[EVENT] Healthcare strike

Cambodian healthcare workers are on an organized strike today protesting low wages. The leadership of the strike has claimed that the workers will not work until wages are raised, working conditions are improved, and modern medical equipment is purchased by the government.

The workers, which include doctors, receptionists, hospital security guards, and paramedics, are staying home. They are living off of their savings, hoping the government will cave to their demands soon. But the prime minister has responded harshly. Per order of the Minister of Health, healthcare workers who were not present at their workplaces today have been terminated from their positions and are permanently barred from working in most jobs.

The government expects the protest to fail after the former employees run out of money, and that the government will be able to get an even more exploitative deal to allow them to return to work. Until then, the remaining employees at hospitals are only treating life-threatening issues, and the military is operating an ambulance service.

[M] "Permanently barred" is just with the intent of forcing them into a deal.


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