MIL: You again? Why are you always on the phone?

Me: …I work here? (Note: I am very tired and this confused me. I actually questioned if I was at the right job for a brief second.)

Her: I want to speak to someone else! Give me someone in charge.

Me: My manager isn't here but I can have her call if –

She hung up. Well, fuck you too, lady.

A little while later, I am helping a customer when I notice my teenage coworker getting upset on the phone. She is 16 years old and new to counter work. This is her first job so she hasn't had her soul sucked out through retail work yet. I figure she's dealing with an irritable customer and gesture to let her know I can take the call. (My soul was lost to the ether long ago.) She shakes her head at me and hangs up.

More time passes. I overhear my teenage coworker getting upset on the phone again so I pause and eavesdrop. She keeps repeating that she's sorry but there's nothing she can do over the phone. A few seconds later, I can hear yelling through the phone even though I am several feet away, there are customers in the store, and our coffee machine is going off. Teenage Coworker seems close to tears so I grab the phone from her and listen.

It's crazy cake MIL. Of course.

MIL: – fucking girls are so unprofessional and unhelpful! You young people are awful! You're all too busy on spreading your legs for your boyfriends on the computers to understand how to give good customer service! Now are you going to fucking help me or do I have to take my business elsewhere?

Me: I think it would be best if you did take your business elsewhere.

MIL: What did you just say? Who is this? What happened to the other girl?

Me: I said I think it's best if you take your business elsewhere. And my name is Mouse. I am the person you will be dealing with from now on unless you would prefer to speak to my manager.

MIL: You don't want my business?

Me: Not particularly, ma'am.

MIL: What? I want to speak to the other girl. You are a nasty nasty woman! This is not how you treat people!

I usually pride myself on my patience, but I snap and step out of bounds.

Me: Ma'am, I heard the way you were speaking to her and you should be ashamed of yourself. She is sixteen years old and since you seem incapable of being polite, it's best that you deal with an adult. From now on, your only interactions will be with the manager or me.

She tries to argue and I cut her off.

Me: You have also been told repeatedly that changes cannot be made over the phone. We do not make changes to wedding cakes over the phone specifically to avoid what you are trying to do. If you have concerns about the cake, I suggest you discuss it with your son and future daughter-in-law since it is their cake. Not yours. You are not the customer. You are not allowed to make changes to their order. It will never happen. Now, is there anything unrelated to your son's wedding I can help you with?

MIL: No.

She hung up and I called my manager right away and explained what happened. I was expecting to get in trouble, but she was fine with it. She said she'd be sure to tell the owner what happened and told me not to worry.

I also sent a warning text to her DIL. (We've become sort of friends since her tasting and design appointment.) I told her I snapped at her MIL, she knows for sure that she's been caught trying to change the cake again, and I apologized for any blowback. She texted back that she was sorry she missed it and joked that she might want to hire me as one of her security guards for the wedding.

MIL didn't call back during the rest of my shift

Seriously though, fuck this week.


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