Help Me Part 3

Part 2 Part 1 It's been a day, I think, since my last post. And now I'm scared. Let me return to where I last left off.

The knock at door. I had called out "Just a sec!" And posted my post. I then slammed my laptop shut. I practically ran to the door and swung it open, desperate for any information.

No one was there.

I wasn't sure if I was going crazy and just heard a knock because I wanted information that badly or someone was playing a cruel prank on me.

So like a crazy lady, I screamed into the hallway. "You motherfucking son of a bitch, get out here and show me your ugly ass face so I can slap it! What kind of dick ass plays that stupid prank on a depressed person?! Get out here you little piece of shit!" I yelled.

I obviously got no answer and did regret it because some hotel security came and told me that a visitor next door with a child had reported me and asked me to keep it down. I apologized and promised to keep my emotions in check, but I asked them something too.

"I got a knock at my door? I answered it and no one was there. If it was a prank, it's really annoying." I said.

The security guard wrote it down. "We'll leave a notice somewhere. But… what is this, the 45th floor?" He asked.

I nodded. He shook his head. "No one has been on this floor in four hours. At least, not in the hallways. We've been watching it on the security footage." He said.

I squinted. "I'm not crazy. There was a knock-"

"You're the one who's boyfriend-"

"Yes." I replied curtly.

He shrugged. "You're not crazy, ma'am. You were anticipating information?" He asked.

I nodded again and I saw his look of pity. "Do you know anything about it? I've been asking for so long… they won't tell me anything." I begged.

He pursed his lips. "They do have information. Call the police again, they'll tell now." He said and left.

So I rushed to the phone and called. "He's not in the U.K." The police said to me.

Tears started to stream down. "He must be somewhere. Check all of Europe! Please!" I begged.

The police started to give me this bullshitty speech about limited resources and proceeded to ask again if Scott had been drunk, high, depressed, or anything.

I didn't even answer, it was such a ridiculous question. Scott's life was perfect. Nothing would drive him away from London right now, much less all of the UK.

"How about a DNA test? Do you know who's blood it was?" I asked.

The police didn't answer for a second. "That was Scott's blood." He said.

I covered my face with my hands to stop the sobs from coming through. It didn't work, obviously. I sniffed. "Did- did you check the glass? Was there anything from the broken window that might have-"

He interrupted me. "Nothing, but you didn't let me finish. It wasn't only Scott's blood. There was something else's too. And it wasn't human, and it wasn't an animal and-. No. That's all I can tell you." He said.

I was confused. Not human? But I didn't ask since he said that I couldn't.

"B-but… what about the clock? Did you check out the clock by the kitchen?" I asked.

"There was no clock by the kitchen." He said.

I stood silently. "What?" I asked.

"The clock. There was no clock." He said.

I laughed. "You're lying." I said, starting to become hysterical.

I could hear him shake his head. "Describe it, please." He said.

"It was old. Stone rim. It was expensive too. And the face had some writing on it. It said HABITI." I explained and also explained the clock situation again.

"We'll keep an eye out for it." He said.

I don't know why I said it, but I replied with "Not literally, I hope."

He was not amused and ignored it. "Listen, miss. Don't tell anyone I said this but… this case has turned up a lot of unusual things. I'm barely allowed to tell you anything. Do some research about the stuff that had happened and I think you'll put the pieces together. This isn't normal, miss. It isn't natural." He said quickly.

I absorbed the things he was telling me. "If not normal… do you mean paranormal?" I asked slowly.

The silence was heavy with doubt and fear as I waited for him to say something.

"Not normal." He said quickly, then hung up.

The call was unprofessional, but it was everything I needed. I pulled out my laptop and started to research. In my first post, I got comments related to the time that the clock showed and I know now that something is horribly wrong here. I added up the digits and it gave me 13.

I did a lot of reading about it. Apparently if you add up the date that even the Titanic drowned on, it's 13.

And I also remember my terrible joke about the clock being possessed. It was just a stupid joke… why?

I put the word HABITI through Google Translate and desperately wish I didn't. It's actually Latin for possessed. I can't even remember now if it always said that…

I have no idea what's going on and I'm really worried, especially about Scott. What took him away? What do I do?

I also read about the applause, but this took me hours to find any bit of relevant information. It was buried really deep in the internet…

It said a lot about the performance of death. Not a performance that was bad enough to kill you, but rather, the actual performance of it. Death being performed. I didn't really understand it, but it creeped me out. Spirits applauding my performance had something to do with murder.

