The Empire – The Company’s Official News Source – #211 Issue:7th of Rain’s Hand 2017








  • HEADLINES: Upgrade Complete. Research Complete

LOST WOODS SHRINE, WESTERLANDS- 93rd Member GehennaCarnem leads a uniform modernization program designed to bring Company camo up to date and includes a wider variety and more "advanced" and "actual" methods of blending in with the new "17" series of camouflages. The only thing that's NOT rolled out however is the SNOWPAT(snow pattern) due to design difficulties. The UD-17 and the JPAT-17 however with their peculiarities and variations are ready to be rolled out and any UTC can ask for fitting on them and even ask to have unique variations.

Ghillie suits were also included which may include woodland variant, desert variant and snow variant. The 93rd scientists later maniacally laughed and stated it's "BETTER THAN LEGENDARIES".

  • EDITORIAL "Thought Experiment: Chain Denial and the Self-Propagating Living Bullshit"

Irishkaiser – These recent kicking of people and leaving has given me an awesome thought experiment in the study of human psychology because it's so peculiar compared to the ones in the past. Bear with me on the term "thought experiment" because hey, the Theory of Relativity itself started out as a simple thought experiment, by some guy with no credentials, right?(GENIUS). The idea of denial in itself, is thought of usually as on the individual. As if it's centered around them and is usually in practice and in study just ends at the individual as their self-defense mechanism and nothing more beyond themselves in the human psyche. But what if, denial can reinforce each other and themselves and form a sort of mutually supporting network as a coping mechanism by replacing reality with lies or in the words of Adam Savage: "I reject your reality and substitute my own!". I've already covered in a couple of Empire's ago about a Creeping Culture of Willful Ignorance and how it always affects us every year but I've only to have scratched the surface because it goes deeper.

The mainstream thought is that "it starts and ends at the individual", but as the Company kept getting bigger and bigger every year, numbers began to play a part. But what if, in accordance with a closed human "social circuit" of acceptance and rejection, what if denial on one's own self-perceived inadequacies can be reinforced by each other? Take for example, the people who use the rather simplistic reason of "Irishkaiser is a bully"(taken after interviewing the amiables). Now one person is taken out(but still within the closed social circuit) and projects their own self-perceived failure as a coping mechanism into the big lie of "Irishkaiser is a bully". Originally called the creeping culture of WILLFUL IGNORANCE, it then created and propagated lies that in turn multiplied in itself and created a living self-reinforcing defense mechanism. A prime example are three people propagating lies based on self-defense coping mechanisms that are in direct contradiction with the situational and current reality.

1) UnmaskMe's Edited and Censored Chats with Irishkaiser – in which she attempted to implicated Irishkaiser as a horndog, but made sure everyone didn't see her more flirtatious messages directed towards the subject. Doesn't anyone find it strange that it seems like I'm talking to myself there? As if I'm responding to phantom messages? Well, she deleted them and attempted to present me to the world after we shared some things that sometimes became just a bit racy.

2) Chiaggi's instant return to himself after Irishkaiser sidetracked himself a bit – the problem here is that Chiaggi thinks I accuse him of not knowing what the Theory of Relativity is. He went instant defensive mode when it should have been taken that I mentioned it to him as if I know he KNOWS what it is.

3) Mr.Pi's exaggerated accusations, even though the hypocrite is in a Discord with cheaters, griefers and of course, DDoSers and hackers – attempts to assassinate Irishkaiser's character underhandedly.

Now I know most of these examples are me, yes, but a fellow of mine such as Shrauger who said he could relate. He said he saw through that in Dawn Brigade who did the same to him, even describing it perfectly "being pressured and self-pressured to see a certain point of view." as he could relate. They were, according to Shrauger always blaming him when he tried to correct and because they don't want to encounter reality. Reality is harsh sometimes and yes we do wish to change things that aren't real. Of course, this isn't a "perfect" model since it's not a COMPLETE CLOSED CIRCUIT, however it has got me thinking. Many factors have played into this but the process I think, through my experience, has appeared again and again as a group of people, multiplying their lies start to think it's true. This has also been a process in human history where people want to hear the things they want to hear, and not the actual situation. I tried to mitigate this by telling everyone that "any problem you have, don't try to hide it. If you think something is bad, just tell me and don't be afraid.". Unfortunately, this has not been passed on to the recruits of 2016-2017 well enough when I became more of a rear staff officer than I was a frontliner in the earlier days.

