[Informative] I want to clear up the situation around President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s security guards engaging hostile entities infront of the Turkish embassy.

The USA PATRIOT ACT's LAWS are against the demonstration we saw that day.

The material support provisions criminalize activities like the distribution of literature, engaging in political advocacy, participating in peace conferences, training in human rights advocacy, and donating cash and humanitarian assistance, even when the support is intended only to promote lawful and non-violent activities. The provisions are vague and wide-ranging, and impose guilt by association by punishing people not for their own acts but for the acts of those they have supported.

These noble Turkish guards have actually upheld American law and order by wiping these terrorist supporters from the premises. In doing so, they have given the American police and other United States law enforcement organizations a very important lesson. The United States should officially send a letter of gratitude to the Turkish president and his guards should all receive a fee for the services they have performed for the US, a ceremony is not necessary for these heroes. Furthermore the Turkish embassy should receive an official apology from the United States and guarantees that these terrorist supporters, illegal in the US, won't be tolerated infront of Turkish territory in the future.

Lastly, everyone that blamed these guards and Turks for being violent should do some soulsearching and apologize to the closest Turk they know(me) for the prejudices and hateful genocide-like messages we've had to endure.

Thank you.


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