[ROLEPLAY] Unrest Spreads

GEO News Studio: "Its been several weeks since the almost fatal shooting of the opposition leader, Zaeed Farrah. He was shot outside a factory complex in southern Islamabad while giving a speech to the workers and others. Police who had been stationed nearby rushed to the scene, but were unable to apprehend the shooter. Zaeed is still in hospital, but is said to be recovering well. The police investigation is said to be ongoing, but there are still few details at this time. The Intelligence Bureau and Federal Investigation Agency have made a joint statement, saying they are 'pursuing any and all leads in relation to this case.' They have yet to come forward with any evidence or theories, but are understood to be following up several leads. We now go live to the senate, where we're told that Zaeed has made a surprise visit."

The feed cut from the studio to a camera in the well lit senate building. 500 chairs arranged in a semi circle, in 5 rows, with the back rows being raised up. Zaeed stood, at his seat, on the right hand side of the circle, where he led the opposition. The senate was now entirely full, as the 498 senators watched eagerly, and the president stared at him from across the room. Zaeeds right arm was in a sling, and he was clearly in pain when he moved too quickly.

"Senators of the house, I stand before you today a humbler man than I was a month ago. I am however, no less resolved to challenge this government than I was before. We await the investigation of our government agencies, which I have every faith in, but I wonder why there has been no official word as to how the investigation is going? There is an underlying question here. Why was I targeted? Is it because the latest poll has my party only 5 points behind his? Would an attempt on my life in fact be in HIS interests? I by no means am saying that my esteemed colleague Jarrah ordered my attempted killing, but these questions must be asked. Anyone could be responsible…" He paused for a few moments, as muttering was heard throughout the room, and he stared at the senators of the other parties. "… even a senator in this very house…"

"ENOUGH!" Jarrah shouted, pointing across the room at Farrah. "You have spoken far out of your place! Police, I demand you remove this man at once!" He gestured at the policemen nearest to Farrah, who looked at eachother slightly confused. They began moving towards him, however his party senators resolutely blocked all attempts by the police to get near him, though they didn't seem very concerted in their efforts to capture the leader of the opposition.

"This is unjust! The President has no right to attempt to muzzle the opposition!" Zaeed Farrah shouted back, waving his only good arm about. Jarrah muttered something into his earpiece, away from his microphone. A few seconds later, the doors to the senate were kicked in and armed police erupted into the room. At first, they had their weapons raised, ready to shoot, but then they stopped. There was no armed threat, no terrorist in the room, only politicians shouting at eachother.

"Arrest that man! He has spoken treasoneasly! He has implied that an assassination attempt was made on his life by me!" Jarrah screamed, spitting the words out in anger. The police did not know what to do, they simply stood, dumbfounded for a few seconds. Eventually a private frowned, raised his MP5 and walked towards Zaeed. Jarrah grinned as he saw this, and eventually 3 more followed him. Quickly though, 2 other police stood between them and the opposition leader, and in an unprecedented move raised their guns on their fellow officers, who then raised their weapons. Every senator in the room was now in uproar, some shouting at the police to stand down, some yelling at them to take Zaeed, and a few even yelled that they should just shoot him. Chaos ensued. The camera didn't know who or what to focus on, as it cut from a dozen different feeds to a dozen more. This was all being seen live, throughout the country and online, and was available everywhere in the world. Soon, millions were tuned in, watching it unfold. No one could have predicted what happened next. Jarrah's voice rang out, resolute and clear in the chaos. "Shoot him." He said.

It was quick, so quick that half the world had to rewind to catch what happened, but the first policeman to move forward shot one of his fellow officers. He had been pushed by one of the senators, and an itchy trigger finger and stress led to a bullet in his neck. Then another policeman fired, then another. Several bursts of gunfire later, there was three policemen bleeding out on the floor, and a few of the senators had even fallen. The security services quickly came to their senses, evacuating the senate and calling in ambulances and support. One of the unlucky few however, was Zaeed Farrah, who had taken a ricochet to his chest. Any other man might have died then and there, but Farrah was made of sterner stuff. He had taken the bullet, fallen down, then got back up. While the chaos was still ensuing, he walked over to one of his fallen comrades, and began helping him, putting pressure on a gunshot to his stomach. He also ordered the nearest officers to cease their actions and evacuate, which began the general ceasefire and evacuation orders. Jarrah, meanwhile, had fled, leaving behind most of his party and taking away a couple police as body guards.

