[DIPLOMACY] Riyadh-Canberra

To: The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia,

From: The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia,

Let me start by apologizing, as the Kingdom has been making an effort at specifically reaching out to the Pacific region for several years and we had yet to communicate with longtime friends of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Commonwealth of Australia. With the recent instability in Indonesia, the Sino-American battle within the South China Sea, and the terrible Japanese Earthquake, somehow our relations didn't get attended to and for that I am deeply sorry. Though I am sure it's merely a symbol of how stable the relations are between our two countries, as stable relationships unfortunately get overshadowed in times of crisis.

Now that the instability within Indonesia is now over and the GCC-Iranian crisis/tensions have eased, I am taking this opportunity to reaffirm the Kingdoms friendship with the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian people, while also seeking to close several civil and defense deals between our two nations.

First I would like to start with various proposals from the Kingdoms public and private sector firms, regarding business opportunities between our two nations. The first proposal, while specifically aimed at JetStar Airways due to their operating 50+ Airbus A320-200 Narrow-Body Airliners, is open to any interested Australian airline. Due to German interference within BAE Systems prearranged dealings with the Kingdom, the Kingdoms national carrier, Saudia immediately replaced their fleet of 43 Airbus A320-200's with an order of 70 Bombardier CS300 Narrow-Body Airliners, that's now fully operational. This has now put Saudia in the position of leasing and/or selling excess Airbus A320-200's at half the usual asking price for the Airbus A320-200, partly because they are gently used and mostly because the Kingdom will not do business with Airbus anymore. Therefore, we are offering lightly used A320-200's to JetStar Airways at $50,000,000 and we currently have 34 available, after sales in Belarus and Indonesia. Additionally, Saudia is offering numerous financing arrangements, so if JetStar is wondering about financing, it's available to them or any other Aussie airline for that matter.

The second proposal, is Saudi Railways Organization offering $100,000,000 for consulting and engineering in the construction of the Saudi Landbridge Project, to both Aurizon Holding Limited and NSW TrainLink. The Saudi Landbridge Project is going to be proposed to be connected with all the other GCC railway networks, in order to create a GCC railway network, that will handle very high volumes of trade and raw materials and an increasing number of passengers. Saudi Railways Organization has hired Bombardier Transportation as the lead architect, designer, contractor, and supplier, however Saudi Railways Organization understands how challenging Australia’s climate and terrain can be to railway operators, so SRO wants to bring in one experienced Australian freight railway operator and one experienced Australian passenger railway operator, to provide critical expertise and feedback, regarding the construction and operation of a railway in such harsh conditions, both during the design phase, the construction phase, and the early operation phase of the Saudi Landbridge Project, which hopefully becomes the GCC Landbridge Project.

Third, Saudi Aramco wants to finance an integrated surveillance and command and control network, so that they can better protect their offshore oil and gas fields, offshore facilities, and Saudi Aramco's port facilities. Saudi Aramco has chosen Australia's SRT-Marine to provide their MDM System to Saudi Aramco and link and integrate it with the the General Directorate of Border Guard, which comprises both the Royal Saudi Frontier Force and the Royal Saudi Coast Guard, along with the Royal Saudi Ministry of the Interior and the Royal Saudi Special Security Forces. Saudi Aramco is willing to pay $300,000,000 for SRT-Marine to setup their MDM System within the Kingdom. If Saudi Aramco is happy with the results, a similar $300,000,000 contract to setup the MDM System for Saudi Arramco's Lebanese offshore oil and gas fields and proposed offshore facility locations.

Fourth, the Kingdom would like to offer a split civil and defense deal, having grown quite intrigued by the idea of creating a cruise/ferry service, which will take tourists both to and from the Kingdoms Red Sea Islands of Tiran and Sanafir, which the Kingdom and Egypt will be developing, with truly world class all inclusive resorts, exclusive beaches, and all manner of outdoors and boating activities being available to tourists. As the islands aren’t large enough to be able to handle anything more than small light aircraft, it’s become evident that while helicopters will be used, most tourists will need to be moved to the resort by boat from various regional locations and then be returned by boat to those locations once their vacation is over. With that in mind, the Kingdom has taken a deep interest in Australia’s Austral, partially due to Austral having maintenance facilities within Oman and mostly due to the fact that the Kingdom has gained good experience and considerable success operating two Austal Auto Express 69’s. With the Kingdom viewing the development of Tiran and Sanafir Islands as a project of paramount economic importance, not only for the Kingdom, but the region, we’d like to acquire world class vessels in order to bring tourists from around the region and the world to the Kingdoms resorts on these islands in nothing but the utmost comfort and luxury, with the ships making the voyage to and from destinations and the resorts ASAP. Therefore, the Kingdom has chosen several vessels, which we’d like to get price quotes on, before we make decisions on what and how many of each we purchase, first the Austal Express 127, second Austal Auto Express 102, third Austal Auto Express 113, and fourth the Austal 48. Additionally, the House of Saud would like to receive a price on and purchase an Austal 44.

When it comes to the selection of warships that Austal has available, the Royal Saudi Naval Forces would like to make an offer to acquire 4x Austal HSSV 72’s. The RSNF sees that the Royal Navy of Oman paid $62,500,000 per vessel in 2014. Therefore, the RSNF is willing to offer $80,000,000 per vessel a decade later, we think this is quite fair. Additionally, the Kingdom and the UAE have been discussing establishing GCC defense consortiums, particularly with regard to integrated GCC wide military logistics consortiums. As the Supreme Council of the GCC is meeting VERY soon, what would the price be on the Austal JHSV? I’ve seen that the American Marines were charged $215,000,000 per vessel, is this correct? If so, I’d like to propose before the GCC Supreme Council, that the GCC purchase 3x Austal JHSV's to be placed within a GCC Rapid Maritime Logistics Consortium.

