[NEWS]Restructuring the Red Guards, organization of the People’s Land Forces

The Red Guards have so far proved effective at safeguarding the revolution, acting as the militant arm of the Syndicalist Party, acting as both military and police. As the revolution has been successful, however, it is necessary to reorganize the Red Guards into a more organized and functional armed forces.

The People's Armed Forces of Romania

The Red Guards will be reorganized into the People's Armed Forces of Romania. The Armed Forces will be split into three service branches: the People's Red Army, the People's Public Security Forces, and the People's Civil Defence Force.

The People's Red Army will again be split into three branches: the People's Ground Forces, the People's Air Forces, and the People's Navy. The People's Public Security Forces will act as the main police and internal security force of the People's Republic, and will also be responsible for the coast guard and border defence forces.

People's Ground Forces

The People's Ground Forces will serve as the main service branch of the People's Red Army. The successor to the Romanian Land Forces it will serve as the ground-based service branch of the Red Army.

Consisting of 45,000 personnel, the Ground Forces are the most sizable branch of the Red Army. They are divided into two divisions of X infantry each, as well as several independent brigades, regiments, and battalions. Despite the new name, it has largely inherited the structure of the Romanian Land Forces, with only changes in manpower and equipment inventories. The main additional change is the addition of the Political Department units attached to every division, as well as the Ground Forces Command as a whole, and the recreation of the 1st Infantry Division "Dacia" to be headquartered in Chișinău, as the People's Republic of Moldova lacks an independent armed forces, and both Republics have agreed to share their armed forces.

Ground Forces Command

Strength: 58,000 (53,000 frontline units, 5,000 non-frontline)

HQ: Bucharest

Independent Units:

Name Formation Subunits HQ Manpower Equipment
1st Mechanized "Argedava" Brigade 114th Tank Battalion – 2nd Infantry Battalion – 495th Infantry Battalion – 113th Artillery Battalion – 288th Air Defence Battalion – 117th Logistics Battalion Bucharest 3,000
Special Operations Brigade 610th Special Operations Battalion – 620th Special Operations Battalion – 630th Paratroopers Battalion – 640th Logistics Battalion Târgu Mureș 3,000 (1,500 paratroopers)
8th Mixed Artillery Brigade 81st MRL Battalion – 83rd MRL Battalion – 96th MRL Battalion – 84th Data Acquisition Battalion – 85th Logistics Battalion Focșani 0 (Only artillery personnel)
10th Engineer Brigade 3rd Engineer Battalion – 52nd Engineer Battalion – 72nd Engineer Battalion – 136th Engineer Battalion – 52nd River Crossing Battalion – 110th Logistics Battalion Brăila 3,000
61st Air Defence Missile Regiment 1st Air Defence Missile Battalion – 2nd Air Defence Missile Battalion Slobozia 0 (Only AA personnel)
313th Recon Battalion Bucharest 500
45th Signal Battalion Bucharest 0 (Communications only)
49th CRBN Defence Battalion Pitești 0 (Chemical, Radiological, and Biological Defence)
1st CIMIC Battalion Bucharest 500
30th Guard & Protocol Regiment Bucharest 0 (Honour Guard)
265th Military Police Battalion Bucharest 0 (Military Police)
2nd Logistics Base 22nd Transport Battalion – 102nd Maintenance Battalion Târgoviște 0 (Logistics only)
300th Logistics Support Battalion Bucharest 0 (Logistics only)
500th Logistics Support Battalion Bucharest 0 (Logistics only)

2nd Infantry Division "Getica"

Strength: 15,000

HQ: Buzău


Name Formation Subunits HQ Manpower Equipment
2nd Infantry Division HQ Buzău 0 (HQ unit)
528th Recon Battalion Brăila 500
47th Signal Battalion Buzău 0 (Communications only)
96th Engineer Battalion Bucharest 500
2nd Infantry "Rovine" Brigade 20th Infantry Battalion – 22nd Infantry Battalion – 26th Infantry Battalion – 325th Artillery Battalion – 205th Air Defence Battalion – 116th Logistics Battalion Craiova 4,000
2nd Vânători de Munte "Sarmizegetusa" Brigade 21st Vânători de Munte Battalion – 30th Vânători de Munte Battalion – 33rd Vânători de Munte Battalion – 205th Artillery Battalion – 228th Air Defence Battalion – 229th Logistics Battalion Brașov 2,000
9th Mechanized "Mărășești" Brigade 912th Tank Battalion – 341st Infantry Battalion – 911th Infantry Battalion – 345th Artillery Battalion – 348th Air Defence Battalion – 168th Logistics Battalion Constanta 4,000
282nd Mechanized "Unirea Principatelor" Brigade 284th Tank Battalion – 280th Infantry Battalion – 300th Infantry Battalion – 285th Artillery Battalion – 288th Air Defence Battalion – 469th Air Defence Battalion Focșani 4,000
51st Mixed Artillery Regiment 1st Mortar Battalion – 207th Artillery Battalion Slobozia 0 (Artillery personnel only)
52nd Mixed Artillery Regiment 6th Mortar Battalion – 818th Artillery Battalion Bârlad 0 (Artillery personnel only)
202nd CRBN Defence Battalion Huși 0 (Chemical, Radiological, and Biological Defence)
53rd Air Defence Missile Regiment 3rd Air Defence Missile Battalion – 4th Air Defence Missile Battalion Medgida 0 (Only AA personnel)
3rd Logistics Base 43rd Transport Battalion – 87th Maintenance Battalion Roman 0 (Logistics only)
200th Logistics Support Battalion Buzău 0 (Logistics only)

