[CRISIS] The Asian Crisis of 2047!


As the decades marched on from the new Millennium Asia was set to become the centre of the world. China was ascending as the United States broke up and the continent of europe continued to stagnate from the weight of a million and one different reasons that nobody could agree on. These primed India and China, as well as the rest of Asia for the ushering in of a new era, where was once more the centre of economic, social, and scientific advancement.

The dreams of many a statesperson however came in many ways to an end. With the resurgence of Europe, and the ascendance of traditionally second rate nations, the forming and destruction of union states, and interventions, oh so bloody interventions.

Yet even so Asia was still ascending, albeit in a hampered manner.

The Korean Peninsula was united, the Tenasserim Federation formed, India was growing faster than China, alliances formed and agreements were made.

This was the new golden age of Asia, and some optimistically thought it’d last for a hundred years.

It wasn’t to be

The biggest blow was when the People’s Republic of China, up until then, the factory and almost second brain of the world collapsed violently and suddenly. Millions of people fleeing the nation, and a new empire rising from the ashes.

Again, in spite of this Asia continued forward, marching towards the golden future.

By the 2040’s Asia became somewhat of a backwater as events in Europe and the Americas once again took precedence, and the still many issues in the Asian underbelly were left unchecked. The bull-like economic expansion and growth of technology in Asia strained what was theoretically economically possible. Social, ethnic, religious, ideological, and military frictions, contradictions, and foolhardy expansions stacked ontop of eachother, with hastily built agreements and pacts to keep the peace.

So as 2046 slid into 2047 Asia was on the precipice, marching forward with a blindfold on.

The seeds of the 2047 crisis in Asia had it’s most Immediate roots in the half decade leading up to the year.

India, after spending a spell quiet and invisible to most of the world exploded in a wave of disunity and anger at rash and meek looking diplomatic and foreign policy, with snap elections coming as the people and economic masters of the country turned on the then government. The New ‘New Justice Party’ was elected two weeks later with massive support from seemingly nowhere, transcending normally quite deeply held political divisions, suspiciously coming into existence and gaining massive support in a very short period of time. One of the first actions taken by this new government was to ambitiously increase their military personnel by over one million men to four million men in active service, trying to capitalize on their new nationalist popularity, which failed to meet the expected results, even so, a non-insignificant number of people joined, which placed, even more, strain upon the nation.

This combination of strains and problems has spawned the beginning of the 2047 Crisis in earnest. Sudden and shocking instability in what has been one of the soundest nations to invest in has caused the rug to be pulled from under India’s feet. The economy is about to hurt. Yet this isn’t the worst issue. There is undoubtedly room for several different groups of various ideologies and goals to grow, however, none are publically known, yet.

In Korea, their recent initiative for artificially growing people has run into trouble. Big trouble. The program has suffered massive problems. While on the outside the resulting children look and seem to be alright, genetically most of them are beginning to suffer various problems that couldn’t be predicted. These problems include what seems to be a form of CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) across large portions of the body, above average vulnerability to common diseases and viruses, high rates of dyslexia, and a significant rate of blindness and deafness. As a result, the nation’s orphanages are inundated with millions of children who are unable to be really productive without massive investments.

These issues are beginning to compound with an overall slowing of the overall Korean economy, as the 2047 crisis has started to unfurl, with all economic projections showing that even without the already progressing financial crisis, the Artificial wombs program is wildly unsustainable and overall damaging to the economy of Korea at large. This is grim looking.

Across the country, and particularly In the Pyongyang area, there has been significant riots and protests by a newly forming traditionalist movement, calling for an end to the current government’s artificial destruction and altering of traditional Korean culture and a return to a more traditional Korean society, from family to social life. As well as a growing rejection of the Christian Majority of the nation. This has come to the boil as the economy started to nosedive, with a massive riot in Pyongyang leading to the defection of three Korean army divisions, (2 mechanised, 1 armoured) declaring their refusal to continue serving the Korean state in this form. This has been bolstered by rioters who’ve organised with the defected military units and have proclaimed the ‘New Korean State’ or NKS, rejecting the current government’s policies and calling to China and Russia, as the two largest bordering states to recognise and aid the NKS. Pro NKS rallies and counter-rallies have also flared up across the nation, with many of them turning to violence.

On the Chinese-TSF border, there have been several incidents of violence happening on an increasingly worrying scale, with even minor fighting between border patrol units from each side. With each side refusing to take responsibility and the tension rising each and every day.

The latest and most horrifying act has been a rocket strike on Hanoi from rockets that the airforce of the TSF claim came from a vehicle in the Nanning area of China, and claiming 120 civilian casualties and 10 million USD of damage. China released a statement soon after saying that they had done no such deed and that they will be conducting their own investigation into the matter. The day afterwards China came forward with their own accusations of TSF artillery strikes being conducted in the days leading up to the rocket strike, on border posts and even a police station. This has raised tensions across the entire border, with a plot being uncovered by TSF security forces by several Chinese nations to provoke TSF border guards into crossing the Chinese border and hopefully sparking further conflict.

It was also revealed by an anonymous journalist that both governments are seeming to keep ethnically motivated attacks from both sides of the border have increased significantly, with nearly 5,000 on both sides of the border happening in 2046

This has investors worrying.

Australia, a nation closely bound to the affairs of Asia hasn’t been having it good. On new year's day, a whistleblower uploaded nearly a terabyte of classified documents on the secret Australian nuclear weapons program, including specifications, financial records, personnel files, orders, facilities, shell companies, and the like, to the internet. While the whistleblower themselves were arrested a few days later and the data were taken offline, it was up long enough to begin circulating in the international news media, and the global intelligence community. The cat’s out of the bag on this one. The most interesting details are that the program itself is a nuclear-sharing deal that was pushed by Australia to a much more diplomatically weaker United Kingdom.

Finally, Colombia has been experiencing massive positive growth rates for the last decade, with the economy reaching It’s peak in December of 2046 before falling back again. On the day now dubbed ‘black Thursday’, the Colombian Peso crashed, with sudden mass sell-offs of dozens of different companies and firms leaving the economy nowhere to go but down. Like in India and Korea, the sudden crash has stunned economists who, while predicting such an event being destined to happen, were not expecting such a violent crash so soon.

IG effects:

  • India will suffer a -2%, GDP shrinkage this financial year with poor responses deepening the crisis, this will be communicated through the IMF reports. There is also a chance that several rebel and guerilla groups may begin open fighting as the country is smashed against the wall.

  • Korea will suffer a rough -1.4% GDP shrinkage as a result of their own and India’s problems, furthermore their economy will shrink by -1.9% as long as they continue their artificial womb program, which will also stagger any recovery, and they will have to come up with a way to deal with the massive numbers of defective children (6 million) for the next couple of decades. This is quite important, as the handling of this crisis may affect the diplomatic and economic destiny of Korea, I say again, this will likely have long-lasting ramifications on Korea. Be it caring for them or leaving them at the wayside. The NKS has also seized the Pyongyang area with three divisions, and equipment seized from another. Riots are now widespread and the possibility of civil war is all too real from this precarious position

  • China and the TSF are now experiencing border clashes by both security forces and civilians, with both sides accusing the other of the Hanoi Rocket Attack, China accusing the TSF of conducting artillery strikes across the border, and wide public knowledge of ethnically motivated attacks being on a sharp rise

  • Extensive knowledge of Australia’s nuclear program is now public, with anti-nuclear protests sure to happen, and the international community bound to respond.

  • The Gran Colombian economy has just taken a nosedive, and will suffer a -1.2% growth rate this year, same with the IMF shizzle. Thankfully no social unrest seems to be stirring


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