Official Weekly Summary (May 12 – May 18, 2017)

Weekly Summary (May 12 – May 18, 2017)


Salutations, hope you're having a great month. I won’t be addressing most of the drama from these past few weeks 🙈. I know the moderators are well aware of these issues, and they’re attempting to correct problems. So feel free to message us/them and share your suggestions or concerns. Also if you're interested in moderating and believe you can improve the community then apply here.

Happy Armed Forces Day to the brave men and women, who serve in their military 💂 throughout the world. Happy Victoria Day to Canada 🍁. Please take care of yourselves. ✌ ❤ 😄

Last week’s summary: (May 5 – May 11, 2017)


  • 1960s -1970s – The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer in Northern California, who murdered seven people and claimed to have taken the lives of dozens of others. He referred to himself as the Zodiac in encrypted letters that he boldly sent to different newspapers in San Francisco. The Zodiac killer seemed to enjoy teasing the police and press with various information about his crimes and potential targets. He was never caught or identified. (UPDATE): NudeVendetta sketched an amazing composite of the Zodiac Killer. Triple kudos to them, because it’s fantastic work.

  • January 26, 1984 – Bruce Bennett, 27, his wife Debra, 26, and their two daughters Vanessa, 3, and Melissa, 7, were brutally attacked by a home invader in Aurora, Colorado (US). Bruce had been assaulted with a hammer and knife, while his wife and oldest daughter were raped, bludgeoned, and stabbed to death. The youngest daughter survived the attack but was left with a crushed jaw (True Crime Diva). (UPDATE): Aurora police have released DNA generated composites of the suspected attacker.

  • April 6, 2001 – Brooke Clark, 18, disappeared from Arlington, Texas (US). Brooke’s mother had dropped her off at a friend’s apartment, and she was never heard from again. Fakedaisies came upon some information on the case…

  • July 19, 2002 – Susan Goodwin, 39, disappeared from her home in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Susan was last seen at noonish of that day, but she later failed to pick up her significant other from work in the afternoon. When her partner returned to their home, he noticed that her car was in the driveway and locked, which seemed out of the ordinary because Susan would never lock the vehicle. Susan was obsessive about brushing her teeth and would always travel with her toothbrush and a small bottle of water, but both were at the house and Susan was nowhere to be found (Australian Missing Person). (UPDATE): Police have renewed their investigations…

  • May 11, 2011 – Timmothy Pitzen, 5, disappeared from his school in Aurora, Illinois (US). Timmothy’s mother, Amy, signed her son out of class early that day and took him to the zoo. Amy did not inform anyone of her plans and spent the next few days taking her son to different water parks. A few days afterward employees at a hotel would find Amy’s body in her room; she had committed suicide by slashing her wrists and neck. There was no sign of Timmothy, but Amy mailed out two letters before she killed herself explaining that Timmothy was okay and with people who cared about him. (UPDATE): Timmothy’s father is speaking out about his son’s disappearance

  • April 22, 2016 – The Rhoden Murders – The news of eight people being shot and killed in Pike County, Ohio (US) gripped the nation. The victims of this massacre were all members of the Rhoden family and ranged in ages from 16-44. The killer(s) had viciously gunned down this family but spared the lives of three young children in the homes. Law enforcement believed the killings were premeditated and (UPDATE): Investigators are searching two…


  • December 28, 1983 – Charles Sylvester Sanford, 38, disappeared from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (US). Charles was an accountant, who lived at home with his parents. Before he went missing, he would receive phone calls from an unidentified female, which he had claimed was a nurse. On the day he vanished, his parents came home to find his belongings gone, and initially assumed he had driven to Las Vegas. Charles’ car was found abandoned in Arizona.

  • October 26, 1998 – Dorothy Marie Douglas, 42, disappeared from Cincinnati, Ohio (US). Dorothy was a former nurse, who developed an addiction to crack cocaine. She experienced two tragic events that perhaps set her life on a downward spiral; an unknown assailant stabbed her husband to death, and her brother went missing and presumably drowned the very next year. Dorothy regularly kept in touch with her family. Missing and Forgotten

  • December 15, 2001 – Kieran A. Murphy, 58, disappeared from San Francisco, California (US). Kieran had moved to the US, from Ireland in the 1960s. He had attended Berkley and worked as a mathematician for the city and county. Kieran was in the middle of a divorce but had planned to meet with his estranged wife (Ornaith Murphy) on the day he vanished to discuss an impending lawsuit that they faced for a fire on a property they owned. His estranged wife would coincidentally disappear on her boat the very next day (Charley Project).

