[EVENT] Illegal Immigration Gains Attention

The Argentine border routes have had military outposts established along them for some months now, with little indication from the government that they will be withdrawn. While no international threats challenged these outposts, the increased military presence has lead to a massive crackdown on illegal immigration and drug transit. Guards have apprehended massive groups of drug traffickers who hoped to use Argentina to shuttle their product to other countries. Despite President Macri's efforts to stop illegal immigration, the people still consider what he has done to not be enough. A small group of congressmen want to build a wall on the Bolivian border, saying that the increased detection of traffic shows how lax our border security is when it comes to stopping the drug trade. Rural workers on the northeast complain to their local representatives that job competition has become unbearable, and that many illegals are able to play legal loopholes in order to gain Argentina's extremely liberal social services and public benefits. To combat this, President Macri has put forth a series of laws to test the waters of congressional approval.

Wall Proposal

A vote to see if sentiment exists to construct a wall on the Bolivian border.

Failed 35-37

Argentine Preservation Act

This act is designed to prevent illegal immigration by pushing harsh punishments for those who do illegally immigrate here, such as seizure of assets and other consequences.

Passed 40-32

Argentine National Gendarmerie Grant

This bill is designed to increase the amount of spending the ANG has, specifically a grant to allow the deep surveillance and patrolling of the miles behind the border, to catch any illegal immigrants who have recently crossed.

Passed 41-31


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