Did the Coast Guard just straight up not pay it’s employees this week?

My wife is USCG, I'm former USMC. We have USAA and didn't get paid Friday like we were supposed to. USAA customer service boards are on fire right now with people asking where their paychecks are, everyone is getting the same copypasta response from the bank, filled with typos and bad formatting.

some Coast Guard members may experience a delay in their normal direct pay deposit. We strive to provide funds one day prior to the actual military pay day, which is dependent on funds being received from the Coast Guard. Once the employer releases funds, they are cleared by the Treasury Department and then sent to the financial institution to make the funds available. At this time, we have not received these notifications of direct deposit. Our team will stay close to this situation and will continue to keep you updated as more information is available. We recommend setting up an alert through our USAA app to notify you when the deposit is posted to your account. Based on our conversations with the Coast Guard we believe pay will be available on Monday, pay day. Thank you. – Rhonda

If a civilian company did this stuff people would not stand for it. Hope we get it Monday, but the way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't.

Did any other branches not get paid? USCG is Homeland Security not DOD so it's probably different pay-wise.


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