[EVENT] The Syrian Armed Forces Plan (1946-1953)

As a independent sovereign state, Syria must be able to defend itself from both external and internal threats. With the removal of almost every French officer from the Syrian Army, several key positions must be filled. Husni al-Za'im, who had previously been an officer in the Ottoman Army, has been made Chief of Staff of the Syrian Armed Forces.

Currently, the Syrian Armed Forces consists of a small army corps of about 5000 regulars and 3000 gendarmerie. The small skirmishes experienced during the 1945 French conflict reveled the Syrian army to be extremely ill-prepared for conflict. The French administration had primarily relied on French troops to enforce security in Syria, and training and equipping the indigenous force was largely ignored. As such, the Syrian army suffers from poor discipline, poor training and equipment shortages.

Husni al-Za'im and the Syrian leadership envision a future division-sized army, consisting of five Brigades adding up to a total of 20,000 personnel. Husni al-Za'im has presented a plan to President Shukri al-Quwatli to accomplish just this, detailing the future organisation of the army, including raising a complimentary air force, and a separate navy to guard Syria's shores. The plan calls for each brigade to be risen up, trained and equipped within a 7 year period. The existing Syrian Army forces are to reorganised into the 1st Infantry Brigade. The 2nd Infantry Brigade will also begin training immediately. Benefits and pensions for soldiers and their families will be slightly increased and advertised prominently to attract more recruits (will require increase in defense funding).

A delegation from the Syrian Army and foreign office will be sent to France and Czechoslovakia to acquire a sales agreement on equipment and armaments required for this rapid expansion of the armed forces. Excess equipment produced during the war will be prioritised to save excess costs. Equipment needed include rifles, pistols, submachine guns as well as general personal service equipment. Tanks and armoured vehicles in reserve considered "outdated" will also be investigated to compliment our existing battalion of Renault R35 tanks.


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