DM here, want some advice for city combat

Hey r/Eberron! Before I begin:

Amarey, Keke, Gaius, Faron; turn back now. This is my only warning.

I've been running a Sharn City Guard campaign with Pathfinder as the base. Party consists of Paladin, Swashbuckler, Gunslinger and Wizard. Background is that there's a Realm's Fair (see Chicago World's Fair), so the City Guard has been pulling double duty as police and security, which left them shorthanded. Cue party being pressed into service by City Guard to investigate a murder in the lower sections of Sharn.

Now the party is on their way back from chasing a fugitive into Breland proper. Current plan:

*Security heightened as a result, King's Citadel agents present

*This creates tension with House Deneith, who feels this would be their territory

*Meanwhile, work has slowed to a crawl on the Realm's Fair because the workers are afraid

*Merchants hire scabs to fill their positions, escorted by members of City Guard

*In turn, House Deneith sides with normal workers, who show up outside of factory to protest

*In walks a Holy Gun who thinks he's a hero of justice, attempts to inspire peace, doesn't work

*Someone pulls a weapon, and now it's City Guard vs Deneith vs Holy Gun

*Players show up as fighting breaks out

My question is twofold:

Is this a good setup for an objective-based combat? (Ex. Aid the City Guard, minimize bloodshed or quell the riot as fast as possible)

What specifically can I do to make city combat stand out? I'm thinking utilize the layout (rooftops/alleys) and potentially the factory floor, but I'd love input on this. Thanks!

TL;DR: Need advice on fun yet challenging city combat within Sharn.


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