  • August 19, 2007 – Liza Murphy, 42, disappeared from Emerson, New Jersey (US). Before she vanished, Liza was struggling with substance abuse issues and problems in her marriage. Her husband, Joseph, an immigrant from Ireland was believed to have been abusive to Liza. He denied having any part in her disappearance, but attempted to commit suicide shortly after she went missing…

  • August 30, 2007 – Theodore Watson Jr., 46, disappeared from Charleston, South Carolina (US). Theodore was a construction worker, who had recently gone on disability due to a heart condition. He was last seen at his home that he shared with his girlfriend. The day after he vanished, his car was found abandoned on the highway. Law enforcement found the keys in the ignition, the lights on, a wallet and two cell phones inside along with a small amount of fresh blood on the driver’s side…

  • March 24, 2009 – Rista Chanthavixay, 15, disappeared from Liverpool, Sydney (Australia). Rista had a falling out with her parents and moved out of her family’s home. She was living with her high school boyfriend, shortly before she went missing. Rita was last seen by her boyfriend when she broke up with him in a park. The split was apparently amicable, and her boyfriend reported her missing days later when she failed to show up to school.

  • October 9, 2011 – Thomas “TJ” Murray Jr, 24, vanished from Spring, Texas (US). TJ was a student at Sam Houston State University, who had spent the evening of his disappearance barhopping with friends. TJ had an altercation at a bar that night and ended up being kicked out of the bar and separated from his group. He called his father from outside the establishment to tell him what happened and to let him know that he would not be driving his truck home. TJ’s brother drove to the bar to pick him up but was unable to find him. Missing in Texas

  • December 19, 2011 – Troy Donovan Burnett, 47, disappeared from Jeffersonville, Georgia (US). Troy was in poor health at the time of his disappearance and required daily medication. He had spoken to others about moving to a nursing home in New Jersey. Troy was last seen running on foot on Highway 80. Troy has not contacted anyone since then. Missing in Georgia

  • April 7, 2013 – Nigel Shervanti Jay, 34, disappeared from Oakland, California (US). Nigel was a skilled cook, who worked two jobs. On the week that he went missing, he had rented a car to take his father to some doctor’s appointments. He was last seen at a friend’s tattoo parlor; his rental car turned up a few days after abandoned and undisturbed. Missing and Forgotten

  • 2016 – Northern California Construction Training Program is a community organization that offers individuals training in construction, and provides students with paid experience in a field of their choosing. Also, they offer GED preparation (NCCT).

    • October 16, 2016 – Enrique Rios, 17, disappeared from Esparto, California (US). Enrique was a troubled teen, who had made an effort to turn his life around. He had recently enrolled in a high school that allowed him to attend school in the mornings and work in construction in the afternoons. Enrique was last seen at his home by his mother that evening; she had assumed he’d be staying in but noticed that he was not at home when she woke up in the morning. Enrique would later…
    • November 4, 2016 – Elijah Moore, 17, disappeared from Woodland, California (US). Elijah was a friend of Enrique’s, who attended the same construction program. He was last seen at a check cashing facility, right after he had called his mother and told her he’d be cashing his check and then heading home. Elijah vanished.
  • November 17, 2016 – Robert Bee Jr., 13, disappeared from his home in Pekin, Illinois (US). Robert was a rambunctious and cheerful teen, who had a difficult life; his father lived in a nursing home, and his mother reportedly had financial, psychological and substance abuse problems. He also had health issues and needed to take daily medication for epilepsy and ADHD. He was last seen leaving his home on his bike after he realized his mother was about to be ticketed by a truancy officer for his school absences. No one has seen Robert since that day, and his mother has made no real effort to follow up with the police on his missing person case.


