[For Hire] Responsive WordPress site with all the bells & whistles. Offering 50% off my normal prices through Friday!

I build pretty cool websites with WordPress. I'm currently trying to save money for something very special for someone, but I can't say anything more in hopes of ruining the surprise I have in store should the person come across this post.

With that said, I typically charge around $1,500 for your basic site which includes:

  • Basic pages (Home, about, products/services, blog, and contact)
  • Optimize the site and it's content for search engines (aka SEO)
  • Performance (caching)
  • Security (protection from malicious attacks, activity, etc)
  • Newsletter sign-up form which includes an admin interface where you can create really cool newsletters with no coding/programming/development experience required.
  • Access to my GravityForms Developers license (https://gravityforms.com/purchase-gravity-forms) which allows for unlimited possibilities for user login/registration, collecting payments, signatures, etc. I have built some bad freakin' ace apps/forms/what_have_you with GravityForms.
  • I also have dev licenses for 50+ other popular premium plugins and themes which ends up saving my clientele hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.
  • I've built ~50 sites over the last 5-6 years. Some are alive and well, some have been taken out back and put down, some are regularly maintained by me, and some are maintained by their owner/staff or another developer. A site I built and regularly maintain is http://wcflooring.com.

So you're looking at a starting price in the neighborhood of $750. This does not include hosting fees or domain registration. If you haven't purchased a domain yet, let me know before you do b/c I've got some coupons for new domain names.

In regards to hosting: you can either: a) Go your own way (purchase a hosting package from GoDaddy, Hostgator, whichever company has your heart). b) I've got a Hostgator reseller account and can set up and manage your hosting for you. I charge $120/year which is to be paid up front. c) Digitalocean. I'll set up whichever distribution/app you'd like. I don't charge anything in addition to what DO charges, but I do charge for the time spent setting everything up. My rate is $100/hr and I can usually set up a full LAMP/LEMP stack in 1-2 hours. I highly recommend this hosting option over the other two. Once it's set up, it [DO server] needs to be regularly updated. You can either learn how to do it or pay me to do it. It usually takes ~30 minutes per month, so you could pay me ~$50/month to have the best hosting scenario possible. Again, I highly recommend this route.

So… if you want a basic site that simply lists your products/services, you're looking at around $750. If you want to do more, such as provide the ability to purchase products from your site (E-commerce), your new starting amount is going to be around $1250. Exact dollar amounts will depend on a variety of factors, so if you're interested in possibly hiring me to build your site, please PM me with more information and I'd be happy to provide an exact quote. Either way, you're getting 50% off everything so long as we get started by this Friday, May 12th.

I will not be using a pre-built theme such as Avada or Divi. You will get a 100% completely custom theme developed off the Sage starter theme. I use Bootstrap and SASS, I own the rights to tens of thousands of professional photos/videos (think Shutterstock) which can be used on your site, marketing materials, etc, at no additional cost. You'll have unlimited access to this content (new content added regularly) for the duration of our professional relationship. This is another benefit that has saved hundreds/thousands of dollars for my clients.

My portfolio site was running on the pre-built Brooklyn theme purchased off Themeforest, but I'm currently rebuilding it on the Sage theme/Trellis/Bedrock. I'd share a link but it's just running the default Twenty Seventeen theme right now. Real professional, I know. I also own/manage https://familyoffestivals.com – a website my SO and I started in 2012. We've seen over 2 million page views, about 85% coming from killer SEO. It's been a labor of love thus far, but has created more opportunity than we ever could've dreamed of and still has potential to grow into something that can provide for us in the future. It's unfortunately been on the back burner as of late, but I invite you to bookmark it and check it out every once in awhile. The past ~5 years have been a huge learning curve, but we've overcome the majority of the most challenging aspects of building and maintaining a website/brand and are excited to see what the future has in store for us. The next big project is transitioning from the Avada theme (I was an amateur when I made the decision to use the Avada theme) to the Sage theme, but it's nearing completion.

I also did ~1.5 years of support and a little QA for Modern Tribe, makers of [The Events Calendar](wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/). You can view all my post replies here: https://theeventscalendar.com/support/forums/users/joinfof/

Some other plugins I'm extremely familiar/comfortable with include:

  • WooCommerce (and all the extensions)
  • PayPal/Stripe/Authorize (payment processing)
  • SSL
  • Advanced Custom Fields

I'm great at identifying theme/plugin conflicts and coming up with working solutions. I'm also experienced with cleaning up MySQL databases. I've reduced databases down from 250GB down to 2GB which made a huge difference in performance in that particular instance.

Well, that's about it. I really want to build your site, am available to start right away, and can get it finished quickly. Should you want the email addresses and/or phone numbers of past and present clients to contact to see if I'm full of sh*t, let me know and I'd be happy to provide that information. I still have the first client I ever signed! MASSV Music Festival. We currently don't have a site b/c unfortunately it [the festival] will never happen again (under the same brand), due to us getting sued for a security guard getting injured while working the event, so we went ahead and nixed the site for now.

Good luck and please comment/PM if you have any specific questions. Cheers!


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