Less common posts?

We all know about posts at warehouses, Banks, jewelry stores, and dispensaries. I'm interested if anyone here does less common posts. I have seen security companies that advertise courier services for art, for example. Anyone out there working a rare job or post? What do you do? Do you like it? How did you get into it?

I'm an Armed guard at a bingo hall. Stand at the desk and do patrols. It's alright. Plenty of time to sit, which is nice for those 14hr shifts. Cafe in the building serves burgers if I forgot my lunch that day. I was put here because I'm armed, and because I answer my phone when the higher ups call, and I show up early, usually. Basically, because I'm not like most guards we know…

I don't think my post is that rare, but less common. Maybe one of you will find it interesting.

So where do y'all work?


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