  • December 16, 1935 – Thelma Alice Todd, 29, died in Pacific Palisades, California (US). Thelma was an actress and comedian, who appeared in films by the Marx brothers’ and Charlie Chase(Wikipedia). She had spent the evening at a nightclub with friends on the Sunset Strip and was later driven home by her chauffeur. The next day, Thelma was found dead in the garage of her home in what appeared to be…

  • December 9, 2012 – Julia Niswender, 23, was drowned in her bathtub in Ypsilanti, Michigan (US). Julia was a student at Eastern Michigan University, who lived with a roommate in an off-campus apartment. Julia’s roommate had not been able to reach her for two days, so she asked a building security guard to open her bedroom door. Julia’s room was ransacked, but it did not appear to be a robbery. When the two gained access to the private bathroom, they found Julia face down in the water with her clothes cut off and arms and legs bound behind her back. Days later Julia’s friends came forward to tell law enforcement about a possible suspect.

  • July 19, 2015 – Josh Greenberg, 28, was found dead at his home in Gainesville, Florida (US). Josh was a co-founder of the streaming service Grooveshark and served as the chief technology officer for the company. His body was discovered by his girlfriend, who had lived with him but had been out of town that weekend (Wikipedia). Law enforcement found no evidence of foul play or suicide and the cause of death has been undetermined. Shortly after Josh’s death, Grooveshark was forced to shut down after the company had been hit with lawsuits for copyright.

  • May 13, 2016 – Ira Tobolowsky, 68, was burned alive in Dallas, Texas (US). Ira was a respected and admired civil attorney in his community. On the morning of his death, his wife heard him getting ready to leave for work but was later startled by the fire alarm. When law enforcement arrived at his home, they discovered Ira's burning body between two cars in his garage. Ira was involved in a contentious lawsuit.


  • November 29, 1970 – The Isdal Woman was a burned female found in Isdalen Valley in Bergen, Norway. Hikers came upon the dead woman, who was severely burned on the anterior section of her body. Police found some jewelry, a watch, and some pills alongside her corpse. At a nearby rail station, law enforcement found an abandoned suitcase containing

  • July 21, 2015 – A work crew found the remains of a white male, between 27-37-years-old, in Buford, Georgia (US). The medical examiner believed the body had been there for a few years before its discovery. Dental and DNA are available on file, but he has not been identified.


  • 1971 – Bélmez Faces – In the city of Bélmez, Jaén, Andalusia (Spain), a woman noticed a strange stain on the concrete floor of her home. Within one day, the stain grew darker, and it appeared to resemble the face of a man. The woman attempted to clean the stain, but it wouldn’t go away. Her husband would then use a pick ax to destroy the floor and lay new concrete. One week later, the face returned. The mayor of the city intervened and asked the family to let professionals excavate the foundation. Underneath the home lay something truly shocking…

  • July 4, 1987 – The Kunz Family Massacre – A reclusive family (Clarence Kunz, 76, Irene Kunz, 81, Marie Kunz, 72, and Randy Kunz, 30) was found shot to death in Athens, Wisconsin (US). Two other family members had disappeared from the home. The Kunz lived on 108 acres of land in an old farm house that was in a state of disrepair. The media quickly focused their attention on the unusual living conditions of the victims (rather than the crime), as the home had no plumbing and was littered with junk and pornography. The entire family would sleep in two rooms and regularly engaged in incest. Eventually, law enforcement believed that a car thief was responsible for.

  • August 3, 2011 – Flushing away cash – A custodian at the Channel Nine Studios in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) made an incredible discovery inside the commode. Large amounts of money were stuffed into the toilets, and even more were inside the sewage pipes…


  • October 9, 1986 – Charles M. Vosseler Jr., 44, abducted his two children, William, 3, and Charles, 2, in Rochester, New Hampshire (US). Charles is the father of the children but did not have primary custody of them. He had informed their mother that he'd be taking them out of state to visit family. It appears Charles had planned this in advance and had closed his business and removed every photo the parents had of their two children. He was last seen in Oklahoma…



  • August 5, 2005 – Duck Massacre – Employees at the Delta Queen Car Wash in Campbell, California (US) arrived at work to find 10 of the store’s pet ducks killed. Initially, the workers assumed it was an accident, but security cameras revealed that a man in his vehicle purposely drove over the ducks back and forth. The man would later exit his car and savagely grab ducklings.


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