Here it is. The full plan for Session 1. (Long)

This and the rulebook are what I plan to have in front of me when I run this game on Sunday. let me know if you see any holes or have any ideas for improvement or just any thoughts in general. Thank you all again for your feedback through this process. Oh and ConAgra changed to Nestle. One of the players wants to make lollipops on the side and the other players suggested changing the food & agriculture company (ConAgra) to a candy company (Nestle) with the same interests. Really the only thing that changed was the name.

Session 1 Notes:


Eric Stoltz – Is a mid-level corporate manager for Nestle. He has Well-groomed dark black hair, piercing blue eyes, average build, wears a nice business suite probably made by LuLaRoe of Paris, where all the finest suits come from. He’s the perfect example of look the part, get the promotion.

Personality: An extremely desperate compulsion to succeed. He presents a facade of confidence but he’s constantly on the edge of a nervous breakdown due to stress and fear of failure. This comes from over supportive parents. Growing up he was always the star child who could never fail. Failing would mean letting them down and he just can’t stand the thought of failing such wonderful, supportive, loving parents. He’s not a fighter. If he had a gun he’d be more likely to use it on himself than try to fight his way out of a situation.

Companion: Eric’s girlfriend, Whitney Hunt. A ruthless gold digger from a wealthy family at Nestle. She met Eric at a business party and thought she could ride his coattails to the top. After a while it became apparent that Eric isn’t quite as successful as he appeared to be. Now she pushes him harder and harder towards the next promotion and his breaking point. Will use any means necessary to be rich and protect what she has acquired.

Assets: A flashy car which he got with the embezzled funds and a substandard apartment that he never want’s anyone at Nestle to know about. He’s also got a girlfriend who’s starting to see that he’s not as successful as he appears, and is threatening to leave unless he gets that promotion. Under the pressure of her threats he is considering taking a risky step to bump up the amount of his embezzled funds. Especially if he doesn’t get the promotion.


Maranda Cross (Fixer) – The team’s LuLaRoe contact. Deep purple bob cut hair (like the aunt from Jurassic World). Her silver Cyber-eyes emit a glow faintly visible through her dark sunglasses. She’s wearing a grey and white business suit, black tie, and knee length skirt. With her is a submissive looking Japanese woman wearing a pants suite of similar style. She is standing behind and to the left of Maranda with her hands clasped in front of her and her head slightly bowed.

Personality: Not afraid to crack a smile if it greases the wheels for a deal, but make no mistake, this woman is all business. She deals with mercenaries all the time for LuLaRoe. It’s her primary role as a “Business Liaison”. She generally considers a good team of mercs, business associates and will not double cross the team as long as she’s not ordered to and the team does not jeopardize LuLaRoe. She’s feels more comfortable when she’s with her companion Tic-Toc.
Companion: Tic-Toc is a full cyborg AI created by the Information and Technology firm, Congressional Office Corps. Tic-Toc is a bodyguard, and love companion designed to look like a Japanese female. This model is widely employed by Japanese business men for the obvious cliché reasons and Maranda happens to like her for the same cliché reasons. (Killer Playbook)

Assets: A metallic midnight purple (stylish) automated car. Maranda usually sits in the back with Tic-Toc but will occasionally drive it herself. An apartment provided by the company. She can also get most anything she needs, within reason, from LuLaRoe to make sure the operation goes smoothly. In this respect her assets are virtually limitless.

Get the Job

Let the players pick the location. Maranda has the money they want and the power they don’t want to piss off. It’s they who should be nervous not Maranda. If picking the location for the meeting makes them feel better then that’s just fine. During this first meet Maranda does not exit the vehicle and remains out of sight. Instead she uses a temporary cyberlink to speak and act through Tic-Toc. The PCs can easily identify Tic-Toc as a standard Takashi-Tech cyborg and the link device is obvious. They know they are talking to an avatar.

To the PCs: “It’s come to our attention that an employee of Nestle has been embezzling funds. We want you to find out who it is. If you’re able to do that without killing the guilty party and bring me proof, you’ll get paid. It’s that simple.”

