Another industry cliche I thought was a myth, being overworked.

TL;DR: Fuck any other company with shitty business practices.

I don't mind overtime, I'm generally doing nothing of importance on my days off anyway, but lately it's been evident that all the overtime available is the result of a shortage of staff; that or just a really picky client who only wants "experienced" warm bodies (either way annoying as fuck).

If it's the client’s problem I hate that they expect commitment and standards despite giving zero of the benefits or respect that comes with it. The single most annoying thing the company does is rerouting all of its customer service from their website to security. This would be fine if I was actually trained to deal with their customers and had a change in pay to reflect accordingly. But no, my training is to essentially redirect them back to the website to fill out a contact box so that they can end up in an infinite loop of calling and being redirected; unless of course you're a vendor or buying a large supply of their shit, in which case there's someone available immediately.

The security company I work for is absolutely fucked at the branch level also. Apparently our dispatchers are swamped with paperwork to the point where the previous one quit due to the stress previously hospitalizing them. They're literally too cheap to hire one or two more positions at that level to lessen the load on their employees or just axe/consolidate the work all together considering its importance can't be that great if it's possible to be backed up as much as it is. As much of a first world problem as this is, since my pay is delayed I’m currently missing out on buying myself a new graphics card while it is still on sale. But I digress, as you would also expect they're somehow having trouble getting more guards also (this isn’t surprising really considering they can’t even staff their office).

Recently they’ve also decided to stop dealing with so many different dry cleaners and instead centralize their attention on a single one closer to the headquarters. That would be so bad if they actually informed the employees of this and didn’t leave the dry cleaners on their payment. A friend actually had to pay to have his shirts released since the company abruptly broke ties. Now I have no fucking clue where I am even supposed to get my uniforms cleaned or altered and refuse to pay out of pocket. I've just started machine washing shirts since they clearly don't keep accurate count of how many they gave us and no one would know if I destroyed any.

They just love changing shit without notifying us. None of us have company emails except for supervisors because apparently we're stuck in the 90s where web hosting is so expensive a company can’t afford it for everyone, lets ignore the fact there are other companies that exist and are willing to host email servers for you. But even if antiquated, I suppose a system like that could work if every site had a supervisor. However mine does not. At least they offer an employee portal which after approximately three uses locks you out for some reason and after three months remains locked. And this company you ask, Allied-Universal. Somehow the product of two large companies merging is this fucking bad. If there wasn’t so much government red tape around creating security companies these kind of companies wouldn’t last a fucking day.

I hoped to stick around for a few more months until I found a new job with a local PD but if this shit continues I’m just going to jump ship to a different locally based security company. Apparently it pays more anyway.


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