4th Infantry Division "Gemina"

Strength: 15,000

HQ: Cluj-Napoca


Name Formation Subunits HQ Manpower Equipment
4th Infantry Division HQ Cluj-Napoca 0 (HQ unit)
317th Recon Battalion Cluj-Napoca 500
55th Signal Battalion Cluj-Napoca 0 (Communications only)
53rd Engineer Battalion Deva 500
15th Mechanized "Podu Înalt" Brigade 631st Tank Battalion – 151st Infantry Battalion – 634th Infantry Battalion – 335th Artillery Battalion – 184th Air Defence Battalion – 198th Logistics Battalion Iași 4,000
18th Infantry "Banat" Brigade 26th Vânători de Munte Battalion – 32nd Infantry Battalion – 191st Infantry Battalion – 183rd Artillery Battalion – 184th Air Defence Battalion – 185th Logistics Battalion Timișoara 4,000
61st Vânători de Munte Brigade 17th Vânători de Munte Battalion – 22nd Vânători de Munte Battalion – 24th Vânători de Munte Battalion – 385th Artillery Battalion – 468th Air Defence Battalion – 435th Logistics Battalion Miercurea Ciuc 2,000
81st Mechanized Brigade 814th Tank Battalion – 811th Infantry Battalion – 812th Infantry Battalion – 817th Artillery Battalion – 3rd Air Defence Battalion – 405th Logistics Battalion Bistrița 4,000
69th Mixed Artillery Regiment 7th Mortar Battalion – 315th Artillery Battalion Șimleu Silvaniei 0 (Artillery personnel only)
72nd CRBN Defence Battalion Sighișoara 0 (Chemical, Radiological, and Biological Defence)
50th Air Defence Missile Regiment 5th Air Defence Missile Battalion – 6th Air Defence Missile Battalion Florești 0 (Only AA personnel)
4th Logistics Base 41st Transport Battalion – 88th Maintenance Battalion Dej 0 (Logistics only)
400th Logistics Support Battalion Cluj-Napoca 0 (Logistics only)

1st Infantry Division "Dacia"

Strength: 13,000

HQ: Chișinău (Formally Galați)


Name Formation Subunits HQ Manpower Equipment
1st Infantry Division HQ Chișinău 0 (HQ unit)
416th Recon Battalion Chișinău 500
100th Signal Battalion Chișinău 0 (Communications only)
54th Engineer Battalion Anenii Noi 500
5th Infantry Brigade 25th Infantry Battalion – 30th Infantry Battalion – 52nd Infantry Battalion – 443rd Artillery Battalion – 4th Air Defence Battalion – 406th Logistics Battalion Bălți 4,000
17th Infantry Brigade 35th Vânători de Munte Battalion – 205th Infantry Battalion – 815th Infantry Battalion – 450th Artillery Battalion – 7th Air Defence Battalion – 205th Logistics Battalion Călărasi 4,000
10th Mechanized Brigade 915th Tank Battalion – 350th Infantry Battalion – 900th Infantry Battalion – 209th Artillery Battalion – 285th Air Defence Battalion – 470th Logistics Battalion Florești 4,000
70th Mixed Artillery Regiment 9th Mortar Battalion – 318th Artillery Battalion Căușeni 0 (Artillery personnel only)
74th Mixed Artillery Regiment 12th Mortar Battalion – 316th Artillery Battalion Șoldănești 0 (Artillery personnel only)
73rd CRBN Defence Battalion Chișinău 0 (Chemical, Radiological, and Biological Defence)
52nd Air Defence Missile Regiment 7th Air Defence Missile Battalion – 8th Air Defence Missile Battalion Orhei 0 (Only AA personnel)
5th Logistics Base 53rd Transport Battalion – 92nd Maintenance Battalion Ialoveni 0 (Logistics only)
405th Logistics Support Battalion Chișinău 0 (Logistics only)

[M]I won't have time to add in equipment right now, I'll edit it in a bit later today.


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