The feed cut back to the GEO News Studio. A stunned woman sat with a file of papers infront of her. She was staring at the camera, her mouth slightly open. "That was the senate… we will bring you more updates as they come… reports are… reports are coming in now but it sounds… sounds like President Jarrah has… he's escaped and is on his way to a secure location… we… that's all we know so far…"

4 hours later

GEO News Studio: "Good evening. We are reporting live on developments in the senate. 7 senators are dead, with another 87 injured, 6 critically. These senators are from all major parties, and one independent. There are also 5 dead police officers, and a further 8 injured. We have yet to release their identities, but the families have been told according to the police and security services. President Jarrah has not been seen yet, he is believed to be in a presidential safe room. Zaeed Farrah in among the injured, but is stable and is in fact still in the senate. He is leading and impromptu session, aimed at impeaching President Jarrah on grounds of murder and crimes against the state. We now bring you live to the senate once more."

Zaeed is standing in the very spot he was shot. Blood stains still coat the floor of the senate room. Almost 100 seats are noticeably empty.

"…lack of a government, and our president nowhere to be found, I hold that we should vote to impeach and replace the President and government with the main opposition party, for a period of 1 month, wherein an election will be held. Furthermore, I table a motion, that the criminal President, Zsiam Jarrah, face charges of multiple counts of murder, harm to multiple persons, intent to kill, and high treason, to face a judge in court to defend himself. Everyone in this room and others saw with their own eyes him order innocent police officers to go against their moral duty and to shoot at unarmed representatives of the people. These are not their crimes but his, and we must hold him to account." The speaker of the house, who also received a bullet to his arm but after some treatment returned, to his credit, stood.

"Voting on this issue will now commence." The senators left the room to fill out voting cards, and returned 10 minutes later. There was a quick count, as the speaker announced the results.

"By a vote of 352 to 56, the motion passes. Zaeed Farrah is now the Temporary President of Pakistan, for one month, while an election is organized and seen to. We wish you all godspeed in these trying times, and we will meet again here in two days. For now, return to your families and loved ones."

2 days later

GEO News Studio: "Ex-President Jarrah was arrested and taken to a police station today, to face a court and judgement for his charges, thought it is expected the verdict is all but certain. Meanwhile, the new temporary president Zaeed Farrah has already organized an election framework, with help from all parties, and it is expected to be held by the end of the month."

14 days later

GEO News Studio: "Good morning viewers. With the recent end to one of the most controversial trials in Pakistan, former president Zsiam Jarrah has been found guilty of a multitude of crimes including multiple counts of murder, bodily harm, intent to cause harm and treason, as well as the recent investigation into the shooting of Zaeed Farrah, which found that Zsiam hired a party member to assassinate the leader, the sentence is life without parole. Some have called for the death penalty, but it was decided this was best left till after the election. The Liberal Coalition have soared in the polls however, with voters not trusting either of the other parties, and as word of Zaeeds heroic actions in senate spread throughout the country. Both other main parties are sitting low at 15% each. Zaeed already has a manifesto prepared, based on the one he was planning to run on in 2050. More updates to come."

26 days after 'Zsiam's Last Senate'

GEO News Studio: "Well, it is exactly 26 days after the incident that has become known as 'Zsiam's Last Senate', and the election results are in. The Liberal Coalition have stormed to victory, with a still wounded but confident Zaeed Farrah at the helm. They have taken an astounding 355 seats with 71% of the vote. The National Front of Pakistan comes up in second place, with a slight increase of 75 seats and 15% of the vote. The party of new leader Ayub Musharraf, has seen a massive drop in support for the party, a direct result of 'Zsiam's Last Senate'. He has only got 11% of the vote, which equates to just 55 seats in the senate, a massive political earthquake for, what was, the most popular party. Zaeed Farrah is now the countries President."


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