She knows her game. Field Report on my second visit.

I lost my virginity ten days ago, thanks to the TG grp and balak. If you had read my previous report then you would have known that I had PE in that session. After that experience I kept practicing kegels and watch a lot of videos on self control. I felt I had learnt enough and it was finally time to hit again.

So with my new found confidence, I went to the same place again. This time I had no hesitation buying condom and actually discussed different types of condoms with the chemists and chose the thin Durex. I didn't felt like buying a long lasting one 😉

I entered the MP, met the lady and said "hi, kaise ho aap?"

"aur sir, theek hai hum, bade dino baad aiye tussi"

I asked the lady "_______ hai?"

"sir, woh toh busy hai?"

"ok, kitna time lagega?"

"kam se kam 20 min toh lagenge"

Then suddenly a girl came to the cabin and asked something about a shampoo. The owner looked at me and said "sir, yeh bhi dekho, iski service bhi bahut achhi hai"

I refused, she was not good looking.

Sat on the sofa for some time. A guy with a hooka entered the MP and entered a room at the end of the parlor. When he opened the door of the room, I heard the loud voice of the DJ. They were having a party there I guess, I took a look inside and there were two super hot ladies inside with 3 men. They were about to have groupie I guess. and the ladies were super hot, chubby kind but extremely sexy.

But then I had to wait and I was already getting hard. Well then she came and I went to the massage room. This time I had thought what all I wanted to do. As she entered she grabbed me and got on top of me like she is my GF or what. And said "Tum fir aa gaya, maine tumko miss kiya"

"Achaa then what is my name" I asked

SHe had no answer and kissed me to divert the topic. I shook her away and asked my name again, she couldn't answer and tried to kiss again to divert topic. Par main kahan maanne wala that. I again asked what is my name, how did you miss me if you don't even remember my name. You are lying. She became kind of scared.

I said its ok. Then I did everything I wanted to do. I took my full time. The pimp lady knocked on the door and asked few times, "aur kitna time lagega?" But I didn't care, did a lot of foreplay, so much that I can even write another post about it. As always I kept myself away from the pussy area in fear of any STDs. Rammed her in doggy then in missionary. Chatted about where she belongs to, why she is doing all this, I got her pics and the pics of her BF. Her history and all that. In the end took her number also and chatted on whatsapp later too.

All in all it was too much satisfying physically and mentally. She is 20, or so she claims. I also discovered Virgin Blindness

Its a phenomena where a virgin guy ignores the flaws of the first lady she bangs and considers her too beautiful than she really is. In my Last post I thought that she is 8/10. But as I have realized now, is that her body is 8/10 but her face is at best 6.

The funny part in all this is the security guard standing next to the MP. He for sure knows all this, and has started to realize what I go there for. He gives me those damn looks every time I enter the MP and stared at me a lot. But who gives a fuck.


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