Update: Session 1 Notes with some of the suggested changes and a few more details.

Session 1 Notes:


Eric Stoltz (Nestle Employee) – Is a mid-level corporate manager for Nestle. He has Well-groomed dark black hair, piercing blue eyes, average build, wears a nice business suite probably made by LuLaRoe of Paris, where all the finest suits come from. He’s the perfect example of look the part, get the promotion.

Personality: An extremely desperate compulsion to succeed. He presents a facade of confidence but he’s constantly on the edge of a nervous breakdown due to stress and fear of failure. This comes from over supportive parents. Growing up he was always the star child who could never fail. Failing would mean letting them down and he just can’t stand the thought of failing such wonderful, supportive, loving parents. He’s not a fighter. If he had a gun he’d be more likely to use it on himself than try to fight his way out of a situation.

Companion: Eric’s girlfriend, Whitney Hunt. A ruthless gold digger from a wealthy family at Nestle. She met Eric at a business party and thought she could ride his coattails to the top. After a while it became apparent that Eric isn’t quite as successful as he appeared to be. Now she pushes him harder and harder towards the next promotion and his breaking point. Will use any means necessary to be rich and protect what she has acquired. (Depending on how the fiction goes she may have hired some “friends” too protect her interests. And by that I mean 4-5 thugs to keep people like the PCs from getting Eric fired [or worse] for embezzlement.)

Assets: A black LuLa Lux, last year’s basic model, upper class, SUV which he bought with the embezzled funds. A substandard apartment that he never want’s anyone at Nestle to know about. He’s also got a girlfriend who sees that he’s not as successful as he appears, and is threatening to leave unless he gets that promotion. Under the pressure of her threats he is considering taking a risky step to bump up the amount of his embezzled funds. Especially if he doesn’t get the promotion.

Maranda Cross (Corporate Fixer) – Deep purple bob cut hair. Her silver Cyber-eyes emit a glow faintly visible through her dark sunglasses. She’s wears the latest wild LuLaRoe fashions of loose, flowing layerd cloths with a bit of skin showing. With her is a submissive looking Japanese woman dressed in a similar style. (Maranda is the one who offers the commission to “Big” Pete through her cyber linked avatar Tic-Toc)

Personality: Not afraid to crack a smile if it greases the wheels for a deal, but make no mistake, this woman is all business. She deals with mercenaries all the time for LuLaRoe. It’s her primary role as a “Business Liaison”. She generally considers a good team of mercs, business associates and will not double cross the team as long as she’s not ordered to and the team does not jeopardize LuLaRoe. She’s feels more comfortable when she’s with her companion Tic-Toc.

Companion: Tic-Toc is a full cyborg AI created by LuLaRoe for high class business men and women. Tic-Toc is a bodyguard, and love companion designed to look like a Japanese female. This model is widely employed by business men for the obvious cliché reasons and Maranda happens to like her for the same cliché reasons. (Killer Playbook)

Assets: A metallic midnight purple LuLa-Luxury-Lexus (stylish) automated, magnidrive car. Maranda usually sits in the back with Tic-Toc but will occasionally drive it herself. An apartment provided by the company. She can also get most anything she needs, within reason, from LuLaRoe to make sure the operation goes smoothly. In this respect her assets are virtually limitless.

“Big” Pete Byquist (Fixer) – “Big” Pete owns a pawn shop under the magni-trek. He’s average height with a rotund build, long blond hair and beard. His left arm is a cyber-prosthetic with a built in computer and interface screen. His left leg has also been replaced below the knee. He’s a people person, well-liked by most that know him and very friendly until pushed too far. He will double cross a merc if it benefits him.


At some point during the past week (Subtitle “X days earlier”) you visited “Big” Pete’s pawn shop under a magni-trek (mirrored surface bypass that spider webs the sprawl, a fancy freeway basically) in a seedy part of the sprawl. Most of the city utilities don’t work here and the ones that do only work half the time. The crime rate is too high for city crews to do regular maintenance. Of course the jobs get reported as complete so the city workers still get paid. Folks down here have learned how to attach filters and pumps, tapped into the lines that power corporate ad displays, to keep the clean water running through the rusty pipes. The pristine neon signs hanging on riddled walls, displaying corporate advertisements, keep the streets lit at night. As you approach the pawn shop with electrified iron bars you can feel and hear the electric buzz of the street and it feels like home.