Speaking of which, there is also a PECULIAR thing I haven't factored but has played an important part. That being, Alicethekiller's RELENTLESS HATRED and CHARACTER ASSASSINATION OF CYCLONE due to their breakup which has played a huge part. She probes and corners people and creates an aura or atmosphere of underhandedness by manipulating them to talk with her directly. The reason she was made Chief of Staff of the Army of Observation then was because she usually could not wait and went on her own, thus to make it easier to operate, we simply let her lead so there'd be no bureaucratic deadlock. It became a problem when after her break-up with Cyclone, she became a vengeful ex who wanted to get rid of Cyclone_43 from the UTC and planned on it. A lot of the good Company Members, such as Gehenna Carnem himself said that the first thing Alice said to him was "Irish is such a shit leader"(directly after I stopped her from ostracizing or creating a bandwagon against Cyclone) or something of the like, when Gehenna Carnem, who directly served alongside me in infantry knows that's full of shit but thought of it as "nothing but just a personal opinion, so eh.". Same with Shrauger and people who were questioned by Alicethekiller. Lieutenant_Joe himself said "Alicethekiller does not like people who are straightforward or direct and she doesn't talk to them when she knows she can't get them quiet".

Tensions came to a head when I time and again defended Cyclone from their unjust headhunt. There was one point, Alice manipulated and told UnmaskMe and ObliviousBob to leave an entire room when Cyclone_43 came aboard. Realizing their intentions because they seemed to enjoy staying in that room UNTIL CYCLONE CAME ON, I was furious and told her "TO STOP POINTING THE GUN AT US." and forced UnmaskMe and ObliviousBob to apologize. It was later discovered from some amiables and of course people who Alicethekiller tried to organize to hate Cyclone that they started spreading lies about him an my relations with him(which the amiables believed). I, seeing how it was CHOCK FULL OF SHIT, had to come to Cyclone's defense every time they all bandwagoned against him but this frustrated them and they became angrier because of my defense of Cyclone. When it came down to choosing "the right thing" or the "majority feeling", I chose to do "the right thing" or Cyclone and defended him. I was amazed by Cyclone's perseverance, though he was deeply saddened and upset about what happened to him, I realized "that is a man worth being friends with" with his drive, energy and ambition – able to weather the storm to achieve his dreams – I knew he was special. I then made him candidate for Director because I saw how he reacted under such pressure from a lot of people. The ability to carry on and still believe in yourself and your dreams was one of the marks of a Director. By contrast, Alice wanted to use Cyclone as a stepping stone. That is NOT DIRECTORY MATERIAL. WE DO NOT USE PEOPLE AS A STEPPING STONE TO GET TO THE TOP. We get to the TOP BY OUR OWN MERIT AND DETERMINATION AND WILL, CREATIVITY, AMBITION AND DRIVE. We bring out the best in people, NOT USE THEM. Of course by this time, Alice tried to organize a coup or some shit if she didn't get her way. Her plan, as intelligence has been given to me was only foiled by some people who wanted to "maintain good relations" with the UTC(actually just me lol) and told me everything before it happened. Piecing together the parts, I realized that Alicethekiller had a semi-complex plan of removing certain members and then demonstrating Cyclone as the problem. With her staying currently as a form of "trust" or some shit and that she was "better" than them and that if Irishkaiser wanted someone who doesn't want to alienate people anymore, then he better choose her because she's the most popular. Alicethekiller was later said to "wanted to become a Director of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company" and she must have been real mad when I decided to make Cyclone a Director because the fires she blew up around him, only tested his strength and mettle and I was amazed. When she was stripped and kicked, she vehemently denied any of it. Who knows, maybe the people didn't know her real plan, maybe they do believe Cyclone IS a bad guy and maybe they do believe I am just a bully who is also harsh, but what's done is done. It's their choice and they certainly have chosen to do some things that revealed them for who they are. This, was her goal and she(Alicethekiller) wanted to sacrifice Cyclone to get to it, and even generate a complex story around it.

