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The Enclave is located in Northern California. It is a tiny city in a walled up old abandoned mall. During the day the denizens can leave to scavenge for supplies, build security or new areas, trade with trade caravans rolling through, smuggle goods down the Shytown trail to other Enclaves, gamble, etc., etc. Your role-play and posts can represent anything you wish during the day. During the night, any posts after 7 pm Pacific time are considered noise made at night and subject to the Horde of Zombies that could attack. If someone accidentally alerts zombies, they will be ripped from the enclave and gone until sunrise at 7 am Pacific. (Tempban) The enclave denizens should role-play defense of the attack as well as mourn the loss of their friend. It is important to note that role-play during this time could trigger more zombies.

In the morning, the members of the enclave should begin repairing the damage and preparing for another night's attack while going about their day.

The zombies and enclaves are loosely based on Steven Mix' Zombie Civil Rights Saga which starts off with the book Goodbye from the Edge of Never. As the world fell and zombies overran everything, their species mutated and changed like most species on earth. Humanity found itself lower down on the food chain as zombies appeared in different hordes. While you can come up with your own monstrous creations, some examples from the books are:

Ravens-Zombies with long noses and bird-like gaits, hunched over, with arms pulled in tight to their sides as they stalk. These chirp and screech before descending in mobs on their prey.

Swarms-Undead that are blind. They get their name from the massive swarms of flies feeding on the trails of ooze dripping down their faces from their hollow ocular cavities. When enraged they scream, and the flies are disturbed and swarm in clouds around these creatures as the horde of undead pursues their prey.

Shat (Spiderlings)– Undead whose appearance is that of a large armored spider creature that can unfold its head out of its torso. They don't have a full digestion system and instead use a long tentacle to stab humans in the back of their head and seize control of their bodies to borrow a digestion system. The possessed person dangles from them like a marionette, being used to bait other humans in to kill. The possessed individual doesn't have much limb control when on the spiderling's tentacle but will hiss, spit and feed as the Shat commands it. In rare occasions, human's have been released from the Spiderling's control and bonded with the creature. These people are generally distrusted by most enclaves and tend to serve the Spiderling Queen located in San Francisco. Shat do not hunt in hordes and rarely appear in big numbers outside of San Francisco.

This enclave is starting as a scavenger enclave. Most of this enclave's finances come from things they find scavenging the wasteland of Northern California. This gear will go into repairing walls, weapon systems, and trading with the outside world for food and supplies. The enclave does not need to stay a scavenger enclave. The members can decide to change to something else if they feel the need, or the enclave itself can branch out into many other trades. Since this is relaxed role-play with a "just go with it" mentality the sky is the limit, whatever you feel like imagining we can run with it. If someone decides to role-play a scientist then just build a lab and begin experimenting on the undead in an attempt to help society, that's fine.

The types of enclaves in the rest of the world.

Scavenger enclaves: Hunts for goods by day. Pays scavengers for goods and then sends out trade caravans if the enclave is big enough. If they aren't a big enough enclave, they just trade with caravans passing through, then bunk down at night.

Science enclaves: These are scientists convinced they can develop a cure, create various weapon systems or invent something that can help humankind deal with the scourge of undead hordes. They craft and trade equipment and science in exchange for goods and captured undead. Science enclaves are not as cutting edge as they used to be. The Falling Sands enclave and their Protectorate Army destroyed the biggest science enclave in Half Moon Bay for its "defiance." Falling Sands then declared Half Moon Bay off limits to the world. Don't go to Half Moon Bay.

Farming enclaves: People need food right? Farming enclaves wall up a section of land and grow crops for food to offer as a trade with the world. The main problem in an area with borderline supernatural zombies is that farming enclaves need open land with no roof to grow most crops in decent supply. They are rarely secure and need many guards awake at night to protect their members. Ten acres is pretty much the maximum size of a farm enclave (four city blocks.) There are many farming enclaves in central California.

Entertainment enclaves: These roam the land and often camp inside an enclave's walls to offer entertainment for several days to a week. Although the biggest entertainment enclave, The Knights Moon, tours up and down Northern California with a fence-line security system that pulses with blue electricity which when it comes in contact with undead flesh, turns the necrotic flesh to ashes. The Knight's Moon will offer people an all night rave. To quote their leader Paul, "A night of unbridled laughter and passions free from the monstrosities of the undead world." They seem to give individuals entering the party a blood test to make sure no one is infected before entering their encampment. No other enclave knows this science or uses their tech because if the Knight's Moon freely handed it out, it would be all out war with Falling Sands. When they show up, it is a huge party/festival for one night. Their enclave is large and even bigger numbers of folks, chase the enclave up the Shytown trail trying to become permanent members of their entertainment festival.

Harvester enclaves: These hunt and trap undead and trade whatever they gather with either Falling Sands or the science enclaves directly. These enclaves are untrusted by travelers and other enclaves alike because many are rumored to capture humans and turn them into undead to trade away for coin. You deal with Harvester enclaves and Harvester caravans at your own risk.

