I’m really concerned about my future because of my credit rating..


First off, thanks for reading and replying. I'm a university student who dreams of becoming a police officer. I have been involved in numerous community service opportunities, worked with the police force itself, and have security guard experience. My supervisors, including the police chief at the time, have all commented on my hard work and said they see me as a police officer one day.

My main problem is the fact I have a weak credit rating. Long story short, when I was in my late teens, my parents told me I should get a credit card to build my credit. I agreed and so I applied for one. My parents promised that they will use it responsibly and they'll pay it off at the end of the month in full. I was very happy at the time because my credit was building and things were looking good. They ended up not paying it and now I'm stuck with debt around $1,000. The card got canceled and it's in collections now.

I'm working towards paying it off, it should be paid off within a month or two. My main concern is that when applying for a police position, will HR look at my credit and determine if I'm a good candidate? I really don't want my credit rating to ruin my future. I have worked really hard to be in the position that I am today and I don't want it ruined by a mistake of trusting my parents.

Incase it matters, I live in Ontario, Canada.


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