Maybe you’ve come to “Big” Pete’s pawn to sell some useless gear you acquired on a previous job or some of your own personal affects. Maybe you need an odd item and you need it cheap. Please tell the group what brought you to the shop.

(PC Fiction; incorporate it if you can obviously)

While browsing the store “Big” Pete approaches you. “Hey! I’m a pretty good judge of character and you look like someone who could handle yourself in a tough situation. I’ve been offered a commission to put a team together for a job. If you’re interested in that kinda’ work we’ll arrange a meet and I’ll fill you in on the details. If not, I’d appreciate if you’d forget I said anything. What do you say friend? Can we help each other out?”

(They accept the mission or they don’t play this session I guess)

“Great! Meet me back here at my shop on Sunday. I’ll have the rest of the team and I can give you all the details. We’re gona’ get so much cred bro.”

Get the Job

It’s Sunday evening and you’ve all gathered at a table in the back room of “Big” Pete’s shop. There are plasti-steel plates bolted over drafty holes in the rusting walls. There are several metal shelves full of over stock items and a filing cabinet presumably containing documents related to running the shop. As you’re looking around the room you can see each other so why don’t we start with some descriptions.

(PC Descriptions)

With a huge smile on his face “Big” Pete address all of you. “Oh man look at you guys this is going to be fucking awesome. This is like the dream team right here. I’m sure you all want to know what you’re getting into. Alright here it is.”

“Big” Pete tosses a projector-puck onto the table and it projects a 3D hologram of the target’s face and a short bio.

“This guy works for that crazy candy company Nestle. I’m told he’s been embezzling from them for a while. My employer, excuse me, our employer wants you to find proof of that fact. I am supposed to make it clear that this guy must not be killed. Just find the proof, bring it back to me, and we all get paid.” Pete steps back, smiles and opens his arms invitingly. “It’s fuckin’ easy right?”


-The meeting attracts attention; “Big” Pete asked the wrong person (an off screen NPC) to join the crew. That NPC refused the job but knows of a mission being planned and could interfere in any number of ways when it suites the fiction.

-The employer is identifiable; “Big” Pete says “Like I said, I pride myself on sizing a person up pretty quickly. She didn’t say what organization she was with but by the looks of that fancy car and her expensive style I’d say she was in tight with LuLaRoe.”


When you take the job Mark Xp

When you’ve established a plan to acquire proof mark Xp

When you acquire the proof mark Xp

When you return the proof to “Big” Pete’s pawn shop mark Xp.

Leg Work

Eric keeps a cyber-deck in his apartment. He only brings it to the office when he needs to siphon creds. He hooks it up to his computer on the Nestle network in order to bypass most of the cybersecurity. The cyber-deck is much better at being stealthy than it as at being fast so it takes nearly 5min to run the program. The information is stored on an encrypted partition of the cyber-deck. He then loads it onto his home computer to put the funds into a secret account. He keeps all of this a close hold secret but a few coworkers have grown suspicious of his expensive life style and may have even seen him with his cyber-deck. However, they have not grown so suspicious to report him to management yet. His girlfriend is almost certain he is embezzling but she doesn’t care. In fact she secretly supports it but keeps her distance incase Eric is caught. Until then she’ll push him to steal more and spend more, then dump him as soon as the situation gets heated.

Eric’s Appartment: A one bedroom apartment in the poorest part of the Nestle compound, Barrio de Caramelo. Though it’s in the poorest part of the Nestle compound it’s still a very nice apartment compared to the lower class citizens in the Sprawl. It has a bunch of cool tech like video walls for simulated views, climate control, robots to clean the place come standard. The building it’s self has a maglock security door that can only be opened (legally) with a bio scan that happens automatically as a resident approaches. (Something like the automatic doors at a store but instead of radar to open for anyone approaching the bio scan detects specific features of registered residents.) A similar scan occurs when approaching the apartment door. An electronic access pad is located on every door in order for emergency personnel to gain access in the event of fire, life threatening situation etc. The emergency personnel must scan a chip implanted in their hand then type in a personal code associated with that chip. All common areas, stairwells, entrances are observed by security cameras. Access points can be locked down and hallways sealed off with electric (s-harm) walls to prevent intrudes escape or continued progress through the building until security arrives.