The Falling Sands Enclave aka The Protectorate: The Protectorate Army are black-clad stormtrooper-like armored individuals who are sent out by Falling Sands as needed. Falling Sands is the largest enclave in Northern California with a huge amount of territory from Vallejo to Stockton and Sacramento. They've built a business on everyone else's misery by closing off most of the Californian border and controlling everything going in and out of their enclave through the bridge in Benicia. Commanded by The Judge they've created a slavery system for manning the Oil Refinery in Martinez California and for mining the earth. They are the reason there is still active electricity running up and down the Shytown Trail, but they consider it their electricity. If an enclave uses it, they need to pay Falling Sands stiff premiums or the Protectorate Army will come knocking and burn the enclave to the ground, scattering and enslaving the denizens. The members of Falling Sands live in luxury and comforts secured from most of the science they control. They have some high-end technology developed from captured tech industry folks. Their Gestapo control of the Shytown Trail is how they remain prosperous. You either play ball with Falling Sands or your enclave ceases to exist. This enclave is "the big bad."

Other things to know:

Yes, there is power to this enclave.

The Shytown trail: The main trading trail that runs up and down California, most of the time paralleling the old 101 highway. It is rarely safe for people to travel at night, so most folks come knocking at sundown to take refuge in enclaves. The enclaves can welcome people in from the night or turn them away as they feel necessary. People can often come knocking at all hours of the night but taking people in always has a risk involved as folks can rob the place or infected people can turn undead in the evening.

Hunters: Some folks travel up and down the Shytown trail offering to help enclaves take care of the zombie hordes who have set up nests nearby. Hunters move in to kill the zombies in close range combat or staged ambushed. They are paid from the enclave as a bounty, for the number of undead they bring in. Hunters are essentially the seasoned warrior caste of the world. They often take shelter in enclaves but most rarely settle down in one spot, instead choosing to travel up and down the trail chasing employment. If a horde is a real problem, enclaves might skip hunters entirely and instead contact a harvester enclave to send assistance.

Butchers: These are undead with low-grade infections. They don't rot or look like they are zombies. They are high functioning and can think like humans, but they have some extra strength and are insanely homicidal and evil. Do your best never to let one enter the enclave's walls because once they are in they are difficult to kill or remove.

Fishing enclaves: Similar to farming enclaves but they stick to the coast. There is many of them but none venture offshore because the sea is patrolled by old destroyers refurbished by Falling Sands.

Protection enclaves: A few enclaves trade primarily in security services for small enclaves. Weapons and personnel is what they provide.

The economy is mostly barter, scavenge and trade. A lot of the economy originates from harvester enclaves which get a huge amount of finances from Falling Sands. Falling Sands stranglehold on enclaves down the trail, as well as profits from their oil, mineral, energy and harvester to science enclave exchanges, are what keep them afloat. There are many Harvester enclaves clustered around Benicia and Vallejo that trade directly with Falling Sands. Since they have close ties, Harvesters can often work as low rent thugs for Falling Sands, trying to protect their finance source.

Rules: This doesn't need to be serious role-play. Relaxed role-play and comedy is always appreciated, but there are some rules to remember.

  • No racism, sexism or anything that might bend Reddit's rules.

  • No porn or sex scenes, please.

  • Don't intentionally destroy the entire Enclave to ruin everyone's role-play. That doesn't mean you can't screw things up or have parts of it closed down due to damage.

  • Don't command Falling Sands and the Protectorate. They aren't ours to control. They will occasionally show up and ruin everyone's day for the hell of it. Expect it.

  • If you role-play a zombie, most or the members of the enclave WILL try and kill you. You've chosen to be the undead, and you don't belong in the enclave's walls. No living should be nice to the undead.

  • Posting after 7 pm risks alerting zombies. If you get temp-banned, it is by the HordeOfZombies (bot), and it's nothing personal. It is a temporary ban until sunrise. It is viewed as if you were killed, infected or dragged from The Enclave.

  • In the morning, you are revived and arrive back at The Enclave. You can say that character was killed off and start a new one, or you can make whatever excuse you like as to how you survived the night after the Horde attacked you. No one can disagree with your reasoning since it was you that was attacked.

  • You cannot cure the infection. Scientists should always be trying to do this, BUT it is not something this enclave will ever accomplish. Anyone who comes close to curing the infection runs the risk of having the Falling Sands enclave arrive and destroy everything so; it just won't happen here.

  • "Just go with it." This is the unwritten rule here. It's okay for weird shit to happen or for folks to take role-play in gritty or wacky directions. This is casual role-play. We won't be rolling for saving throws.

  • The enclave can't grow much above ground. If it is overtly too big, Falling Sands or the undead will destroy it. It can, however, grow underground so if you want to commission and build a new wing underground, have at it.

  • No harassment. This rule should go without saying, but I know if I don't make it a rule it will come back to haunt me. Don't harass people or intentionally ruin role-play. I made this the last rule because it is the most important one.

  • All of this^ is just an outline. You can help the community grow in most directions that you like. If you want to create a new class or have a caravan from a new type of enclave arrive, that's fine. You want new zombies to emerge at night? Just come up with the details and post it. Stuff like this all falls into the "Just go with it" rule.

How do the zombie attacks work? Well at 7 pm a bot comes online. It has several trigger words, and if you post or comment with one of them, it will attack you and remove you from play until sunrise. What are the words? They won't be openly announced ever so when you make noise at night (post or comment) you take your chances. The trigger words will often change, so no one will ever figure them out.



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