So it isn't a perfect scenario to test or experiment, but I do believe Chain Denial is a real effect. I have looked up most psychology and I haven't seen anyone make a study about reinforcing lies in a community or social group, only in individuals. Maybe I haven't read much modern psychology or current studies, since I'm still immersed in Carl Sagan's Cosmos book.

  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade Run

The Directory proudly announces that the Trade Run has been cancelled for WAR GAMES.

  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade

The Directory proudly announces that it has delivered

5 Infinity Bows

in value exchange for

1 Depth Strider III

1 Golden Apple

1 Button

1 Paper

Somebody's gotta take all this if Shaymin won't. Seriously, where is that guy. I still have lots of bows for him.

  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade

The Directory proudly announces that it has delivered

1 Iron Armor Set

in value exchange for

10 Health Potions

1 Lone sword

Listen to the Axekan's Song.

  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade

The Directory proudly announces that it has delivered

1 Zombie Bow

in value exchange for


Useless bitch ass zombie ass nigga ass bow ass… Shiiiiiieeeeeet.

  • PvP Drill * 90th Mass PvP Event – War Games, Man and Machine

On Saturday, War Games were conducted between UTC Members and apparently a lot of party crashers to test out the effects of new legendaries and to devise a new standard uniform. The recruits were also given hands on experience of massive UTC maneuvers and squadfighting. Company Forces led by Cyclone and Irishkaiser initiated a massive chase around the entire Midlands, starting from Crowmure. Along the way, Company forces killed about five "party-crashers", some of them geared heavily in battle inventories.

Originally, a lot of the party-crashers killed were that of bandits originally harassing(killing) Imperial Citizens who wanted to either come watch or participate themselves. Company Forces, all concentrated in one area to begin war games could not originally help them but eventually managed to get revenge kills on all dead Imperial Citizens by encountering the enemy during the exercise. The War Games were over by 9PM EST and the battered and bruised UTC survivors of the war games started to regear… Before killing one more final bandit from Paluster to Clarce.

An overview and comparison of inventories were brought up, studied and evaluated by the General Staff of the Army of Observation. It discovered that certain inventories were more practical in certain parts of the map and that crossing a "biome" or land might actually reduce your chances of success based on switching your type of load-out. Trade Run, Patrol, Raiding and other myriad inventories are to be built up according to the environment as well. Though providing more game depth, this is seen as a logistical hurdle that may require alts to be geared with different kind of items for their area or land.

  • DOMESTIC Violence Spikes This Week as Company Forces encounter and defeat a total of 15 bandits throughout last week

Company Forces encounter bandits all week as the once peaceful server encountered on average, 2.14 fights. All victories were dampened with the deaths of like one new recruit who died like 5-6 times(in full gear recorded only) and one Company veteran who died once, bringing the total Company casualties to 6-7 for the week.

The bandits encountered on patrols and random encounters and ESPECIALLY WAR GAMES were all noted to carry battle inventories. It was funny because 1/2 of the bandits were at first thought of as peaceful by the UTC, before they killed Imperial Citizens and Regimentals AFTER THE UTC LEFT the area or were just passing by. Acquiring about 4-5 Diamond Swords and about 15 sets of iron armor, the Company was caught off-guard by the HUGE AMOUNT OF COMBAT ACTIVITY in the area, but said the lessons learned from the fights were of "immeasurable value". It did however, defeat a bill asking to increase dungeon lessons due to what last week was called "minimized threats" in MineZ.