Eric’s Route: Eric takes the same route to work every day. There aren’t any points at which he would be out of electronic surveillance (unless it’s hacked) but there are two points that are potentially out of human contact. If there is no traffic in the access tunnel, between sub divisions of the Nestle Compound, about 3/4th of the way through his trek or if there is no one currently in the parking garage at the office. (PC actions may ensure there are no people around at the time) He doesn’t trust the response time of his SUV’s auto drive system so he usually drives it himself. It is equipped with a low-grade auto drive system which could potentially be hacked to gain temporary control. These systems do come with a manual override switch so it may only be useful for a few seconds. (Enough time to cause an accident or take the wrong exit/turn) Auto drive systems and their basic operations are common knowledge in the Sprawl.

The Three Clue Rule:

Physical surveillance can reveal Eric in possession of an unauthorized cyber-deck. Also, his pattern of life such as route to work and mode of transportation incase the PCs want to hit him in route.

With access to his home computer a hacker can trace the transactions to his secret account

With access to his apartment they may find his cyber-deck hidden somewhere inside (I’ll have the PCs describe their search and let them find it in one of the locations they describe.)

Successfully researching (Hunter) will find a disgruntled coworker who says something like “I’ve seen Eric with that unauthorized cyber-deck in the office. I know he's been stealing from the company. I just can’t prove it yet.”


Standard Security Guards: Armed with COC standard service pistols (2-Harm, close/near, loud, quick) and stun rod (s-Harm, hand), 2 Harm clock

Nestle QRF (SWAT): 2 Harm +1 Armor, Cyber Coms (+encrypted). Weapons could range widely so use the weapons list under the assets section in the book. Might treat this as a small gang. I've not come up with a cool uniform yet but I'm thinking jawbreaker body armor is a cool idea. This is like if Willie Wonka was a huge corporation

Door Security: While most of the Sprawl is Bluetooth/Wi-Fi capable Nestle’s security policies require the door locks (and other security systems) be hardwired or a double layer encryption signal to the bio signatures database. The cyber-deck can be hooked in directly or a short range cyber-link device plugged into a door lock or computer system to be accessed remotely.

I'll come up with the login and system manipulation and all the aesthetics and matrix crap for hacking the doors tomorrow. I'm kinda' tiered of thinking about this for now and just want to get it posted. I will edit this post when I get it done. Ideas welcome of course.

Getting Paid

If the option is NOT selected…

It’s not a set-up or an ambush – If “Get the Job” attracted attention and I did not use the NPC earlier in the mission he/she and maybe a small team will ambush during “Get Paid”. (+2 Harm, 1-Armor) Solo or small gang depending on how beat up the PCs are at the end of the main mission) If both those conditions are not met a small LuLaRoe hit squad ambushes the pawn shop explaining to the PC who is affiliated with LuLaRoe that her services are no longer required. I could even open the ambush with “Big” Pete being killed in a fantastic way to shock the PCs. Like I said I'm kinda' burnt out on this for today so I'll flesh out the solo/small gang over the next couple days.

You are paid in full – PCs receive strict instructions to keep the mission quiet. As a result of word not getting out they receive 1 less cred (reputation right?) than they normally would if people heard about it. I see cred as something like street-cred rather than actual credit or some kind of monetary value. Is that idea negated in the book anywhere?

The employer is identifiable – Same as if it is selected during “Get the Job” (Fiction may require some adaptation but I can figure that out on the fly)

The meeting doesn’t attract the attention of outside parties – Advance a clock as appropriate to the fiction. (Someone observed or found out about the meet and alerted authorities) I can still use police even if they are not a major faction created by the players right? I mean that would be an outside party.

You learned something from the mission; everyone marks experience – No XP (easy)


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