On a 6- The meeting location was not secure. Someone overheard part of the conversation and knows that a mission against a Nestle employee is being planned. Advance Nestle’s threat clock. (At the very least Nestle wants to know who and how their employee is stealing from them.)

Leg Work

Eric keeps a cyberdeck in his apartment. He only brings it to the office when he needs to siphon creds. He hooks it up to his computer on the Nestle network in order to bypass most of the cybersecurity. The cyberdeck is much better at being stealthy than it as at being fast so it takes nearly 5min to run the program. The information is stored on an encrypted partition of the cyberdeck. He then loads it onto his home computer to put the funds into a second bank account. He keeps all of this a close hold secret however a few coworkers have grown suspicious of his expensive life style and may have even seen him with his cyberdeck. However, they have not grown so suspicious to report him to management yet. His girlfriend is almost certain he is embezzling but she doesn’t care. In fact she secretly supports it but keeps her distance incase Eric is caught. Until then she’ll push him to steal more and spend more, then dump him as soon as the situation gets heated.

Researching the company can produce a list of employee names and researching those names can produce unusually expensive purchases by Eric Stoltz. Eric is not likely the only one embezzling money but due to his girlfriend’s threats and expensive lifestyle he’s doing a terrible job of hiding it.

Eric’s Appartment: A one bedroom apartment in the poorest part of the Nestle compound, Barrio de Caramelo. Though it’s in the poorest part of the Nestle compound it’s still a very nice apartment compared to the lower class citizens. It has a bunch of cool tech like video walls for simulated views, climate control, robots to clean the place come standard. The building it’s self has a maglock security door that can only be opened (legally) with a bio scan that happens automatically as a resident approaches. (Something like the automatic doors at a store but instead of radar to open for anyone approaching the bio scan detects specific features of registered residents.) A similar scan occurs when approaching the apartment door. An electronic access pad is located on every door in order for emergency personnel to gain access in the event of fire, life threatening situation etc. The emergency personnel must scan a chip implanted in their hand then type in a personal code associated with that chip. All common areas, stairwells, entrances are observed by security cameras. Access points can be locked down and hallways sealed off with electric (s-harm) walls to prevent intrudes escape or continued progress through the building until security arrives.


Standard Security Guards: Armed with COC standard service pistols (2-Harm, close/near, loud, quick) and stun rod (s-Harm, hand), 2 Harm clock

Nestle QRF (SWAT): 2 Harm +1 Armor, Cyber Coms (+encrypted). Weapons could range widely so use the weapons list under the assets section in the book.

Matrix: While most of the Sprawl is Bluetooth/Wi-Fi capable Nestle’s security policies require the door locks (and other security systems) be hardwired to the bio signatures database. The cyberdeck can be hooked in directly or a Bluetooth device plugged into a door lock or computer system to be accessed remotely.

Login: Nodes exist at every entry point into the building and apartment door (not windows). A successful or partially successful login allows the door to open. (No need to log in and roll compromise security to get the door open. Login normally gives you access to a system in this case it gives access to a building.) Accessing any other sub system such as the bio signatures database will require an additional login and any attempt to interact with the system once inside will require the appropriate roll.

(Note: What should the login gate look like?)

Getting Paid

If the option is not selected…

It’s not a set-up or an ambush – If the first meet was observed by a 3rd party that third party attacks them and attempts to take 1 [gear] from each PC. If it was not observed the PC that is affiliated with Nestle receives orders to eliminate the rest of the party in order to keep the operation quiet.

You are paid in full – PCs receive strict instructions to keep the mission quiet. As a result of word not getting out they receive 1 less cred (reputation right?) than they normally would if people heard about it.

The employer is identifiable (If this option is selected) – Maranda exits the vehicle and greets the PCs personally thanking them for a job well done. The PC affiliated with LuLaRoe is aware of who she is or Maranda reveals her affiliation. “I would like to personally thank you on behalf of the LuLaRoe Corporation.”

The meeting doesn’t attract the attention of outside parties – Advance a clock as appropriate to the fiction.

You learned something from the mission; everyone marks experience – No XP (easy)


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