Since everyone at the Congressional hearing are blowing smoke up eachother’s asses and lying through their teeth, let’s make their lunch break interesting #GameOver #WeThePeople

On Monday, May 8th 2017, FBI Director James Comey was relieved of his post. Thus far, this is all the media knew and it continues to be all which the media knows. However, despite having no additional facts whatsoever, they continue to claim that Director Comey was fired in order to obstruct the “investigation”. Here is what the media does not know and which is now being shared with you.

Maybe this will act as a bit of truth serum for Acting FBI Director McCabe.

Early that morning, a series of Tweets were sent simultaneously to President Trump, Russian President Putin, Russian PM Dimitry Medvedev, NYPD Commissioner O’Neill, Steve Pieczenick and Julian Assange.

These tweets presented all parties with incontrovertible evidence that not the attacks of September 11, 2001 were a false flag attack carried out by the CIA, Israel’s Mossad, Saudi Security Services, elements within the U.S. State Department, members of the mafia, private defense contractors, and elements within both the Federal Reserve and the private financial sector. This attack had been planned out for many years and the information contained within each document provided lays out why each of the above named parties were involved.

Additionally, Henry Kissinger was called out in the tweets and all parties thereto were told that if they wanted to know why 9/11 was carried out and why hundreds of thousands of children go missing each year, they should ask Mr. Kissinger.

By that evening, Director Comey had been fired and the next morning, the world was shocked to see Henry Kissinger standing alongside President Trump in the Oval Office.

Mr. Kissinger was not at the White House to offer any advice regarding diplomatic relations nor diplomatic strategy. He was there to start naming names and telling all he knows.

Some will ask why this was done….why people would put their necks on the line to take on a very powerful group which long ago hijacked this country and has carried out one of the longest and most sinister deceptions in modern history.


Humans are endowed by their Creator in Nature with certain unalienable rights, chief among them being Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These rights…our rights…have been suppressed for years all while many have kept on believing as though they are truly free.

I do this from a place of selflessness, a place of love for my family, my friends and all of humanity.

Make no mistake. If those who currently run this system get their way, a system which is a prison in which you believe yourself to truly be free and exert your will accordingly and unimpeded, WWIII will occur.

WWIII has never been a question of “if” and not even a question of “when”. WWIII has been planned for decades, as were all world wars. In fact, almost every single war since the War of 1812 has been a manufactured fiction which served to keep in power a very small, yet nearly all powerful, group of financiers who span the globe and give no allegiance to any country, their fellow human, nor even to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and monarchs. There is more to be said about this small, elite group, but first I want to offer up some background information about myself, how my family unknowingly and unwittingly had a hand in creating the system by which the United States government was officially hijacked with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and what has occurred over the past 12 months to bring me…and I do hope soon to be the majority of you as well…to the point of no longer being subjects to tyrants who, while not kings, sit in the seats of an unelected federal bureaucracy, an unelected U.S. Intelligence Community…factions of which spanning multiple agencies are guilty of nothing short of treason…and an illegal and unconstitutional central, wholly privately owned and operated, banking and taxation system known as The Federal Reserve.

I ask that everyone reading this to simply reflect on that which I have said and view the provided evidence for their own edification, review, analysis and subsequent conclusion on that which is being alleged.

The facts of the matter should be sufficient to show that the entire story which you have been told regarding the events of September 11, 2001 are a fiction. The events themselves are not an isolated incident, nor is this the first time such a false flag has been carried out against the American people.

As I close this first section, I ask that you reflect on the following: If WWIII were to break out tomorrow and this country were to fall under attack, where would you go? Consider all we know which has been done in our name the past 17 years (and far further back)…and that which we know nothing of yet was still done in our name. So many countries around the world have a disconnected perception between who Americans actually are and who they think we are.

This is due almost solely to the fact that, since WWII, everyone in this country allowed ego, pride, avarice, greed and sloth to cloud their judgment, pull them away from truly standing on guard to preserve our Republic…as is the duty of all free persons in a government which is to be of, by and for them. Freedom is not an exclusively American ideal and value…it is a universal truth which is inherent to every living being created by nature. Your identity is not your nation, your race, your sexuality, or your gender. Your identity…the identity of all humanity…is your existence as a living, breathing creation of nature endowed with free will and those unalienable rights which must always be fiercely guarded and cherished lest they be suppressed. It is time that all of humanity unites and remembers and/or accepts for the first time this fundamental truth…for your continued existence may very well depend on it and the actions you make from here on out.

Tweets from the morning of Monday, May 8 2017 (linked below) were sent simultaneously to the following individuals:

President Donald Trump Russian President Vladimir Putin Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev Julian Assange (and Wikileaks account) Former CIA Officer Steve Piezcenik NYPD Commissioner O’Neil

The push by malevolent forces to start WWIII, who operate within our borders and globally, ends today. Today, the people of the United States of America are drawing a line in the sand and demanding that all persons (or other) guilty of treason and crimes against humanity be brought to justice and held accountable.

As Americans, these are our rights and, when they are threatened and suppressed to the point of subjugation, it is our inherent right to demand justice and remedy. Yet this is not only the right of Americans, it is the right of every human being who lives and walks on this Earth.

Humanity has been deceived for quite some time…and that ends today.

State Department + Stratfor email asking who handled WTC I on 9/11.

Investigative journalist sent his findings to a wide array of people in 2012 and lays out airtight case for 9/11 carried out to cover up massive financial fraud by Federal Reserve and BNY. Look at how many journalists are copied!

Israeli "Art Students" received a construction permit and placed explosives on empty floors below the offices of financial firms being targeted to cover up evidence.

Declassified FBI documents on the five Mossad agents who were let go even though it was obvious to everyone in federal law enforcement they were involved. Comedy did nothing with the documents when declassified.

Many participating media outlets and journalists had advanced knowledge of the attack…because many are CIA and MI6 under cover operatives illegally operating in civilian capacities.

How Mossad ran the hijacker ring

Vaults of WTC 4, 7, 6 cleared out prior to the attacks. Contained billions in gold and silver along with other valuable assets and highly sensitive CIA files


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