[Nevada] Falsely accused of possession of illicit narcotics and consequently, kicked out of nightclub after spending thousands of dollars.

I have never felt so violated and traumatized by an incident that occurred which resulted in me being forcibly removed from the venue after being falsely accused of participating in illicit activities for which the security staff was unable to prove.

My friends and I were attempting to celebrate our friend's bachelor party at a nightclub in Las Vegas on Sunday night, April 30th, 2017. The security staff along with the manager suddenly appeared at our table/booth on the second floor and immediately demanded that I come with security. At the time, my friends and I were confused as to why I was being escorted, but I complied because I didn't want to make a scene considering it was a very important night.

The security staff and manager took me to a kitchen where they began falsely accusing me of having possession of illicit narcotics. At which point, I stated that I understood the seriousness of the situation and raised both my arms to demonstrate as such.

I was visibly shaking because it was a very frightening experience. One of the security guards stated that I was shaking because I was supposedly under the effects of a narcotic. The other security guard instructed me to remove all of my belongings from my pockets as the manager stood beside examining my personal belongings and found nothing.

After removing all my belongings, I still had both arms raised up and stated that I would consent to another search because I didn't have anything illegal on my person. At that point, they threatened me and stated that they would send me to jail if I did not immediately comply. I reiterated that I did not have any narcotics on my person.

At that point, the manager and one of the security guards left the kitchen, but the other security guard continued to interrogate me and demanded that it was my last chance to confess and point out who in my party was in possession, otherwise they would have to send me to jail. After I reiterated that I did nothing of the sort, the security guard took a photo of my driver's license, crossed out my wrist club stamp and forcibly removed me through the back entrance of the kitchen.

The night and the bachelor party was ruined and my friends were obviously upset that this shocking incident had occurred. Personally, It has been a traumatic experience for me and my hands are still shaking as I write this post. I paid $3,000.00 to basically ruin the groom's bachelor party and now I will have to see those who attended the night in question again at the wedding. What was supposed to be the most exciting and memorable bonding experience turned into the most embarrassing and scary event I will have to live with and be reminded of for the rest of my life.

I've lost a lot of sleep since this traumatic event. I haven't been able to eat and I've lost a few pounds as a result of emotional and mental distress. Please learn from my mistake and be extra careful when attending a Vegas nightclub. You can spend several thousand dollars to be forcibly removed from the venue if there is anything the security deems suspicious. Even if the accusations are false.

Is there any type of legal recourse I can take against the night club? I have contacted my credit card company and seven different customer service representatives informed me that because I was present at the time of the transaction, the charges are valid and are not up for dispute.


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