[EVENT] Riot in Phnom Penh

The citizens of Cambodia have spent days without access to healthcare or ambulance services due to a strike. This has caused fear and resent toward the government for failing to keep these services running. A small crowd started to throw rocks at the ironically-named Peace Palace, which houses the prime minister.

In reaction, the building was locked down and the guards began to open fire on the crowd with pistols. Five protestors were killed and one guard was injured before the rest of the crowd retreated.

About an hour later, a larger crowd returned to the scene. An estimated 2,700 people were there, holding anti-government signs and Cambodian flags. Police were able to secure the perimeter around the 'Peace' Palace under orders not to fire weapons, but retreated into the building after the crowd turned violent and started to throw things. Twenty minutes later, a convoy of military APCs arrived and fired warning shots to scare the crowd away.

The crowd was dispersed but not gone. It was split into small groups smashing windows and cars indiscriminately around the city. Security forces held back until more military support arrived, and then they were able to end the situation.

  • 29 security personnel injured (19 police, 9 Royal Cambodian Army, 1 Gendarmerie)
  • 26 protestors killed, 309 detained, ~200 injured
  • 3 million USD property damage

[M] Okay, so here is my explanation to the Realism Police:

Here is a riot that happened in Phnom Penh in 2003. This was because Cambodian people were told that a Thai celebrity said Angkor Wat belonged to Thailand. If "our neighbour said our tourist attraction was theirs" is enough of a justification for a riot in Phnom Penh, I'd argue that the government destroying the healthcare system would definitely cause at least a "demonstration gone wrong".


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