[EVENT] The Guangzhou Incident

Guangdong Province, China


American Agent in Custody at Guangzhou MRAFB; public reacts


At day break in Guangzhou, media reports immediately began circulating from official Party outlets, such as CCTV and Xinhua, that an American foreign intelligence service agent had been detained by Chinese authorities in an apparent failed operation at Guangzhou Regional Air Force Base. By the opening of business, Guangdong Provincial Secretary Ren Xuefeng had released an official statement on Weibo, sanctioned by Beijing, on the developing story, coincidentally coining the moniker that would be used by historians and press:


Guangzhou Incident: One American national in custody, several dead of apparent suicide, in foiled kidnapping of Lt. Col. Aki Tanaka.


This statement was accompanied by two photo releases of the American; the first, hands bound in metal handcuffs against a cinder block wall, with six PLA Marine Guards holding automatic weapons flanking in either side; the second, a close up of forged documents, various electronic kit, weapons, and devices. By the end of the day, a photo of several American bodies was released, followed closely by the recovered Batrachotoxin capsule not used by the agent.

By noon, the media was on fire. Full details of the "Guangzhou Incident" emerged from Beijing; security footage of the attempted escape, film from the arresting PLARF base guard body cams, personal accounts released by the military authorities on the base. The overarching reaction across the nation: outrage. Not only from the government mouthpieces, but from the citizenry, who had taken to expressing their disgust at the American president across Weibo, Renren, Kaixin, and the various satellite social media platforms.


CCP Outraged

Away from the furor of the media, President Jinping has been described as "furious," an usual state the General Secretary who is notoriously calm and collected. In an emergency meeting of the PBSC at his Zhongnanhai offices, the President has condemned the American administration in no uncertain terms, stating that the move has "broken the nascent bonds of trust with Kennedy." In one heated discussion with Politburo members, the President is reported to have thrown his shoe at an ornamental jade figurine, shattering it.

Premier Li Keqiang, together with the Chinese Permanent Ambassador to the UN, Liu Jeiyi, have been dispatched to the UNGA to condemn the reckless breach of restricted military property, with Keqiang noting to the General Assembly that the operation "resembled something out of an amateur Cold War fiction novel."

However, across Beijing, the consensus across the Standing Committee is unanimous that unlike the measured reaction to the Cuarteron Reef incident, a breach of mainland military facilities is a blatant insult to China, and requires a measured and forceful response.


PLA Maneuvers


Foremost, the CMC has ordered Lt. Col. Tanaka to be immediately discharged from active service, and moved to a secure, undisclosed location under guard of the Ministry of State Security operatives. Knowledge of his location will be limited to a small team of specialized agents, and shared with the CMC and PSC only.

By the end of the day, as the shockwave of the brazen operation began to fade and a response solidified, the Chinese government had ordered several seemingly provocative, highly public moves, "designed to engage the Kennedy administration's choice to pursue a lack of respect for Chinese sovereignty, in the same unfortunate vein as former President Donald Trump."


  • Dispatched from Guangzhou Military Command, 6 H-6K nuclear capable bombers belonging to the 8th Bomber Wing have been dispatched to transit the airspace between Okinawa and Miyako Islands, Japan, known as the Miyako/Kerama Gap. The bombers will also make several slow passes near the airspace bordering the United States facilities on the island.

  • Two Type 095 SSNs, Changzheng 014 & 016, berthed at Yulin Naval Facility, will performance a surfacing maneuver outside Guam Naval Base in Apra Harbor, surfacing for several hours as they circle the island with mast flags raised.


The PLAAF has, additionally, increased the tempo of air patrols across the ECS and SCS ADIZs, which several extra squadrons of J-20s being made available.


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