Legion fanfiction

I am one of Lord Caesar's frumentarii and I always get the job done… in this instance my assignment was to assassinate the President of the New California Republic. No easy task… but a challenge I willingly accepted. To be given the honor of taking out the profligate’s excuse for a leader is something that will surely lower the morale of the NCR. I arrived at the Hoover Dam clad in the patrol armor, campaign hat, and sunglasses taken off a Ranger I had killed 1 week prior who was off looking for Brotherhood of Steel hideouts in Hidden Valley. I probably did them a favor as he seemed to be getting close, even made a “home” of one of the bunkers.

I made sure to arrive 1 hour prior to when President Kimball was set to arrive at. Security was tight NCR rangers with lever action rifles chambered in .44 magnum and soldiers with standard 5.56 semi-automatic rifles all around. I made my approach carefully trying to make it look as if I was arriving from the nearby ranger station as a reinforcement. One of them with a dog almost made me out, It spooked me a little but I played the part well and no one seemed to question anything. The one with the eyepatch gave me a funny look, but the man's half blind so I didn't think much of it. I looked around looking for a good vantage point, I had brought the perfect tools for the job an Anti Material Rifle fitted with a suppressor and loaded with explosive tipped .50 BMG rounds and a Silenced .308 Sniper with Match grade ammunition. Both silent but deadly to anyone on the other end and the AMR’s explosive rounds were going to make sure the president didn't have any chance of survival… especially after that assassination attempt on that sniper in Novac. Almost had death knocking at my door that day but I managed to get away despite a hit to the leg. I also brought along a silenced .45 auto from my recent trip to Zion canyon for close encounters. I saw the perfect position to take the shot from one of the towers… one problem there was a ranger sniper covering the area. I climbed up the area as the ranger said "hey aren't you supposed to be making sure nobody comes up —" as the word here was about to leave his mouth I charged at him and knocked him off the tower watching to make sure nobody saw anything. I looked him in the eyes the entire way down… something I've never quite done before. I've been killing profligate troops since I was a recruit, but this was different. I tried not to think much of it, but that was a rough way to go. Maybe next time I'll use the suppressed. 45 and make it less personal.

A call came through the radio on a table "Jameson is everything alright?" In a improvised Southern accent I replied "Yes sir everything's just fine up here, just running low on chewin tobacco". The ranger with the eye patch on top of the dome waved and radioed back "your a lucky bastard you can chew up there, I gotta keep myself presentable for the President, anyway watch out for anyone who looks suspicious" The profligate was completely unaware of my infiltration, perfect Vulpes always told me I was his best. While the Legion disgusts drug use, I've always believed due to tobacco being a naturally grown substance Caesar wouldn't care. The only other person who knew of my tobacco usage is Gaius, and we've been amicis since our first day of service. Last we talked I heard he was going off to conquer the 87th tribe, I wished him vale before he went off. I put some chew into my mouth to help me relax and take the edge off, the feeling of relaxation and a slight head rush put my mind at ease. I preceded to set my Anti Material Rifle with its bipod preached on the edge of the tower. I suddenly heard the sound of humming in the distance as a machine with 2 propellers whizzed by. I believe these are those vertibirds I've only heard stories about. Never seen one in person before, but there's a first time for everything. The vertibird landed and as Kimball walked out, 2 figures in trench coats with glowing red eyes stood at his sides. "Oh shit" I whispered almost a little too loud than I would've liked. I've never actually encountered a veteran ranger in my 5 years as a frumentarii, I've never feared profligate soldiers before, even the regular rangers… but the appearance of these ones each with a .45-70 revolver on their hip was enough to make me notice the pool of tobacco spit on the ridge. I’ve even seen a female one kill a centurion in the fight pit with her bare hands. But I can't let myself get carried away. The president stepped on stage along with his guards. To make the assassination have more shock value, I wanted to let him give the speech, only for the profligates to see their leader killed right before their very eyes. The speech went on, I held my breath as I thought the speech ended. Suddenly I heard "Okay, let's get the fuck out of here. What the hell are you waiting for – do you think I want to get shot? Let's go." It was almost as if he knew his fate… as the word go left his mouth an explosive .50 BMG round left my Anti Material rifle. Kimball, his veteran ranger guards, and Private Watson all lay lifeless and in pieces on the stage. The NCR rangers providing security weren't alerted to a thing. As the rangers started fumbling about in shock over the event that just transpired, I pulled out my silenced match .308 loaded Sniper Rifle to pick off the rest of them. Round after round into the rangers, one by one they went down. “Vulpes did say pile body upon body after all”. Thanks to the silencer only 2 managed to fire back… it didn't help them in the end. Despite some of them being the NCR's finest, the shock of seeing their leader killed before their very eyes affected their combat performance. I noticed that their hands were shaking and that affected their aim. I could've just walked away with no bloodshed, no one would've questioned an NCR ranger walking off… but I killed each and every NCR ranger.

I got down from the tower to make it look like I was investigating even carrying the lever action I took from a ranger’s body just in case someone walked up on me. Suddenly I heard “drop it”, yelled the ranger with the eyepatch as he lept down from his position. He stood a mere 3 feet in front of me pointing a .357 magnum at my  “Jameson I trusted you, you were one of my best men, and now I find out your Legion, the bear is gonna make you pay for this”. In the southern accent “I believe you have me mistaken sir” switching the accent “Oh, Jameson is half way down the Colorado by now” I replied as I spat all the tobacco I had left in my mouth on his shoe. The ranger moved the revolver’s hammer back with his thumb and shouted “dammit, get down boy or I won't hesitate to pump a round into you” “I'd rather be dead than surrender to a profligate” I yelled as I hit the revolver out of his hand only to fire as it hit the ground. I pulled out my knife from the left shoulder holster and jabbed the knife into his throat where his blood splattered onto me. I stood up the victor covered in the blood of my enemy… even tasted a bit on the bottom right portion of my mouth Caesar would be proud. When I suddenly felt numb… only to look down and see that I was hit when the revolver fired… shit.


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