  • DOMESTIC Irishkaiser says some pretty gay ass shit to Cyclone. Promises a big surprise.

Spyware – Yesterday at 3:45 PM @cyclone_43 I have a surprise planned for you in the June Reforms. More of a "I got your back" kind of thing. You see, I realized how much you were the victim in all of the recent events. Though yes, a lot of it was your fault and the impetuosness of your youth in judging people and bringing in lots of dishonest sudacas who'd rather throw away their lives to mere frivolity, I realized now that in the end, you were the one who got hurt the most by this. Because some people were even using you as a stepping stone They wanted to team up and ostracize you Yes, I did see through it and stepped in and of course, when the time came to choose between "majority feelings" or "the right thing" I chose to do the right thing and decided to choose you, no matter who I alienated because I know that in the end, it was the right thing to do. And in the end, I think I chose right. In the long-term I think I see that you will provide a mutually beneficial relationship based on honesty, compassion and true friendship. One that would be willing to put yourself in harm's way, in spite of everything by danger or by popular opinion to make sure we don't get hurt or make the wrong decisions.(edited) I also want you to learn from this because you seem to make mistakes concerning this. In the words of the Samurai, Michio Kaku

"I disagree. Because sometimes, the popular decision is the incorrect one. Sometimes, you have to have a leader that's not short-sighted, just sees the polls day by day. But has the long term point of view. We remember our leaders who were visionary, precisely because they ignored the day to day, hour by hour, feelings of the people around them."

  • DOMESTIC ObliviousBob called out to "face" Irishkaiser like a man.

Irishkaiser called out the now currently suspended Company Member ObliviousBob to "face him like a man" instead of "skulking about like a woman" for a woman. After an epiphany when Irishkaiser started becoming more hands on due to returning to his more original role as an infantryman instead of a rear-officer, he started realizing things and patterns and accused ObliviousBob… of being a Hotcock and of deliberately conspiring AGAINST CYCLONE_43 because of the vengeful machinations of Alicethekiller, who was kicked out of the UTC for similar conspiracies against Cyclone_43 and wasn't afraid to hurt the Company in the process.

ObliviousBob's defense as written:

Since this directly pertains to Cyclone as you said several times, I'll start there. About a month ago, I was talking to Alice and we started getting pretty close. We would talk most nights as we did things pertaining to real-world stuff, and I would help her with some stuff. Eventually she told me that she had feelings for me. I couldn't say that my feelings were mutual, especially considering that I was super busy at the time (and still am) and understood that there was a conflict of intrest with Cyclone being a comrade and all of that jazz. But I continued to talk to her and then she was kicked or left or whatever grounds of dismissal she left on. I still keep in contact with her, but I haven't been able to figure everything out since her dismissal. I did have the theory that it was a test (originally I thought you might have put her on me as a sort of test), then I thought it might've been someone else, but eventually I realized that she was getting information before I was and trying to converse about it and I would kind of just not reply to what she said pertaining to Company news. But in my defense, I did defend the actions of you and Cyclone everytime she brought it up.

My loyalties lie with the Company, but I still am trying to break the connection between me and the people that left recently, as they still view me as friends. I did get on Discord since you messaged me the other day, but I didn't read it because I thought it was pertaining to the thing you wanted me to post in Jam's Discord, but then I learned I was muted and couldn't post in any of the text channels so I just left it and called it a night However, I think you're over-analyzing the situation with shit about my "speech patterns" and whatnot. I'm my own mind, Irish. I know what you're talking about with Alice and her "manipulation" of sorts I saw her do that and so did you when certain members were voted in, how she would corner them and ask them if they would vote for X. I'm no probe. I've been here for 4.5 years, I wouldn't jeopardize it over something like that. I do find it hard to immediately remove myself from the "friendships" I had with those who left since they were kind to me and always seemed to look up to me, so I would rather leave them on better terms than what you wish, but I still understand the need to remove myself from them.

