[DIPLOMACY] Riyadh-Abu Dhabi

To: The President of the United Arab Emirates, Emir Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi,

From: The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia,

Hello my friend, first let me congratulate you on succeeding your older brother, Sheikh Khalifa, as the Emir of Abu Dhabi and the President of the United Arab Emirates. Let me say that I have always had every confidence in you, since we first met in Riyadh, when you were still just a young man who’d recently returned from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, some decades ago. Over time, my confidence in your true natural leadership abilities, your strong knowledge of regional and global geopolitics, and your excellent acumen for the essential tribal politics of our region, have all made you one of the finest Gulf Arab leaders of your generation, along with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. I am comforted in knowing that when I arrive in paradise, inshallah, my successor will have you as a staunch ally, trusted confidant, and key partner on all matters.

Now we have some very important matters that we must immediately talk about and deal with together… The political instability in Lebanon has reached a head, with the Hezbollah dominated March 8 Alliance forcing through a vote of no confidence on President Hariri and essentially the whole of the March 14 Alliance. This has forced President Hariri into a near impossible situation, as political gridlock, sectarian tensions, and rival militias fighting one another is now the new normal within Lebanon, as the March 8 Alliance demands President Hariri resign and leave office early. After having conferred with and advised President Hariri, the President has come to the decision that he’ll call for snap elections within Lebanon within several months and stand for reelection during these snap elections.

The Kingdom and our friends and partners must do whatever we can to ensure that President Hariri wins reelection during the snap elections, as a March 8 Alliance will essentially mean de-facto Hezbollah, Iranian, Syrian, Iraqi control of Lebanon and Iranian possible success in their Shia Crescent Project. It’ll also mean that a VERY HIGH probability will exist for an IDF invasion of Lebanon, to crush Hezbollah and the March 8 Alliance, as it should be obvious to everyone that the State of Israel will NEVER let Hezbollah take political power within Lebanon. Therefore these radical new developments within the Lebanese Republic, call for immediate action on our behalves and that of our partners, as we can not allow Lebanon to fall to Hezbollah and then see Lebanon destroyed by the IDF once again.

When it comes to the snap election in several months, the Kingdom has granted $500,000,000 in foreign aid to the Lebanese Republic, for spending on special social services and social sector projects, which will generate goodwill for the March 14 Alliance and President Hariri. While the Kingdom has earmarked an additional $500,000,000 for the reelection and/or campaigns of President Hariri and all of the other March 14 Alliance candidates, to ensure that they have the financing to run a truly world class political campaign, with the best of everything being accessible to them. Additionally, I’ve instructed all Saudi media firms, such as Al Arabiya News Channel, to run as many negative stories about the March 8 Alliance and as many positive stories about the March 14 Alliance as possible, which I believe will be significant, given the reach of Al Arabiya News Channel within the Arab World. I’d like to ask the UAE to make similar donations to the Lebanese Government and March 14 Alliance, of whatever amounts that you deem appropriate, and I’d also like to ask you to have all UAE based media outlets run as many anti-March 8 Alliance stories and programs as possible, while building up President Hariri and the March 14 Alliance as the ONLY viable option, that’ll lead to the continued peace and prosperity of Lebanon.

Unfortunately with continuous fighting between the various militia groups and the rapidly escalating sectarian tensions within Lebanon reaching a boiling point, I believe we’re in real danger of seeing a civil war breakout within Lebanon. This can NOT happen, as it’d be just as bloody as the Syrian Civil War, with the potential to be even more complicated, as it would likely directly draw in the IDF, Syria, Iran, and likely even ourselves. So as events rapidly escalate daily within Lebanon, it’s clear to me that we simply do not have the time needed to gain Arab League approval and/or United Nations approval, for the deployment of a multinational Arab peacekeeping force, with the blessing of these excellent, but slow moving organizations. President Hariri and the Chief of Staff of the Lebanese Armed Forces know how slow these organizations move and have therefore requested an immediate peacekeeping force be dispatched to Lebanon and have invited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and potentially other allied nations, deploy a peacekeeping force to Beirut, to assist the Lebanese Armed Forces and Lebanese Internal Security, in the reestablishment of order, paving the way for an end to the sectarian bloodshed that Lebanon and indeed the whole of the Levant is currently awash in.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has accepted the invitation of President Hariri and the Chief of Staff of the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Royal Saudi Land Forces will be deploying the Royal Saudi Land Forces 4th and 5th Airborne Battalions, elements of the 1st Airborne Brigade, alongside the 1st Aviation Group of the RSLF's Army Aviation Wing, and other logistics/special purpose units to Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport ASAP and I’d like to ask you to deploy elements of the UAE Presidential Guard Command alongside the RSLF, while Royal Saudi Air Force and United Arab Emirates Air Force transports can integrate and work in tandem, to ensure the full and successful deployment of our peacekeeping forces to the Lebanese Republic.

Should you be interested in this most noble of tasks, please let me know, and we can arrange for the final, particular details regarding this critical peacekeeping operation for Lebanon, the region, and the whole of the world. We can NOT let Lebanon become another Syria…..


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