Next, the Kingdoms MIC and the UAE's EDIC, who are jointly producing the EXCELLENT Caracal EF 9-mm Semi-Automatic Pistol, CAR 816 5.56-mm Carbine, and the CAR 817 Designated Marksman Rifle, to replace the Royal Australian Armies aging Browning Hi-Power 9-mm Semi-Automatic Pistols, F88 Austeyr Service Rifles, and the SR-25 Designated Marksman Rifle respectively, though all of Caracals excellent firearms are available to the Royal Australian Armed Forces. While most importantly, Caracals firearms have performed so well on the range and still perform just as reliably in the tough deserts of Arabia fighting AQAP, to the cool Red Sea waters fighting Somali pirates, that both the Royal Saudi Armed Forces and the Emirates Union Defense Forces have chosen Caracals full range of firearms to become the standard issue in whatever designation the firearms are classified under. Should the Royal Australian Armed Forces wish to chose these or any of Caracals other firearms, know that Caracal encourages licensed production and would love to have

MIC is also VERY interested in further developing the Redback 40-mm ROWS and is prepared to invest $50,000,000 in Metal Storm Limited to have access to do so. While the Royal Saudi Land Forces would like to acquire an initial batch of 100 HMEV’s, should Australia provide us with a price. While it’s become evident to all that, the RSLF’s large fleet of Pinzgauer Logistics Trucks, that while having EXCELLENT handling, simply do not survive serious hits by RPG’s or IED’s. Therefore after a very long evaluation process, the RSLF believes that the Bushmaster Copperhead Armored Logistics Truck could be the ideal successor, as it has the excellent mobility of the Pinzgauer and is significantly armored. MIC is interested in purchasing a production license for the Bushmaster Copperhead Armored Logistics Truck from Australia, if you but state your price. If Australia is uncomfortable issuing a license, for any reason, the RSLF would then like to make a purchase directly from Australia and have the vehicles produced at your facilities and then delivered to the Kingdom annually.

Finally, I’d like to discuss the potential sale of used Saudi equipment to the Royal Australian Air Force and the potential sale of used Australian equipment to the RSNF Aviation Wing and the RSLF Army Aviation Wing. To begin, with the Lockheed F-35 Program running into problem after problem and many aircraft possibly not even being delivered or started, the RSAF is prepared to offer our 72 Eurofighter Typhoon 3A Multirole Fighters to the RAAF, should the RAAF wish to abandon the F-35 Program, like numerous nations have done since the incident where China took possession of a F-35. The RSAF’s Eurofighter 3A’s are lightly used and well maintained by BAE Systems staff within the Kingdom and indeed the RSAF is quite happy with the aircraft, we’re simply unhappy with the ruling German political party and Airbus and feel that unfortunately the Kingdom was dragged into the middle of the British-EU Post-Brexit political breakup and Airbus/Germany was trying to sink BAE Systems Future Fast Combat Aircraft Programs and therefore blocked the sale of 48 additional aircraft, which the RSAF needs to replace our 80 heavily upgraded Panavia Tornado IDS Strike Aircraft by 2030, without having to overly rely on one nation for aircraft. Simply put, the RSAF can’t be held hostage by an anti-business political party in Berlin and we’re working out the details of either purchasing 72 Dassault Rafale C Single Seat Multirole Fighters and 80 highly customized Dassault Rafale B Two-Seat Strike/EW Aircraft, or 72 TAI TFX Air Superiority Fighters and 80 highly customized Dassault Rafale B Two-Seat Strike/EW Aircraft. Once the RSAF has at least one of the deals for either 72 or 80 aircraft nailed down, we’ll be ready to immediately sell the 72 Eurofighter Typhoon 3A Multirole Fighters to the RAAF for say….. $70,000,000 a piece, which is nearly 50% off and any missiles that are exclusive to the Eurofighter and are unavailable to either the TAI TFX or the Dassault Rafale will also be included in that $70,000,0000 price.

Now when it comes to used Australian equipment, obviously the RAAF has received all 15 of the Boeing P-8 Poseidon MMA’s that you’d ordered, as the RSNF Aviation Wing already received their six Boeing P-8 Poseidon MMA’s. However, did the RAAF scrap the 15 Lockheed AP-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft you still had? Or are they simply in reserve or being held in storage somewhere? If so, the Kingdom would like to purchase them from you and would be willing to spend $15,000,000 per aircraft, though the price is negotiable and is certainly more than you’ll get scrapping the planes. The RSNF Aviation Wing will probably keep around 6 and give the rest to our numerous GCC allies, who don’t operate armed maritime patrol aircraft. Something that we view as critically necessary in our region of the world. While the Royal Saudi Land Forces Army Aviation Wing has seen that the Royal Australian Army Aviation Wing retired its 34 UH-60 Black Hawk Medium Lift Helicopters in 2021, when your 40+ MRH-90 Medium Light Helicopters replaced them in active service. Again if these are simply in reserve or storage and haven’t been sold off or scrapped, the Royal Saudi Land Forces Army Aviation Wing will gladly take all 34 for say…. $12,000,000, as I’m assuming we’re going to need to have them fixed up quite a bit, to be able to brought into service. Either with the AP-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft and/or the 34 UH-60 Black Hawk Medium Lift Helicopters, if you haven’t junked them or sold them, the Kingdom will buy them.”.


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