U.K.’s May Warns Further Terrorist Attacks Could Be Imminent

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The British military will guard music and sports events in an unprecedented security operation as police hunt for potential accomplices of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people at a Manchester pop concert.

The deployment of troops to protect against further attacks will make for a tense backdrop to the final days before the June 8 vote.

After returning to London to chair the government's emergency COBRA committee of security chiefs, May updated the press on the progress of the police investigation and the threat of further attacks.

London's Metropolitan Police announced security will be stepped up at transport hubs and other crowded places, while large public events could be canceled.

Security services will work with organizers of major events over the next few weeks to "Make sure decisions are taken that events only go ahead when it's sensible and safe to do so," said U.K. counter-terrorism police chief Mark Rowley.

May, who served as home secretary from 2010 until becoming premier last year, has an intimate knowledge of the work of police and security services, and the many terrorist plots that have been foiled.

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