[5e] Need advice for House Kundarak in another campaign.

I am playing in a 5e homebrew campaign. I'm a Dwarf Abjuration Wizard and in the generous amounts of downtime the DM grants us, I've set up a business of Warding and Securing Keeps as well as upgrading their physical security a bit.

Some clients have asked for Bodyguards while inspecting their new keeps as I ward them. This has lead me to hire a group of guards (who've leveled up with how often I use them to Guard Captains) that can also get some jobs while I'm out adventuring.

I was also contracted to consult with and Ward a kingdom's new banking establishment that will be built in a few years.

I came to a realization the other night: I'm basically founding House Kundarak in our game.

I need help! I'm not an Eberron player (Yet I really want to though) so I need help with what services and practices House Kundarak has as business inspiration for my player.

Thanks in advance!!

Edits: Spelling, grammar and formatting.


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