Strange and Unusual Circumstances Surrounding Princess Diana’s Death

Strange and Unusual Circumstances Surrounding Princess Diana's Death

Though I don't usually get into conspiracy theories, this is one death I have many doubts about. I hope you enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!

Henri Paul

Henri Paul was the driver of the car that crashed on that fateful day, August 31, 1997. He was blamed almost immediately following the accident due to allegations he had been drinking while driving. During the famed "Diana Inquiry", experts cast doubt on the blood tests that claimed Henri was drunk as well as his postmortem which had over 50 errors.

Paul was working for the French and British intelligence, which deepened the mystery even further. There were several large payments put into his account in the months before the tragic evening of the crash in Paris. None were investigated, which led many to feel a cover up was in place.

Letters From Diane

Months before her death, Diana mailed letters to two of her closest friends. They were her butler, Paul Burrell as well as Lord Mitchum, her solicitor. She stated that the royal family (along with her husband) were "planning her death" using a "car accident."

Burrell went public almost immediately, while Lord Mitchum gave his to the police chief. His name was Lord Condon. He withheld the letter as well as his successor, Lord Stevens.Years went by (although it is illegal to withhold evidence) yet no action was taken against either chief of police.

Ambulance Speed

The ambulance took some time to actually leave the scene of the accident. It traveled to the hospital at a measly 12 mph. Investigators, medical and emergency experts, and researchers all questioned the speed. It was just far too slow to justify.

They still claimed, however, that it was because of high tech medical equipment on board and to travel at higher speeds would be dangerous for the machines. I do not believe this justified anything. Screw the equipment, the princess is dying!

Unplanned New Route Has No CCTV Cameras

Instead of the usual, quickest route they'd have taken, the driver Henri Paul opted for a different way that would take longer. It also took them through the Pont d'Alma tunnel where the crash happened.

The proposed reason was to avoid paparazzi who had been following them all day. The suspicion comes from the fact that all 17 CCTV cameras were turned off or "not functional" at the time of the crash. Because of this, absolutely no footage was found from that day.

81 Minutes

For 37 minutes, Diana wasn't pulled out of the crushed car. There was little damage done to her side, yet no one removed her. A total 81 minutes passed before the ambulance finally took off at its 12 mph speed. This conduct by Dr. Jean-Marc Martino was questioned but he was never made to appear at the official inquiry. This was met with suspicion on it's own, and Dr. Martino didn't address anything anyone wanted to know. He was accused of gross neglect and medical experts who testified said that had she been removed immediately, Princess Diana may have survived.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Witnesses had come forward to claim there was a bright light at the entrance of the tunnel seconds before the accident. It has been asked whether this flash of light was on purpose to blind the driver.

This is one I may not be completely sure is true, except for the fact that British secret service worker Richard Tomlinson revealed he knew of plans to assassinate a leading Serbian politician the exact same way. Using a blind flashing light to blind the driver so he would crash.

Phone Calls

Unlawful Killing is a documentary which revealed that Diana received a phone call from a "high ranking government official" concerning her campaign for banning landmines. Diana passed the phone to longtime friend Simone Simmonds so she would hear too. She heard a man say,

Don't meddle in things you know nothing about because you know accidents can happen.

Diana took it as a real threat and feared she was being spied on. The NSA supposedly has the transcripts but refuse to release them for security reasons.

The Car Swap

They drove in one car the day of Diana's death, yet when they left the Ritz Hotel after midnight on August 31, a different car was waiting to drive them. This was done at the very last second and there was no backup car present as there had been all day.

Diana was a habitual seatbelt wearer, yet she was found not wearing one. Many found this odd, as she buckled up the moment she was in a car. The security guard however, was wearing a seatbelt. Not standard practice since they'd need to be ready to pounce should anything happen.

The Mystery White Car

Many spotted a white Fiat Uno, though it's presence was denied at first. There were paint marking on the remains of Diana's car and shattered red taillight pieces of glass that matched a Fiat Uno at the entrance of the tunnel. By all accounts, it appeared to show a collision happened causing Paul to lose control of the car. Some questioned whether the white car was there on purpose. There was a nationwide search yet nothing came of it.

Ex-MI6 agent James Andanson committed suicide years after the death of Diana and owned a white Fiat Uno. Conspiracy theorists run with this but it had been "proven" not to be him for the car was too run down.

Tunnel Cleared

Though the accident happened just after midnight, it wasn't even light out before the tunnel was reopened as if nothing even happened. Investigators claimed they had already collected the evidence, so they didn't think it needed to stay closed any longer. Many were critical of an accident scene being reopened so soon even though no real investigation took place.

What are your thoughts on this? Did this change your mind? Or are you a firm believer her death was accidental?

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