And finally, I read about the backwards clock. This was the creepiest of all, to me. It had to do with the time spent in the subconscious, or dreams. The way I related it to my situation, well, it seems like as soon as the clock started to go backwards, I wasn't really awake anymore. But… it's not like I'm asleep? So the only other option is that I'm dead. It's all so confusing. Or maybe I'm not on earth.

But Scott saw the clock first, so maybe it's him that is lost in his dreams, or subconscious. This is confusing. This is just a bad dream.

I'm losing it. I'm over the bend. I'm bonkers. I'm nuts. I'm crazy. I'm off my rocker.

This stuff doesn't exist. This is impossible.

I a m p o s s i b l e


I'm back. I wrote that yesterday and I had a bit off a… breakdown. But I'm back now and I'm okay.

So this morning I called a number I found online. It was on a website that looked decent enough and not all that sketchy. It was called London Mediums And Paranormal Help, or, LMAPH.

I can't put the link here, Reddit isn't letting me. Some weird error I've never seen before. But if you search for it for hours like I did, you would be able to find it.

It had some forums and live chats with people who called themselves mediums. But I didn't want that, I wanted a number to talk to someone who didn't think I was crazy. I wanted to talk to a real person because while humans are pure, inexplicable evil, we are also pure, inexplicable magic.

And my wish was granted. I found a page with multiple profiles where you could pick whichever paranormal expert you'd like.

I found one woman named umbra mulierem. She wrote that she was fluent in the ancient tongues of runes, voodoo, black magic, possession, enchanted substances, conversing with the dead, summoning spirits, vanishing creatures, granting wishes, hypnosis etc. etc. She seemed fluent in everything.

It seemed a bit like Dr. Facilier or something, but she had the highest success rates. I read her reviews as well, to see what I was in for before calling her number.

"By far the creepiest lady on this website, but obviously the best in London." -Julie Jorgin (this is where her email address was)

"Don't be prepared for a fair trade, but you'll get what you wanted." -Ben Sanders (again, his contact info)

"She's insane. She's evil. She's not from here, nor does she belong here. Be careful what you wish for, because don't worry, you'll get it." -Taylor Noose

"She will make you work for what you want, but she'll help out along the way. Strangest woman alive. Or rather, not alive." -Dede Horbit

By then, I decided that maybe I should choose someone else. But she listed no fees for her services and she had the highest success rates. Every review claimed that she was the best sorceress thing on this website, in all of London, possibly the world. Who else would I have chosen?

So I called her phone number.

"Yes?" Said a lady, almost hissing at me.

The unprofessionalism of the answer was enough to put me off, but I continued anyway.

"Hi. Is this…umbra mulierem?" I asked.

"That depends on who seeks." She said in that same hissy voice.

I proceeded to say my name. Let's say my last name is Smith.

"My name is Sarah Smith. I call seeking umbra mulierem's services." I said.

I heard some devilish laughter in the background and then I heard her yell something in a different language. She replied. "What kind of… services. What is it that you require?" She asked.

I sighed. "It's a very long confusing story. I don't actually know. I need your help. Advice, maybe." I said.

She clucked her tongue. At least, that's what it sounded like. "Oh services, advice. It all comes at a price." She sang in this hypnotizing voice.

I was confused. "Your reviews said something similar but you list no fee-"

She laughed, along with that same devilish background laughter. "Not that kind of price… Yes, child. I am the umbra mulierem. Let's meet tomorrow at the Somnium at night and we can discuss what kind of services you need, and perhaps your payment." She said.

I blinked a lot. "The Somnium? Where is that? Can you give me directions on how to get there?" I asked.

The laughter came back. "Not to worry, deliciae. I will take care of your transportation and arrival." She said.

I sighed in relief. "Okay. The place where I'm staying is-"

"No." She said sternly. "Do not waste myself with unnecessary information." She said.

That was a bit strange, because then how would she send a cab for me? Maybe she'd trace the call? But anywho, I nodded. "Okay. Well, see you tonight, I suppose." I said.

I thought I could hear her smile as she said something on the lines of "Transportantes quod anima in somnis mihi."

That confused me. "Sorry, what?" I asked, but she had already hung up.

It was weird, and I was a bit afraid of what I was getting myself into, but I had already started and she was getting my transportation. And while she spoke of some "payment", it was free. I mean, I know I'm wealthy, but it feels nice still to get free things.

So, I'm getting ready to see Umbra now. And that was also weird, how she called herself THE umbra mulierem. Who does that?

Anyways, wish me luck. I'm hoping for some real, substantial answers.


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