Let me just sum up what I said so we can refer back to it if need be

1. I still talk to some of the people who left.

2. Alice did admit that she has feelings for me.

3. My loyalties still are embedded with the Company and Cyclone included.

Irishkaiser said he wanted to believe everything and asked if Bob was still the same honest, straightforward person he knew who wouldn't go around people's backs but is a man who'd tackle his problems head on. Bob replied in the positive but Irishkaiser said reality and facts with his statements being disconnected with the past just can't make him believe it and says he is deeply upset that he does not believe him, regardless of his statements because the facts laid out and what he sensed as his "bond" between the two is making Irishkaiser wonder if the "bond" is one-sided because he noticed patterns and manners of speech that just weren't ObliviousBob, as if that's a completely different person talking. Irishkaiser later re-iterated his point telling ObliviousBob that "If you point a gun on Cyclone and I deliberately put myself in the way, I hope to God you don't shoot."

Concerned for the unnecessary headhunt against Cyclone propagated by Alicethekiller who really REALLY HATED CYCLONE FOR SOME STRANGE REASON(obvious lol, but it's immature and petty). Irishkaiser put his point across with a video.

  • DOMESTIC Gunoverdose Brings Back Community-Runs but Stricter Rules applied

GunOverdose brought back Community Runs for the 93rd Regiment but states that if anyone wants to run with the Golden Boys, certain rules and certain understandings must be enforced. Don't like it? Leave. He then proceeded to shoot dual AR-15s in the air, managed to get an American Bald Eagle perched on his shoulder, all the while smoking a cigar with the American flag tattooed on his chest.

  • FINANCE First non-[?] Clan Investor: Cyclone_43

Cyclone_43 became the first non-[?] Clan Investor, providing a generous buy-in for the capital.

  • FINANCE Unknown [?] Clan switches bank services, provides support to cover losses while switch

Having discovered their original bank as unreliable and inefficient when it came to customer support and availability, the Exchequer decided to switch services. Many [?] Clan Members provided extra capital to "cover" lost opportunity. The Clan Bank was promised to run at full efficiency by 9th of May 2017 but was moved to 15th of May 2017(both GMT 8+), after it was discovered of the increased security methods of their new bank service provider required.

The trade-off of time and security was taken bitterly at first, but the Mad Men of Shangri-La said it was actually good in the long-run as the time taken was only once. Spyware, the head of the Exchequer and Eastern Clan Leader was noticeably bitter as he said:

"Money, we can always regain. Lost time? Never!"

Members of the [?] Clan comforted him and told him that it wasn't that bad and that we might have more lost time if we were stuck with something that wasn't available when we needed it. Spyware was then like "Eh, you're right. I'm just too Chinese."

  • FINANCE Clan Bank Net Value Up by 66.41%

A whopping 66.41% increase of net value this week from the original start capital of 13,220PHP that jumped to 22,000PHP within a week. It should be noted however, that in actuality, the bank's value only grew due to generous donations to cover lost opportunity by many [?] Clan Members while switching services.

Reliability issues on the current bank only gained 1.52% increase before it was pulled out to switch banks. [?] Clan experts and analysts say that what we covered was "good enough", though it might not have reached the potential of careful play of good decisions, it will be enough as a "regular" profit income.

  • FINANCE Phase II Goal Set – 100,000PHP. Non-Filipino investor Returns not guaranteed to be allowed.

The time the [?] Clan Bank may become self-sufficient to pay for servers while maintaining a good profit income to sustain itself was projected to be at least 100,000PHP, where at least a 5% increase per week is enough to cover the costs of at least 3-5 gaming services without losing momentum.

Phase II however was also said that it would still keep out Americans or non-Filipino investors after taking into account currency conversion and transfer fees, which, if non-Filipinos were to take part, they wouldn't get as much as the local investors.

  • ORDERS: *

1) Trade Run completed. SOP.

2) Trade Run Next Week.



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